A Smashing Ace Rock EP Effort by Daphne Jean and John LeCompt

“The Singles” EP Project starring Daphne Jean
with Stellar Music Companionship
from Ex-Evanescence Member

Released by The Fantastic Worldwide
Christian Hard Music & Metal Onslaught Label


A Smashing Ace Rock EP by Daphne Jean and John LeCompt

One of the pure magics of music are the respectful relations formed for ones talents and previous works and then giving a ‘go’ together at it. FORKSTER Music Promotions truly feels so far in 2016 that this has no better been highly actioned more then by – “The Singles EP – Daphne Jean, Featuring John LeCompt of Evanescence during January 2000- March 2007. In that time in Evanescence John was part of their extremely successful 2003 debut Album “Fallen” where he contributed guitar/backing vocal ignitions. The album went on to win two Grammy Awards out of seven nominations. 

The extremely talented Louisiana/American singer/songwriter Daphne Jean musically hooked up with the superb guitarist/multi-talented musician John LeCompt where they rocked out a score of tracks that he arranged all the music and Daphne Jean wrote every written lyric that they recorded at “Red Room Studios” in Benton, Arkansas, U.S.A. American music artist Rocky Gray, guitarist from Living Sacrifice and who excelled in Evanescence at percussion/drum mastery. around the same time range as John was in them did as well lend a hand with laying down some fab drum rhythms for a few of Daphne Jean’s singles on the EP. 

The studio which is owned in partnership run at the helm by John LeCompt, Phil Taylor (vocalist/guitarist/bassist = Future Leaders of the World and ‘Machina’) & Rocky Gray, where they have all been in collaboration on various music projects and all brilliantly learned in perfecting and refining the artistry of producing and engineering their own records.

Worldwide Christian Hard Music & Metal Onslaught discharged it via their store as an outlet and put all the singles together in making it into an EP, digital download only! When speaking recently to CHM&M Onslaught head guy Christian Sullivan, he went on to tell me in how it all came about….

“I am just a bloke who wanted to support a vocalist that I felt had a lot to offer musically and so I put her singles together and it formed into a mini EP.”

“The Singles – Daphne Jean, Feat John LeCompt of Evanescence” is nothing less than a fantastically sound, rock effort that ‘strives and thrives’ in music diversity. It ranges from a soulful pop rock demeanor but then wondrously has the ability in putting out gigantic song efforts taking you to the ear rock orbit splendors of blues rock, country rock and hard rock centers. No question, certainly stands out stunning in overall musicianship to production works which were done by John LeCompt, as well.

We here at FORKSTER ‘unquestionably’ feel that it has gotten the new music discovery rock world easily into following the future music accomplishments of Daphne Jean (on that note, her FB Timeline quotes here on 4th of Nov. 2016 = “Getting back in the studio soon to write some more music!!!.. Yayyyy Red Room Studios “.) as well as hoping that these rock music dynamos can all collaborate together someday very soon…..(FORKSTER RATING for “The Singles EP – Daphne Jean, Featuring John LeCompt of Evanescence”>> 10 out of 10!!)


The Singles – Daphne Jean, Feat John LeCompt of Evanescence = ‘The Singles’ EP

FORKSTER gives the ‘ace rock goods’ on these 4 class music tracks:



TRACK #1 “Black Roses” = A ‘swarming & warming’ melodic sizzler that just beautifully lifts out a pop rock balladry charm, magnificent tune!

THE MUSIC EFFORTS: ‘Glowing and flowing’ female rock vocal brilliances, rhythm struts that are ‘ready & steady’ throughout surrounded around shining keyboard, riff roaring grooving flights, lyrics that inspire in being free for yourself with no physical human force control over you, exceptional musicianship balance totally here.


TRACK #2 “Monster” = A magnetically strong rock song that just electrified my personal ear rock mod. The Lyrics are intensely powerful here with a very relatable topic for many with living in the shadows with a worry of the unknown ways not formed yet, basically like a fear without an ultimate faith to calm and steer forward.

THE MUSIC EFFORTS:  The ‘gleaming and beaming’ piano sparkles are sensational here accompanied around a mighty radiating rhythm force, a riff mastering voltage that gloriously wallops out a remarkable rock edge triumph and vocals that fabulously rocket out a ‘goose bump’ tone warmth that splendidly gels brilliantly with those standout lyrics, absolutely an inspirational tune.


 TRACK #3 “Rock Star” = Lyrically this is a superb notation to even with staying true to your comfort zone when love hits you right it will take you where it will be all new shores for you, “Rock Star” is a song that truly deserves major radio stardom globally, top tune!

THE MUSIC EFFORTS: A  rock n’ roll with a country driven backbone that plays out with an ace howling country vocal twang, an outstanding bluesrock/country riff charge swoon and vibrantly melodic beat rhythm stances. 


TRACK #4 “This Is The End” = Is ‘most definitely’ the explosive hard rock launcher on the EP. This track is absolutely ‘rocking it out’ with a demolishing/throttling heavy music thunder, ‘thrilling & chilling’ rock tune!

THE MUSIC EFFORTS: Energetic and impressive riff roaring jolt salutations entirely, ‘stomping and romping’ stick man hard rock beating skills and ‘wailing and sailing’ vocal crisps that define great vocal depth and music force.

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Written by: Timothy John Forker 
Music Promotions CEO/Director at: FORKSTER Music Promotions



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