18 Track Compilation Unleashes A Potent Hard Rock Nucleus


“Echoes Of Eternity”
Created by MELTDOWN Music UK

FORKSTER FEATURE on Thrilling Compilation of Christian Rock Bands
Bringing The Music Heat!

Ace Album Discharged June 2016


18 Track Compilation Unleashes A Potent Hard Rock Nucleus

FORKSTER Promo Tribute to MELTDOWN “Echoes Of Eternity” Compilation Album:

4th of June 2016 unleashed out an extremely effective hard rock music compilation surfacing around 17 bands from the brilliant christian rock nucleus. 18-tracks ‘rock it out’ from potent hard rock genres ranging from black metal/death metal/hardcore/Heavy Metal/Speedcore as well as some tunes satisfying your ear rock modules from the spectrums of power-pop  punk, electronic rock and industrial/rap rock orbits. What ever the music flavor is the ace tunes all thrive out 100 percent with a ‘loud & proud’ praise and admiration to the lord almighty.

The compilation was released by the MELTDOWN Music UK and all songs were donated by Christian heavy music bands geographically from The United Kingdom, Europe and The United States Of America. MELTDOWN are a very active christian ministry in all forms from holding a weekend with bands, ministry and worship, and the label aspect which has released “Echoes Of Eternity” that we at FORKSTER Music Promotions are so honoured and blessed in promotionally covering here. MELTDOWN are also involved in tour/band management.

“Echoes Of Eternity” is an entirely epic hard rock music journey and celebration for the constant admiration and love their lord Jesus Christ supplies to them all daily. The album is a rocking music testament each and everyone of them give for their total devotion/faith, respect and love for the almighty one and his kingdom. These christian music artists were really launching out the hard rock music goods, wow, what a rock album!

Being a proud christian and dedicated music supporter myself well, this was a magnificent music voyage to cover and enjoyed it outright!

FORKSTER RATING for “Echoes Of Eternity” = 10/10

MELTDOWN ‘Echoes Of Eternity’ Compilation Album

FORKSTER gives the ‘ace rock goods’ on these 18 class HARD ROCK tracks BELOW:



Compilation TRACK #1 “The Rose” by Fades Away = A very attractive opening track that brings a stunning hard rock thunder with exceptional diversity traits compiling out from hard rock charm, metal thunderings, industrial rock airs and screech rock wholeness, top tune.


THE MUSIC EFFORTS: ‘Ramming & Slamming’ riff skies, throttling/driving stick rhythms, ‘booming & zooming’ low-end wonders and vocals were oozing out ‘thriving & striving’ hard rock intensity, passionate efforts, for sure.


Compilation TRACK #2 “Revolution” by Pantokrator = This massive rock music intensity was nothing less than phenomenal, from beginning to end it fabulously held its ramming hard rock force that was filled with heavy metal lashings and death metal grooving slashings, mighty rock voltage!


THE MUSIC EFFORTS: ‘Gushing and Rushing’ death metal vocal pumps, huge ‘bashing/lashing riff explosions, crushing drum maestro thrills alongside ‘cruising and bruising’ bass kingdoms, absolute wizardry musician releasings here, couldn’t get enough….


 Compilation TRACK #3 “Like A Corpse” by Soul Embraced = A heavy rock declaration that was a distinct honor with sinking my ear rock modules into. A raging ‘in your face’ impressive heavy metal rock n’ rolling tune, ferociously….


THE MUSIC EFFORTS: ‘Stomping & Romping’ huge drumming soars, complete ‘jolting and bolting’ riff valley centers, wickedly ‘swarming and warming’ metal vocal swoons along with a killer ‘bouncing and pouncing’ low-end music backbone, sensational hard rock song structure entirely.


Compilation TRACK #4 “Vivente” by Aggelos = A melodic yet ferociously blasting doom gothic metal/progressive hard rock that truly wallops with a riveting music rush. This exquisitely eerie and bright song electrifies with extraordinary atmosphere and personality, ‘unquestionabley’ a magnetic hard rock sparkler.


THE MUSIC EFFORTS: ‘Chilling and Thrilling’ male doom vocal haunts as well as accompanied female parts that are ‘flighting and delighting’ in alternative/gothic/progressive rock appeal flow, ‘shattering and battering’ motoring riff stamps alongside a full-tilt empowering rhythm jolt, these musicians in total are appreciated here brilliantly, what a fantastic music unit.


Compilation TRACK #5  “The Change” by As We Are = A terrific and solidified power pop punk that creates out an upbeat rock control that really defines a tight and effective mainstream rock correctness, grooving tune.


THE MUSIC EFFORTS: A monstrous power-pop punk tightness with ‘loud and proud’ rock musicianship supplies of ‘steady and ready’ rhythm ignitions, ‘captivating and gravitating’ riff might alongside a vibrant ‘grooving and moving’ pop-punk vocal splendor, ace song.


Compilation TRACK #6  “My Hope” by Because Of Me = A humongous electronic effects spectrum gorgeously incorporated with monumental metalcore/post-hardcore triumphs. The overall music performance is nothing less than spectacular, what a music rooftop off tune, electrifying song.


THE MUSIC EFFORTS: Substantial and superb metalcore/post-hardcore rocketing, incredible lively riff ringing victories within a joint rhythm section that are fantastically ‘stomping and romping’ out the hard-driving backbone rock beat force, dazzling total performance.


Compilation TRACK #7  “It Is Finished” by Ambassadors Of Shalom = Extremely well-put together, radiating rock that catapults out booming music genre landscapes of  post-punk, rap rock and heavy metal thunder music backbone, loved hearing diversity in my ear rock orbits here from The Fall to the Beastie Boys, rocking tune….


THE MUSIC EFFORTS: ‘Glowing and growing’ low-end boom proclamations, ‘movin & groovin’ vocal sharpness rejoices and earth-shattering guitar splashes. This whole’ musicianship brigade here were glittering in hard rock talent, ace tune!


Compilation TRACK #8 “Pounded” by Ancient Prophecy =  A tune that defines great praise and respect in glorifying the word of god, christian metal passion is at a riveting abundance throughout here and the message and energy was felt extremely within here, magnificent music message.


THE MUSIC EFFORTS: ‘Scaling & Wailing’ riff rocketing, ‘drilling and reeling’ rhythm pack charges along with robustly ‘growling & howling’ male vocals and flawlessly bouncing female vocal sparks, ‘gleaming and beaming’ cauldron of “Prophecy Metal”, gravitating tune!


Compilation TRACK #9 “The Trail Is In The Snow” by Immortal Souls = A blustering death metal rock saluting with melodic charm, haunting edge and pulsating tempo, mammoth music intensity, colossal tune.


THE MUSIC EFFORTS: ‘Keeping & Sweeping’ monstrous hard rock efforts with jolting death metal vocal chops, thumping bass boom champions, exceptionally surging drum master ripples alongside a climbing riff rocketing force, this was deep music, big tune!


Compilation TRACK #10 “The Lions Teeth” by Every Knee Shall Bow = From the scintillating beginnings of pure heavy metal glitter to tints of howling deathcore soundscapes this had a magnificent throttling tempo through and through with a clever fade out closing, dominant rock euphoria!


THE MUSIC EFFORTS: Raging and jetting vocal fists with duel excellences between monstrous heavy metal thunder screach along with a caging growl jointing, gravitating riff monsoons amongst a pulsating rhythm superbness, scorching strong tune!


Compilation TRACK #11 “The Madness Of Nebuchadnezzar” by Pantokrator = This is a brilliant whirlwind of hard rock ‘twirling and whirling’ ferociously impressive with a gushing forefront of death metal expertise. It certainly had a magnetic intensity and might throughout, ace song!


THE MUSIC EFFORTS: Electrifying vocal haunts that brings superb death metal depth, ‘smashing and crashing’ stick action displays, incredible low-end rhythm brightness and a radiating riff roaring bite, exceptional overall musicianship here.


Compilation TRACK #12 “What Is Rock For” by X-Sinner = Filled my ear rock galaxies with that stripped down ‘back in the day’ metal dominance. It has a wicked good vibe and totally ticks the hard rock great intensity box, top tune!


THE MUSIC EFFORTS: ‘Screaming and beaming’ vocal warmths, nasty good ‘snarling & driving’ riff jolts alongside a sweltering strong rhythm unit, loved the whole musicianship tightness here, thrilling.


Compilation TRACK #13 “Medos” by Doomsday Hymn = A ‘chilling and thrilling’ metal motoring tune that had me ear rock valleys in total jubilation. An entire hard rock chemistry that is magnificent in overall metal music colour, outstanding song!


THE MUSIC EFFORTS: Sizzling and steaming vocal masterings, ‘jumping & pumping’ rhythm boom units alongside a blistering riff rocketing definition, this songs overall musicianship magnitude is ‘off the charts’ towering.


Compilation TRACK #14 “Inferno” by Skald In Veum = Well, this was ‘most definitely’ a hard rock symphonic euphoria, so much rocking metal madness going on here with a powerful and eerie goodness, gets better on every listen too!


THE MUSIC EFFORTS: ‘Driving and thriving’ motoring rhythm voltage, haunting good vocal screaches along with guitar riff sparks ‘drilling and thrilling’ out hard rock edge, awesome tune.


Compilation TRACK #15 “Salvation Ark” by Oskord = Most intriguing tune on the compilation. It really showcased a ferocious metal force alongside a glowing folk rock backbone flow. It even had a vividly impressive prog rock feel. My rock modules were really excited with this exquisite effort, top tune!


THE MUSIC EFFORTS: Throttling good ‘groovin and movin’ metal crunching vocal stomps, muscular rhythm brigades, scorching riff commands alongside a vibrant flute involvement that brought a wonderful folk fluttering throughout, class musicianship all here, for sure.


Compilation TRACK #16 “Self Portrait” by See The Rise = STR contribution is a scorching strong hard rock outburst. It had dueling dimensions of melodic crunch and thundering uptempo magnificence. This one truly had my inner ear metal havens rejoicing, ace music work!


THE MUSIC EFFORTS: The entire musicianship efforts were extraordinary with scintillating riff unleashings, bursting rhythm squadrons alongside vocal superbs featuring lead ‘screaming and gleaming’ tone forces adjoint with additional vocals that bring a melodically charming swoon, these rockers were ‘bringing it’, completely.


Compilation TRACK #17 “LD50” by Saving Strike = Sensational music presence that features a rock and rap mastery. The overall music groove force was electrifying and the godly message throughout was absolutely uplifting and insprational, nothing short of ‘massive tune’!

saving-strike-imageTHE MUSIC EFFORTS: ‘Jumping and thumping’ vocal pumps that are spiriting out to the almighty father, great melodic pop rock presence as well as a fab rap platform, ‘captivating and gravitating’ guitar riff explosions along with ‘slamming and jamming’ rhythm unit triumphs, first-rate rock/rap musicians.


Compilation TRACK #18 “Refresh” by Final Surrender = Mesmerizing tune that unquestionably brings a ‘roaring and soaring’ hard rock exuberance for your ear orbits. The constant tempo diversities were nothing less than phenomenal, extremely notable song!


THE MUSIC EFFORTS: Non-stop ‘thrilling and drilling’ stick man actions, ‘blasting and lasting’ riff skies, riveting hardcore vocal brilliances around a ‘booming and zooming’ bass end music backbone pace, great choice to close out the album with, left me such on a music high.


4th of June 2016 MELTDOWN Compilation Release = ‘Echoes Of Eternity’ can be purchased at:


MELTDOWN Music are also available on all digital download sites.

(All money raised for the “Echoes Of Eternity” Compilation will go into MELTDOWN Music UK costs
for producing their next release!)


8 of the artists that donated songs to “Echoes Of Eternity” compilation on MELTDOWN MUSIC UK come from ties with Rottweiler Records, to checkout their own works on this rocking label PLEASE CLICK HERE.


Written by: Timothy John Forker 
FORKSTER – Music Promotions Owner/Director of Daily Operations

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