Grooving Americana Rock Music Charm at The Reverent Cavaliers

“Vibrant” Americana Pop Rock Warmth,
from The Reverent Cavaliers

Truly A Passionate Music Vibe!

Introducing Now Out Their 2 Fantastic New Singles
“Nothing Matters but Love” & “Silver Lining”

Grooving Americana Rock Music Charm at The Reverent Cavaliers
(The Reverent Cavaliers from ‘left to right’ in image here) Front mic left = Trish, front mic center = Rick, center back = Dustin, far right = Christine.

The Reverent Cavaliers are:
Trish Hammond –  Lead Vocals/Backup Vocals/Percussion
Rick Hammond – Lead Vocals/Backup Vocals/Guitars All
Dustin Briones – Drums/Percussion
Christine Moad – Bassist

From: Spring Hill, Tennessee, U.S.A.
Genres: Americana Rock, Hard Rock, Pop-Rock, Rock N’ Roll Rooted Strut

The Reverent Cavaliers Social Media Sites:



The Reverent Cavaliers are an established sound that ignites out splendidly with an Americana pop rock/hard rock passion. They are led by music mastermind Mr. Rick Hammond who truly makes sure that a positive and bright music vibe comes out for the band both lyrically and musically.

Rick, like many music artists throughout their paths has paid his dues. He has been around the music industry as a musician, songwriter and overall music arranger for over 20 some years, where in most of that journey for him he experienced a lot of high successes, and also low unknowns, but he stayed true to his belief as a legit music artist who felt his music had something to say, FORKSTER ‘without question’ feels his music belief in being a ‘rocking good reality’.

A glistening example of Rick’s music vision is his latest and most satisfying music endeavor, the founding of The Reverent Cavaliers in 2015, The main foundations of the band consist of Rick = guitarist/lead vocals/backup vocals/songwriter (arranger/producer), Trish, Rick’s wife, who in her own path has not been a stranger to being musically inclined over the years and in their band united now brings an exceptionally gifted lead and backup vocal range excellence as well as percussion involvements on their tunes. Also, keeping it in the family is nephew and drummer extraordinaire, Dustin Briones. 

Like an ex-athlete who excells at their sport, it doesn’t mean you will go on to be as good if you took it to the coaching/managerial/management ranks and in most percentages they don’t perform on that same monumental level and fail, actually. So on that note, I was very intrigued and curious about how it all sounded and worked with the core of The Reverent Cavaliers being tightly knitted. My findings were ecstatically elated with the realization in this immediate platform that the successful traits of The Reverent Cavaliers comes from a tight family cohesiveness where the trust and respect is there as people and as well as feeling grateful with their interactions as musicians as one. To think too with their fantastic music releases to date that they have only been together for around 2 years as a current music unit in incredibly promising and motivating for other upcoming artists ‘a plenty’.

We here find it extremely honoring in covering The Reverent Cavaliers as a FORKSTER FEATURE. They magnificently deliver infectious and uniquely diversified rock n’ roll engaging genre ranges that has a terrific overall Americana music flair . The band’s overall music definition certainly goes true to form with Rick’s daily and current sounding mission. Their tunes sparkle out in releasing an unmistakably positive stance. It is a rock sound that we feel at here to be a ‘music must’ for radio/internet radio stations to harbor into their daily rotation platforms.

If you feel a music need for ‘grooving your day out’ with a rock strut and a thorough Americana pop rock pep, we here at FORKSTER Music Promotions highly suggest you put your ear music catalogs to The Reverent Cavaliers. 


BELOW >> ‘Please Checkout’ THE REVERENT CAVALIERS musicianship defintions/reviews on their latest Single Releases and ‘in their own words’, The Reverent Cavaliers Band’s Biography:

Overall Musicianship Breakdowns on ~The Reverent Cavaliers~: by FORKSTER
Vocals –  The male & female leads have a ‘radiating and gravitating’ attractiveness that continuously keeps you ‘driving and thriving’ to their sweeping strong motion, enormously energetic vocal drives! Also, loved the harmonious backups, truly added an extra ace dimension to the overall ‘duel’ vocal powers!
Guitar –  “Snarling and howling” riff leads that magnificently fires out their music platform with hard rock crunch, pop rock sway and an Americana rock n’ roll swagger. This rockers guitar blaster skill was an amazing riff mastery shine, true talent!
Bass –  This low-end maestro really adds a ‘stomping and romping’ rhythm charge that surely has you taking notice to their infectious music movements, top efforts here! 
Drums –  This rocking cat really keeps the rock beat strutting forward with a ‘ready and steady’ music mission. He ‘most definitely’ brings out the band’s groove backbone, phenomenal overall ability. 


~The Reverent Cavaliers~ 1st of June Single releases “Nothing Matters but Love” & “Silver Lining”

FORKSTER gives the ‘ace rock goods’ on these 2 Grooving Music Tracks:

TRACK #1: “Nothing Matters but Love” = A riveting rock vibe that carries a sway of psychedelic/Americana pop rock flavor. The lyrics of love meaning everything is a great message forward with the troublesome times recently, tremendous vibe.

The musician efforts shine forth here with ‘glowing and flowing’ lead and joining backup vocals, great combo here, alongside top rhythm punch from catchy and steady stick man actions and booming low-end thrust. The riff quarters here are securely heard with screeching chilled ooze. I see this song as an appealing one for music appreciators of pop rock psychedelic music flights, loved it!

TRACK #2: “Silver Lining” = Explosive rocking groove that defines with thrilling hard rock charge, ace 80’s metal influence and a soulful Americana pop rock/blues rock drive. It absolutely gets you ‘pumping and jumping’ in your ear rock modules and on that note, can easily see this as a steady rock rotation hit on rock radio stations across the music airwaves, tremendous tune!

The music efforts bring forth impressive, striking riff force that wails out a seriously mighty hard rock skill, vocals are doing their justices with steady bite and flow alongside a ‘romping and stomping’ rhythm section excitement. They all ‘rocked’ this song out exceptionally!

~The Reverent Cavaliers~ 1st of June Single releases “Nothing Matters but Love” & “Silver Lining” can be purchased at
the following online locations

Amazon = (for “Nothing matters but Love” single)
Bandcamp = (for “Nothing matters but Love” single)

Amazon = (for “Silver Lining” single)
Bandcamp = (for “Silver Lining” single)


~The Reverent Cavaliers~ Previously Released Singles

“I Gotta Tell Ya” & “I Wanna Sing”

FORKSTER gives the ‘ace rock goods’ on these 2 Grooving Music Tracks:


TRACK #1: “I Gotta Tell Ya” = This track ‘most certainly’ got my full attentions with grooving across phenomenal female vocal glows, ‘slamming and jamming’ riff licks along with ‘gliding and riding’ stick man bounce and booming bass edge.

This song I reckon is a stunning live favorite and had my respects throughout my very enjoyable listen. It really gels beautifully between Americana pop rock and blues rock feels. The overall soulful airs truly for me was the music backbone charm of “I Gotta Tell Ya”, sensational song!

TRACK #2: “I Wanna Sing” = Electrifying  ditty here that launches out a ‘groovin’ & movin’ tempo along with and gleaming slowdown bridge. They prove again fully that they are a band who knows how to get you on your feet and letting loose the music vibe in ya. A ‘rock n’ roll’ gem here! 

The whole music airs here leap out with ‘blazing and amazing’ riff storms, ‘crashing and smashing’ drum sensations, rolling strong low-end thundering rhythms, scintillating roaring vocal pipes with enchanting accompanying backup haunting glitters, positively zooming music feel, entirely!

~The Reverent Cavaliers~ Single pre-releases “I Gotta Tell Ya” & “I Wanna Sing“can be purchased at
the following online locations:

Amazon = (for “I Gotta Tell Ya” single)
Bandcamp = (for “I Gotta Tell Ya” single)

Amazon = (for “I Wanna Sing” single)
Bandcamp = (for “I Wanna Sing” single)


A Few Liner Notes for The Reverend Cavaliers 4-Music Tracks on here:

Lead & harmony vocals, all guitars: Rick Hammond
Harmony vocals, percussion, and lead vocals on “I Gotta Tell Ya: Trish Hammond
Drums, percussion: Dustin Briones
Bass: Christine Moad on all except I Wanna Sing which was played by Kevin Kirkpatrick
Additional harmony vocals on: “I Wanna Sing“: Sarah Godinez

All songs written, arranged, produced, mixed by Rick Hammond, ** = Except
**I Gotta Tell Ya” lyrics written by Trish Hammond, music by Rick Hammond
**Silver Lining” which was co-arranged, mixed and additional drum programming by Scott Dupre
Recorded at: Aspen Grove Church (Formerly ‘The W. Building’) in Franklin, TN.
Mastered by: Landr and Sage Audio.


The Reverent Cavaliers Biography (band’s own words)

Grooving Americana Rock Music Charm at The Reverent Cavaliers

They come from different states. They have different musical tastes. But they all have something in common… they are family. Trish and Rick Hammond along with their nephew, Dustin form the core of The Reverent Cavaliers.

Founder, Rick has been writing songs and performing live for… well, many moons. Starting as many rock guitarists did in the late 80’s with long hair, and screaming guitar licks. Rick and his brother, Tim’s band worked the local bar scene in South Carolina with the likes of Hootie & the Blowfish. In 1990 they moved to California’s Sunset Strip to build on the success of their original hard rock band. After signing a management deal, and garnering some impressive spins on CMJ’s radio charts they moved to Nashville. Circa 2003, with the help of family & friends Rick launched an indie record label for their Christian rock band, REV21 along with several other artists. Their band recorded two full albums produced by one of Billboard magazine’s top recognized producers, Alan Shacklock (Jeff Beck, Sugar Ray, The Alarm, Meatloaf). Their label soon gained distribution through Sony. After earning some critical acclaim for their efforts Rick found himself pursuing music alone. Undeterred, he redefined his song writing and live presentation, and began co-producing his own recordings. Rick’s musical influences vary widely, and he enjoys song writing in multiple styles though his main style is Rock. Lyrically Rick mostly tries to keep things on the positive tip for the most part. He continues to pursue his dream by attempting to write, record and perform quality, uplifting original tunes with the occasional unique cover thrown in for good measure.

Trish Hammond is from Tennessee and is married to Rick. (Funny note: they met at the Whisky A Go Go in Los Angeles). She has been singing since the age of 5. Trish has always been musical but did not sing in public regularly until 2002. Rock, being her favorite style, she enjoys singing it all. Trish has always been supportive of Rick’s aspirations and musical endeavors, but chose to stay behind the scenes. After singing at church for over a decade, she decided she would join Rick in this venture.

Dustin Briones is the Hammond’s nephew. The Little Drummer Boy as his grandmother calls him, and as his aunt recalls he always wanted to be a drummer. At age 3, he got his first drum kit, albeit, a paper one, but he was SERIOUS about singing and playing Del Amitri’s Roll to Me. In high school, he was on the drum-line and was considered one of their best. After hearing his unaware nephew, Rick had the idea to add more family to the mix. In March 2015 Dustin joined Trish & Rick’s band, The Reverent Cavaliers. Dustin has an appreciation for all styles, but, like his aunt, likes Rock the best.

Overall The Reverent Cavaliers sound blends hard rock with pop rock, and a little Americana.  Imagine a mix of Foo Fighters, Lenny Kravitz, and Jack White’s various bands.  2016’s live performances included shows at Nashville’s BB King’s and the Spring Water Supper Club where they have standing invites to return to both venues.

The Reverent Cavaliers 2nd EP, Silver Lining is being released in June 2017.  Connect with them on Twitter where you can also see some current radio spin tracking data.  The Reverent Cavaliers music is available online at I-Tunes, Amazon, etc.


Written by:Timothy John Forker 
Music Promotions CEO/Director at: FORKSTER
© 2017 FORKSTER MUSIC PROMOTIONS by Timothy J. Forker

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