3rd Avenue Up on Bands of The Day are BLACK LIZARD

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3rd Avenue Up on FORKSTER’S ‘Bands of The Day’ 2015

Black Lizard


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3rd Avenue Up on Bands of The Day on 20th of March 2015

Black Lizard


Black Lizard are a brilliantly grooving and trippy rock n’ roll stance that hail from Helsinki, Finland. These charismatic bandmates of 4 bring a radiantly glowing rock definition that has tremendous layers of rock energy/attitude and atmosphere. Their music grounds incorporate superb genre element diversions of alternative rock, indie rock, Madchester beat, psychedelic rock, shoegaze and roots rock n’ roll shines. These cats were ‘unquestionably’ ‘flighting & delighting’ my ear rock orbits with their pivotal rock n’ roll music posture. On that note, the ‘whole’ musicianship quality was impressively staggering with ‘roaring & soaring’ riff skies, vocal charms that had a tremendously ‘glowing and flowing’ rock n’ roll jump alongside ‘stomping & romping’ low-end bounce and stick pep grooves that triggers the overall music pumping throughout. Oh yeah, you’ll even find a massive performance of a saxophone music work ‘bringing & swinging’ out the gleaming music airs ‘here and there’. A ‘huge’ rock n’ roll listen, for sure and I can ‘easily’ see this riveting the rock roller appreciators ear planets all around the jolting music earth, that good!

Black Lizard will be very admirable listening to fans of: The Church, BRMC, The Jesus and Mary Chain and genres of alternative rock, garage rock, indie rock, psychedelic rock.

Genre: Alternative Rock Band
From: Helsinki, Finland
Main Link: http://blacklizardmusic.bandcamp.com/album/solarize

3rd Avenue Up on Bands of The Day are BLACK LIZARD
3rd Avenue Up on FORKSTER’S Bands of The Day 20th of March 2015 with the brilliant Finnish alternative psycedelic rockers, BLACK LIZARD




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