June 29th 2015 Intro on The Psychic Shades at FORKSTER

June 29th 2015 Intro on The Psychic Shades at FORKSTER

June 29th 2015

FORKSTER Introduces

Smooth & Captivating Canadian Rockers Who Hold A Soulful Music Vibe

The Psychic Shades

Genre: Alternative Rock
Location:  Montreal, Quebec, Canada

The Psychic Shades

Find Their Music at: Their BANDCAMP


The Intro-Fork Tidbit on :
The Psychic Shades are a ‘soulful and smooth’ rock n’ roll vibe that involves superb genre elements of indie rock colour, electronic rock capability, roots rock n’ roll draw with a ‘gleaming and beaming’ alternative rock foundation forefront. Their marvellous musicianship takes generate out ‘cruising’ soulful vocal launches, stunning riff abilities with a psychedelic/pop rock grandeur, rhythm bounce packs that just ‘jolt entirely’ a magnificent rock bounce alongside with a ‘grooving and moving’ keyboard delights. A ‘for sure’ abundant rock n’ roll for ear rock orbits all around our globe, ‘grand potential’!

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Written by: Timothy John Forker

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