Bravo to The Velvet Underground at ‘After Hours, Velvets In Another View’

Immense Music Tribute Compilation
to The Velvet Underground
Out Now On The Brilliant TBTCI Records

‘After Hours, Velvets In Another View’

25 Thrilling Music Salutes to The “VU” Songs
by Rocking Artists Out of The Dream Pop/Noise/Post-punk/Psych/Psychedelic/Shoegaze Music Soaring Atmospheres

Bravo to The Velvet Underground at ‘After Hours, Velvets In Another View’</

The Velvet Underground was a pioneering experimental rock juggernaut out of New York City. Their first and longest active stint was between 1965-1973. Its most known lineup platform consisted of vocalist/guitarist Lou Reed, bassist/violist John Cale, guitarist Sterling Morrison and drummer Maureen Tucker. The Velvet Underground band also collaborated with Nico. It was for their debut album in 1967. With it being under the supervision of producer and pop artist Andy Warhol.

“Without question” The Velvet Underground has been a ‘musical moulding’ character influence to 1000’s of bands/music artists (to name a few: ‘Joy Division’, ‘Sonic Youth’, ‘the Jesus and Mary Chain’, ‘David Bowie’, the ‘Sex Pistols’, ‘REM’, ‘Talking Heads’, the ‘New York Dolls’, ‘Flaming Lips’, ‘Patti Smith’, ‘The Strokes’, ‘Roxy Music’, ‘LCD Soundsystem’, ‘Nirvana’) for their 5 studio album ace efforts of “The Velvet Underground & Nico” in 1967, “White Light/White Heat” in 1968, “The Velvet Underground” in 1969, “Loaded” in 1970 and “Squeeze” in 1973. They formed quite an individual music bond with 1960’s rockers.

Their music radiated out a magnificent outrageousness alongside their gloomy/dark & expressively intriguing lyrics. The Velvet Underground never avoided while they truly welcomed taking on overall world society’s denials to drug addiction, social indifference, disheartenment, violence and sexual deviancy.

“After Hours, Velvets In Another View”:

FORKSTER Music Promotions has excitedly discovered and welcomed fully into my ear rock modules a wonderful music tribute compilation to The Velvet Underground entitled “After Hours, Velvets In Another View”.

It has released today on the fantastic multi-diversified atmospheric label “The Blog That Celebrates Itself Records”, out of Sau Paulo, Brazil. The dynamic and entire musicianship rock gusts

The dynamic and entire musicianship rock gusts feature an incredible 25 tracks/22 songs (duplicate versions done for “I’m Set Free”, “I Heard Her Call My Name” and “Stephanie Says”). The enormously gifted 25 bands/music artists (from 12 countries = Singapore Sling, Flavor Crystals, Robsongs, Psychedelic Trips To Death, Las Cobras, Magic Shoppe, Travelling Wave, Pin Ups (Feat. Pedro Pelotas from Cachorro Grande), Leisure Walks, Palehorse/Palerider, The Tamborines (Feat. Ze Antonio from the Pin Ups), Frankie Teardrop Dead, Echos & Dust, This Other Kingdom, The Infinite Seas, The Starlight Run, My Lovely Underground, Claudio Cataldi, Celestial, Spacegazer, videodays, The Psalms, Purepleaser, Buffalo Postcard and Dead Horse One.) are out of the dream pop, noise, post-punk, psych, psychedelic and shoegaze music soaring atmospheres. It displays phenomenally rocking versions from The Velvet Undergrounds 5 studio works.

Also, efforts included off of their 1985’s “VU” (outtakes compilation album of their music tracks from 1969 as well as two previously unreleased Cale-era songs—”Temptation Inside Your Heart” and “Stephanie Says” ) and 1986’s “Another View” (outtakes compilation album of their music between 1967 and 1969).

The Result:

Anyone who considers themselves an avid fan of The Velvet Underground should absolutely love the authenticity and creativeness towards the VU’s songs. Every band’s music respect voice for their Velvet Underground selection was nothing short of sensational, “Bravo”. FORKSTER Music Promotions says, “A very ‘captivating and gravitating’ listen!” A+

To purchase (name your price) or to just have a listen to “After Hours, Velvets In Another View” please CLICK HERE.



“This Tribute is to remind everyone that without the Velvets, everything would be very different, the music we love would not be exactly as it is, so, it’s time to revere the masters of everything.”

Renato Malizia: Owner/President = The Blog That Celebrates Itself


TBTCI Project Details

Realization and production: The Blog That Celebrates Itself Records
Artwork by: Dimitry Uziel / Coisas Que Pairan
Support and co-production: Coisas Que Pairam
Coisas Que Pairam FACEBOOK



Written by: Timothy John Forker 
Music Promotions CEO/Director at FORKSTER
© 2017 FORKSTER MUSIC PROMOTIONS by Timothy J. Forker

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