Fantastically Fierce Heavy Music Thunder at SIXTY CYCLE BURN

“Class” American Hard Rockers

An ‘Amazing & Blazing’ Thundering Music Voltage!

Back on the rocking scene!

Fantastically Fierce Hard Rock Thunder with SIXTY CYCLE BURN
Artwork by: Shawn McPherson @shootiehg…….. SIXTY CYCLE BURN Pictured: Bryan (back left), Steven (centered front) and Rod (back right)

Bryan HiattBass / Backing Vocals
Rod BostDrums / Backing Vocals
Steve ThompsonVocals / Guitar

From: Winston Salem, North Carolina, U.S.A
Genres: Rocking & Rolling = Metal/Hard Rock/Old School Punk Rock-Hardcore THUNDER HAVOC

SCB Social Media Sites:


American rockers Sixty Cycle Burn came onto the hard rock music scene out of Winston Salem, North Carolina, U.S.A., back in 1999. Over the years they have successfully put out music, toured big and small parts of most of America’s south and east coast regions as well as rocking out the west coast/midwest territories too and have a genuinely loyal following of ‘loud and proud’ music appreciators that respect these colossal motoring music madmen.

As every band hits ‘bumps and bruises’ along the way SCB have certainly had their share of them too, but the burning passion for the music and how they want to ‘bring it ‘ to the good people are the key elements of what makes this band tick so well.

After a few years away the Sixty Cycle Burn rockers re-surfaced during 2014 and since then, like any fine tuned machine they have been dedicated, motivated and ongoing in crafting their rock n’ roll/hard rock goods for all who dig their music vibe. On that note, early November of 2016, the band started recording new songs. It led to an EP which the stellar final product called “Days of Woe” was released on the 11th of March 2017, but they didn’t stop there, with earlier this year in February they got their music butts back in the studio to release more rocking tunes which have recently led to another release (24th of April 2017), a hard rock music 4-song EP stunner entitled “Killing Us All”. These 2 music efforts will definitely satisfy the music appreciator appetites for honorable & pure metal, hard rock, old school punk rock/hardcore chaos. FORKSTER likes to call their music ‘blood & guts rock n’ roll’. What I truly admire personally about this rock n’ roll force is that they have very valid points/opinions like millions globally on how all these world leaders/politicians are messing it up for the good people, they are not afraid to stand up and their music/lyrics speaks the truth!

Sixty Cycle Burn

As 2017 goes rocketing forward, so does the Sixty Cycle Burn music express. You can ‘count on it’ that many more music efforts will be made before the end of the year and also we are very proud to announce here that a tour is in the possible works before the years out, if not early in 2018.

Sixty Cycle Burn’s glorious depths of honest and wholesome hard rock quality should help them in very quickly being recognized from rock radio, press and gig promoters everywhere. The FORKSTER will always have his ‘music radars on’ for these sensationally seasoned music pros.

A closing quote on Sixty Cycle Burn’s music mission:

“We’re out there rocking with the craziest segment of society, while we love it,we love our families and friends even more. One thing to know about Sixty Cycle Burn, we’re doing what we love finally and loving what we’re doing.”


BELOW >> ‘Please Checkout’ their musicianship defintions/latest EP releases and ‘in their own words’, SCB’s Band Biography:

Overall Musicianship Breakdowns on ~SIXTY CYCLE BURN~: by FORKSTER
Vocals –  A ‘thumping & pumping’ exhilarating vocal command, vibrantly projecting out power-edged chops of hard rock potency, metal-clobbering impact and punk rock reality, ‘absolutely huge’ mic efforts that are ‘without question’ championed on every song!
Guitar –  The riff maestro is a massive music beast that has fantastic ability and creativity ‘through and through’, this cat had me on the end of my seat with providing monumental guitar lifts filled with passionate and riveting riff explosiveness!
Bass – The low-end bass maestro is throttling out intense/mind-blowing rhythmic chaos, this dude is constructively all over the place’ with a music madness and toughness that is nothing short of remarkable!   
Drums –   A riveting backbone boom thunder that is throttling out determined and passionate stick strong unleashings. This rocker is absolutely killer with intensity and mighty music will, ferociously tight beat general!



FORKSTER gives the ‘ace rock goods’ on these 4 class music tracks:

TRACK #1“Killing Us All” = Electrifying lead in track that throttles out thrash and metal hard rock throw down tones. The musicianship efforts provided absolutely walloping bass slams, blazing riff furies and ‘crashing and smashing’ stick rhythm actions. An epic trio jam towards the end with a monstrous guitar solo was very impressive. Also, loved the intensity throughout with ending on an unexpected fade out, brilliant. Lyrically, their is a powerful message about how life, the earth, and humanity are trying to kill us from birth.

“Killing Us All” does what the opening song needs to do, hunger was ‘most definitely’ there for me in hearing the rest of the EP, top hard rocking tune!

TRACK #2“Decay Is Always On Your Side” = The ‘top track’ on the EP for me. It really motors out a massive metal frenzy that was absorbed excitedly throughout my ear rock modules listen. A ‘snarling & growling’ track that oozes out ‘screaching and preaching’ vocal scream charge, ‘running and gunning’ ace base booms and riveting mighty steady drum cadences. The total music heat here was blasting out a controlled rage that was nothing short of phenomenal!

‘Standout’ parts include another thunderous riff roaring center stage goodness, as well as hearing that overall band cohesiveness flighting out a crushing closing jam charm, tremendously powerful here.  Lyrically it focuses passionately on about our leaders and the lies told ‘time & time’ again, getting people off their asses to do something before it’s too late.

TRACK #3“Can’t Get It Back” = Lyrically it strikes deep depths about a person with a very bright and promising future who blows it all away. The diverse dazzler track on their EP, which stampedes out a hard rock voltage backbone, yet exceptionally discharges out a hardcore/punk rock attitude that is superb. The musicianship efforts here again featured monumental vocal and riff struts as well as dynamic standout rhythm front efforts of pulvarizing low-end genius pounce and earth-shattering stick beat force. This had real ‘get up and get in’ the pit kind of character, loved it!

TRACK #4“A New Day” = A ‘swarming & warming’ track that gives a positive lyric message about recovering from loss and responding to negativity with a positive mindset and outlook on your life, as well as a very enjoyable music vibe of hard and subtle cleverness incorporated throughout.

The closing track defines an extraordinary energetic tranquility. The music efforts displays ‘gleaming and beaming’ vocal mastery, riff launches that glitter out a rocketing force alongside ‘solidified and substantial’ steady rhythm brigades. ‘Standout’ part is the ‘wailing tight’ rock monsoon that just comes to an abrupt halt, stunning! A great choice for ending the EP, first-rate hard rock tune!

 ~Sixty Cycle Burn~ 24th of May EP release “Killing Us All” can be purchased at the following online locations:

Amazon Music (U.S.A.)
Amazon Music (UK)
CD Baby
itunes (Great Britain)
itunes (U.S.A.)



FORKSTER gives the ‘ace rock goods’ on these 4 class music tracks:

TRACK #1“Payback is Hell” =  Intensified lyrics that speak that speak about defending your country back, as the saying goes, “An eye for an eye”.

A swirling rock n’ roll here that belts out gravitating music efforts of under control/powerful vocal color, mammoth rhythm fronts of fantastic drum beats sock and pounding bass attack alongside deliciously striking riff grooves entirely. ‘Highlight’ for me was the thundering ending ‘loud and proud’ trio jam, sensational. This tune was ‘strong’, top way to get you fired up right from the EP start, FORKSTER was onboard, for sure!

TRACK #2“The Flame” = This song for me is the lyrical gem on the EP, so impressed with these rockers how they don’t stand in the background and speak how they feel always. On this particular track they are honoring the ones who fought and died for the freedom of others, and that their sacrifices will never be forgotten.

Metal infused grit here with crunching rhythm strikes, snarling vocal might alongside an igniting riff burst out. These rockers just blend it all so well and on that note, “The Flame” even has the men defining a ‘grunge rock’ vibe here that cruises wonderfully throughout, ace track here!

TRACK #3“Crucified” = Action packed here with a forefront driving rhythm surge by truly captivating stick man turbulences and low-end boom bedlam, loved it! The vocals prove again how tight this rocker can throttle out the rock n’ roll chops and the guitar actions are riveting exhibitions of thrash fury and hard rock wild, just brilliant!

Lyrically it tells a true story about a person they knew that was crucified by people for your failings, for not being all that you can, for not taking care of yourself and your family or responsibilities. Ultimately bad choices may cost this person their own life and you don’t want to see it happen.

TRACK #4“Days of Woe” =  A walloping and driving hard-knocking tune that had me thrilled entirely at my ear-exploding orbits. The intensified rhythm jolting monsoons connecting with ‘stomping and romping’ riff glories and relentless vocal truth, passionate song ‘through and through’, for sure!

The lyrical message on “Days of Woe” are the times we live in. About the corruption that created the world’s problems and brought about our woe. Some will not stand for it, some are weak, scared and vulnerable, just a cold fact. We will not stand for it! Again these massive rockers stand up ‘loud and proud’ for what they believe in, a lot could learn from these good music dudes, great song choice to end with here. too!

 ~Sixty Cycle Burn~ 11th of March EP release “Days of Woe” can be purchased at the following online locations:



Sixty Cycle Burn Biography (band’s own words)
In 1999, drummer Rod Bost, bassist Bryan Hiatt and guitarist/vocalist Steven Thompson quickly realized that they were a band unto themselves, Sixty Cycle Burn was born. We went on playing regional shows with national and regional acts for a few years, while making two EPs. The already veteran musician pack at a young age were doing very well and on our way.

As luck would have it, one thing or another stood in our way and the band was put on the back burner. We then got back to playing shows in 2004 and 2005. The band was doing well again, but unable to play and be together as musicians and put in the much needed time that was very limited at the present period there. Once again, the band would have to wait, but while time passed, members of the band would spend time together in working and thinking about how someday they would all play and be a strong, working band again.

In 2014, this opportunity finally presented itself and they were back on stage and on the road again with bringing Sixty Cycle Burn’s music to the people.

Last year, 2016, they decided to start recording EPs occasionally to keep their music fresh, so they could be pushed to be the best they could be in today’s amazing music field.

With the release of “Killing Us All,” 2017 is off and rolling with the band working hard to establish itself among the
incredible array of talent in today’s metal genre. Sixty Cycle Burn is here and here to stay!


Personal Introductions of the “3” Music Warriors from Sixty Cycle Burn:
(Words by fellow SCB Member Mr. Steven Thompson)

Bryan Hiatt, bassist/backing vocalist: “This guy is intensity personified. Never sits down,always attacking the issue at hand.A great friend and valuable ally. I would gladly go into battle with this guy by my side.”

Rod Bost, drummer/backing vocalist: “Chaos reigns supreme on the drum kit, “the most powerful man on the stage, his brutality and finesse are on display at our shows. His friendship unwavering, a man among men.”

Steven Thompson, vocalist/guitarist: I try to leave all on the stage every show. This band is what I am and our music is what I do. Rod and Bryan are my brothers for sure, the years have tested us. On stage, in the pit, or in some dark alley, I’ve got real support, I know without asking.

To individually contact SIXTY CYCLE BURN on gig/radio air-play/press interests you have for them, please email them at: [email protected]


Written by:Timothy John Forker 
Music Promotions CEO/Director at: FORKSTER
© 2017 FORKSTER MUSIC PROMOTIONS by Timothy J. Forker

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