2016 New Music May PART SEVEN Releases

2016 New Music May Part Seven Unleashings

Tea Sky Blue/The Dreemers/The Empty Yellers
White Dynomite/Winter Severity Index

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2016 New Music May Part Seven Releases


Music Artist Name & Album Title: Tea Sky Blue – “Soil For Vee Vee”

Tea Sky Blue

Digital Release at: https://teaskyblue.bandcamp.com/album/soil-for-vee-vee
Discharged Date: 18th May 2016
Their Rocking Sound is: Alternative Rock Lovely, Ambient Folk Rock Charm, Singer-Songwriter Magnificance
FORKSTER Fav Tracks: “Bike”, “Do They Holiday On A Parallel Plane?”, “Leaking At The Ends”, “Taxi At Midnight”, “The Bathhouse”


Music Artist Name & Album Title: Winter Severity Index – “Human Taxonomy”

Winter Severity Index image

Digital Release at: https://winterseverityindex.bandcamp.com/album/human-taxonomy
Discharged Date: 15th May 2016
Their Rocking Sound is: Darkwave Exceptional, Synth Pop Gleaming Music Strut, Synthwave/New Wave Era Command
FORKSTER Fav Tracks: “5 am”, “A Quiet Life”, “Athlete”, “Backstroke”, “Waiting Room”



Music Artist Name & EP Title: The Dreemers – “Is Is”

The Dreemers

Digital Release at: https://thedreemers.bandcamp.com/album/is-is
Discharged Date: 13th May 2016
Their Rocking Sound is: Soulfully Grooving Garage/Surf Rock N’ Roll Goodness, Psychedelic Rock Coolness
FORKSTER Fav Tracks: “Feelin’ Fine”, “Is Is”, “Little Asian Things”


Music Artist Name & EP Title: The Empty Yellers – “Hydro Bill”

The Empty Yellers

Digital Release at: https://theemptyyellers.bandcamp.com/album/hydro-bill
Discharged Date: 17th May 2016
Their Rocking Sound is: Bluesy and Soulful Fantastic Rock N’ Roll Charming, ‘Groovin & Movin’ Pop Rock Fun
FORKSTER Fav Tracks: “I’m Your Little Pill”, “Warrior”


Music Artist Name & EP Title: White Dynomite – “ACTION O’CLOCK!”

White Dynomite

Digital Release at: https://ripplemusic.bandcamp.com/album/action-oclock-ep
Discharged Date: 16th May 2016
Their Rocking Sound is: Blazing Classic Rock N’ Roll, Hard Rock Roaring Thunder, Slamming and Jamming Stoner Rock Madness
FORKSTER Fav Tracks: “Try It”, “Werewolf Underwear”, “White Hot”


Written by: Timothy John Forker 
Music Promotions CEO/Director at: FORKSTER

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