A Recently Released Album Gem by The Amazing Richard Barone Reviewed Now….

“Sorrows & Promises: Greenwich Village In The 1960’s”


Latest Ace Album Effort
Draws Present Heart Around The Charming Era of Village Folk!

Was Exceptionally Orchestrated in Idea to Richard from The Fantastic Mitchell Cohen

A Recently Released Album Gem by The Amazing Richard Barone Reviewed Now....


From his impressive early music struts leading the power-pop rocking The Bongos (1980-1987, Hoboken, N.J., U.S.A.) to his superbly notable solo recordings throughout the years the extraordinarily gifted singer/songwriter Mr. Richard Barone is one of those music artists that you know every time he brings it whether in new music material content or a live gig atmosphere there is always going to be a compassionate and genuine music maestro platform rocking beautifully in your own ear rock modules.

“SORROWS & PROMISES: GREENWICH VILLAGE IN THE 1960s”, his latest album release (late 2016) is a record that has stayed very close to my own music orbits throughout 2017 as well now. It came together with Mitchell Cohen (writer on music and film for such publications as Creem, Film Comment, Village Voice, Phonograph Record, Musician, and High Fidelity, and was a senior A&R executive at Arista, Columbia, and Verve Records. He has won a Clio Award, was nominated for a Grammy, and writes the culture blog Lost in a Fool’s Paradise) in 2015 pitching the music idea to Richard.

The singer/songwriter has been quoted on saying this about the piecing of this album properly, which he has always visioned it playing out:

“I’d been thinking about doing something chronicling the fortunes of the singer-songwriter movement for a while, I live in that neighborhood. And the minute I got my apartment, I said, ‘God, this is where John Sebastian and all these great people used to live. The shadows from that era still really hung over this part of the Village [Waverly Place], for me.”

Skepticism was high for Richard at first with the 1960’s Village Folk Scene conceptual album coming at him because he didn’t want it to go in trendy top tunes only staging and him to be no more than a producer for it, then though, Mitchell Cohen presented him with a listing of tunes from the vintage era of the Village Folk Scene. It immediately charmed Richard with the songs not being the huge, just mostly played smash hits of the 1960’s. After extensive time periods of tons of personal reflection and then the precise songs they both picked from those mostly unrecognized Village Folk Scene music times, Richard Barone then took it to the next step of recording them himself with producing help by the sensational Grammy Award Winning Producer Mr. Steve Addabbo

My initial reaction to the RICHARD BARONE “SORROWS & PROMISES: GREENWICH VILLAGE IN THE 1960s” release late last year was nothing short of great elation that he was going to pay tribute to those songs in that 1960’s N.Y.C. Village Folk Era, with his own musical versions in bringing to the forefront rocking tunes that deserved just as much recognition as the ones that got all the airplay back in that actual musical period. It is absolutely thrilling to where Richard’s whole mission and purpose for the album was to ask, “Why don’t we accept these songs as part of the Great American Songbook?’ You know, like we do with the music the Brill Building songwriters were composing, not to mention earlier writers like Berlin and Porter.” 

The 12-tracks chosen, recorded and produced are clearly some of the purist sounding versions I have ever heard from that landmark musical era. Richard has revisited/recreated these recording gems that were in the beginnings associated with artists such as Eric Andersen (“Close the Door Lightly When You Go”), Fred Neil (“The Other Side of This Life”), Janis Ian (“Sweet Misery”), John Sebastian and the Lovin’ Spoonful (“Did You Ever Have to Make Up Your Mind” = personally guesting on this version of his own original song), and Phil Ochs (“When I’m Gone”). He also includes songs by Bob Dylan (“I’ll Keep It With Mine”), an early music format of “Bleecker Street” by Paul Simon, Richard Fariña (“Pack Up Your Sorrows”) and the Velvet Underground (“Sunday Morning”). A very big highlight on this album finds in the opening track Buddy Holly’s (“Learning the Game”). He was never really associated with the Village Folk Scene, but you go on to discover by the enormous amount of research and details Richard Barone & Mitchell Cohen provide for it that Buddy Holly was living and demoing songs in a New York City apartment building very recently up to his plane crash death. The great “Dion” (birth name of Dion DiMucci) who was born and raised in The Bronx, New York, guests on Richard Barone’s cover of his “The Road I’m On (Gloria)”, even though in those rocking times Dion was known to rocking out’ solo acoustic blues in the NYC Village bars and clubs, but who’s complaining, great artist/song addition, indeed! Also, a few other artists to guest on the album with stunning contributions were Allison Moorer, David Amram, Jenni Muldaur, Nelli McKay and the Kennedys.

I was a wee lad in western New Jersey with vivid memories of my parents telling me about how important those downtown New York City Village Folk music times were. It is a real treasure and treat in hearing them reimagined and presented to ones who need to know how important and influential those songs were then and will always be. 

RICHARD BARONE “SORROWS & PROMISES: GREENWICH VILLAGE IN THE 1960s” is a wonderful tribute to these masterful songs by these legendary music makers. 10 out of 10!!

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Track Listings and Detail Credits (below) for:

TRACK #1 = “LEARNING THE GAME” (Buddy Holly) (2:10)
TRACK #2 = “THE ROAD I’M ON” (GLORIA) (Dion DiMucci) – featuring Dion (4:14)
TRACK #3 = “DID YOU EVER HAVE TO MAKE UP YOUR MIND?” (John Sebastian) – feat. John Sebastian (2:11)
TRACK #4 = “THE OTHER SIDE TO THIS LIFE” (Fred Neil) (3:07)
TRACK #5 = “SWEET MISERY” (Janis Ian) (3:46)
TRACK #6 = “CLOSE THE DOOR LIGHTLY WHEN YOU GO” (Eric Andersen) – feat. Allison Moorer (3:30)
TRACK #7 = “PACK UP YOUR SORROWS” (Richard Fariña) – feat. Nellie McKay (4:19)
TRACK #8 = “DON’T MAKE PROMISES” (Tim Hardin) – feat. David Amram (3:31)
TRACK #9 = “I’LL KEEP IT WITH MINE” (Bob Dylan) (3:06)
TRACK #10 = “SUNDAY MORNING” (Lou Reed & John Cale) – feat. Jenni Muldaur (3:24)
TRACK #11 = “WHEN I’M GONE” (Phil Ochs) (3:24)
TRACK #12 = “BLEECKER STREET” (Paul Simon) – featuring The Kennedys (3:15)
TRACK #13 = “Close The Door Lightly When You Go” (Acoustic Remix) – featuring Allison Moorer (3:47)
TRACK #14 = “BLEECKER STREET” (Acoustic Remix) – featuring Jenni Muldaur (2:49)
A&R Direction: Mitchell Cohen
Mastered by Roger Lian Mastering, NYC
Photography and Design by NathanielHL
Label: RBM Special Editions/The Orchard/Ship To Shore Media
‘Sorrows & Promises’ licensed with permission from Richard Barone Music & AGF Entertainment LTD.
Copyright © 2016 Richard Barone, Steve Addabbo, & Mitchell Cohen.

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Written by: Timothy John Forker 
Music Promotions CEO/Director at: FORKSTER
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