Insightful Interview Up Now with High In Demand British Rockers OCTOBER DRIFT

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Their Music Has “Gravitated & Captivated”
Their Native UK

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Privileged Interview Up Now with High In Demand British Rockers OCTOBER DRIFT

Alex Bispham – Low-End Boom Guru
Chris Holme – Wailing Drum Master
Daniel Young – Rocking Lead Riff Genius
Kiran Roy – Vocal Maestro/Jamming Rhythm Guitarist

Music Vibe: Atmospheric Alternative Rock N’ Roll
From: Taunton, Somerset, UK
October Drift Website:

Rocketing on the UK new music scene only a few years back alternative rock sculptors October Drift have ‘captivated and gravitated’ their homeland’s rocking ear orbits enormously. They have created successful single music works a plenty, have been ‘blazing & amazing’ impressively on numerous all throughout UK tours where they sold out some of the leading small venues in Britain. These rocking gems have even gotten plenty of spotlight music press praise from the likes of established magazines “Q” and “Clash”.

 FORKSTER personally got the rocking privilege to interview these ‘gleaming & beaming’ rising music phenoms very recently. I personally love October Drift’s atmospheric music platform and constant professional approach forward always. It is truly felt here that they will be one of the ‘top rising’ bands around the rocking globe out of England really soon. If you like discovering new rock acts these lads certainly belong to be in your music equations and tell all your friend too, they will thank you for telling them about em’. So without any further adieu, I give you now my interview with the incredible musicians, October Drift. 


FORKSTER: Hi rockers, truly great having you all here.

October Drift: Hey Tim, great to be here.


FORKSTER: You all being great friends from secondary school and throughout various bands when in college, how has that helped you think in generating that strong cohesiveness in your band now?

October Drift: Well over the years we’ve spent far, far too much time together and we all know each other inside out. When you spend a lot of time with someone, you get to know their strengths and weaknesses and I think that’s really important. We all kinda make up for each others weaknesses in a really natural way. Like if one of us has writers block, or if someone’s a bit down about something, the rest of us pick up the slack and pull them out of it. I think what also helps is that we have a relationship where we can say anything to each other and it’s never taken personally. If Biz wrote something for a song and the rest of us didn’t like it, we’d just tell him. I think if we had to tip toe around each other and worry about offending someone it wouldn’t work. It’s never meant personally. There’s no egos in what we do and I think that helps massively.


FORKSTER: When you first came on the music scene in 2014 in a very short period you had two very flourishing singles as well as selling out UK small venues on tours everywhere, was this overwhelming a bit or do you think with all of your previous bands and you all gelling perfectly in October Drift that you were all ready and prepared for the rocking ride ahead?

October Drift: We never expected to sell out the venues on the first tour. Even though they were pretty small, it still felt like a big achievement to us. To be honest I don’t think I’ll ever get used to people paying money to come and see us play – it has always humbled me.


FORKSTER: Your sound heard by FORKSTER is an ‘in your face’ melodically exceptional swooning and haunting vocal greatness groove with adjoining thundering slots of hard rock/shoegaze riff fuzz thunders and ‘slamming & jamming’ rock n’ roll rhythm section stomps, do these diverse genre linkages attribute to the band having a large range of personal music influences?

October Drift: Yeah for sure. We listen to a load of different stuff. When we’re in the van we like to make playlists. They’ll have anything from Pavement to Cyndi Lauper on them. None of us are particularly bothered about specific genres. I think it can sometimes cloud your judgement on a band or a song. I think The 1975 is a good example of where that happened with me and Dan our guitarist. None of us were a fan of their first album. To me it was just straight up pop and I found them really annoying. I’m not sure why that was though. I think maybe I’d been subjected to too many articles slating them and had made an opinion on them without really understanding what they’re about as a band. I caught a BBC documentary on them just before their second album was released and it completely changed my opinion. I used to see them as fame hungry and shallow, preferring style over substance, but after watching this and finding out about what they were like as people, I realized that my judgement was completely wrong. It was enough to make me listen to their latest album and I’m glad I did. Not many bands would produce a second album as risky as theirs, and go in a completely different direction. I don’t think I would have given it a chance though if I’d still seen them as a shallow pop band.


FORKSTER: Your most recent brilliant music works was the 7th October 2016 4-song EP release of “This Is Nowhere” on Bad Rival Records, you must all be very proud of this phenomenal effort and how has the overall experience been so far expressing it on the Sheffield, England, independent label?

October Drift: I know every band always says this about their latest release, but I do truly believe that this is our best work to date. As an ep it’s much more cohesive and thought out than “Stranger Days”. To be fair if we didn’t think it was stronger than the last thing we’d done, then we wouldn’t have put it out. We never really worry about how something’s going to be received though. If we are happy with it and can say that at the time it’s our best work possible, then all the rest will just happen. People will either connect with it or not – there’s no point in trying to second guess them.

Below have a rocking listen to 2 tracks off their latest “This Is Nowhere” EP on Bad Rival Records.


FORKSTER: What would you say gives you all the highest reward, writing and recording the songs, or performing them live?

October Drift: That’s a really hard one. Those are the two reasons we all got into writing and performing music. There’s nothing like the buzz you get from playing live, or from finishing off a song. We have a big board up at our studio where we write, and when a new songs finished, it goes up on the board. It’s like a ritual. We all get really excited and get out a bronze sharpie to write it on with. Nothing goes on the board unless it’s in bronze sharpie. It’s pretty sad, but we like it. Honestly I don’t think I can choose between the two. They’re both one of the best and most addictive feelings in the world.


FORKSTER: You are certainly known about the entire UK as a live band to checkout and from my experiences of watching you live on video channels I am certainly ‘excitedly anticipating’ gravitating to your live performance very soon, what would you say helps you create an atmospheric live euphoria that separates you easily from most of the pack of upcoming bands?

October Drift: I think the most important thing is that we play to our strengths. Kiran isn’t great at talking on stage, so having massive gaps between each song for him to try and deliver some horrifically awkward stand up comedy, just wouldn’t work for us. For some bands though, that makes the performance. I remember ‘Beans On Toast‘ chatting for ages between songs at ‘Bestival’ and it was amazing. For us though, we just try to create the most intense atmosphere possible, both visually and sonically. We don’t want anyone in the audience to feel like they’ve had an easy ride watching us, which I think can definitely put some people off. But I like that it’s so ‘love it or hate it’. I’d hate to just sit in the middle.

Get the rocking excitement here of their live show below:


FORKSTER: With supplying that big music buzz throughout The UK have other countries expressed an interest in you touring their regions and can we see you anytime soon say ‘rocking it out’ like in North and South America, etc., in 2017/2018?

October Drift: Yes we’ve had a few offers. We’d love to get out to Europe this year in particular. Going over to America though will have to be when the time’s right. Hopefully when we’re ready for an album we’ll head out across the pond.


FORKSTER: Tell me something which none of your supporters are likely to know about the band?

October Drift: Dan had a semi-professional acting career when he was a child. He appeared in an episode of midsummer murders and the bill. He had to stop though because his school grades began to drop.


FORKSTER: Well, this was really a blast having you here and hope we can all do it again sometime soon….All the best always rockers!!

October Drift: No worries – thanks for having us!



APRIL 2017

JULY 2017


Written and Put Together by: Timothy John Forker 
Music Promotions CEO/Director at: FORKSTER
© 2017 FORKSTER MUSIC PROMOTIONS by Timothy J. Forker


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