1st Placement Up on Bands of The Day are ARK

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The 1st Placement on FORKSTER’S ‘Bands of The Day’ 2015



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1stRow Now Up on Bands of The Day on 16th of March 2015



Ark are a phenomenal ‘up & coming’ alternative rock that hail out of Lancaster, England, UK. This exceptionally expressive alternative rock trio swarm out a fantastic ‘moving & grooving’ soulful/funk vibe along with a monstrous/thunderous hardrock music platform. As they like to define it “You’ll find odd time signatures, down tuned guitars and lots of wacky effects”. They ‘undoubtedly’ provide that and thensome, for sure! This massively ‘rocked’ my ear rock module orbits with musicianship excellences heard of; ‘roaring & soaring’ riff mastery, vocal flows that had tremendous glow and attitude alongside a rhythm stance that was nothing short of sensational with ‘romp and stomp’ rock bounce definition. These lads were absolutely ‘electric’ in overall rock n’ roll presence and on that note, I only foresee a huge buzz for their music when true alternative/rock appreciators drive their rock rhythms into their own ear rock galaxies, ‘tremendous’ potential here!

Ark will be very admirable listening to fans of: alternative rock, hardrock, post-rock, ambient rock, indie rock, experimental rock.

Genre: Alternative Rock Band
From: Lancaster, England, UK
Main Link: http://www.ark-music.co.uk/

1st Placement Up on Bands of The Day are ARK
1st Placement Up on FORKSTER’S ‘Bands of The Day’ for 16th of March 2015 are the superb ‘up and coming’ alternative UK trio, Ark.



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  1. Jane Haythorne says:

    Been following this band for a while and great to see them getting some recognition. They are three exceptionally talented young men, full of creative expression. Their music is original, sophisticated and intelligently crafted and needs to be heard. It rises above the manufactured sound of most of today’s output and shows real music is still out there!

    Thanks, Forkster, for spotting them.

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