Lucks Lane

Salute To An Unsigned FORKSTER Finest!

Dedicated Rock Sound Coming Out Of These UK Rockers!

Lucks Lane Are A Real Class Band!

Music Artist Name: Lucks Lane
Genre: Rock Music
Location: Peterborough, UK

Lucks Lane

Band Members:
Steve Cairney – Lead Vocalist
Steve Potter – Lead Guitarist
Joe ‘Kenny’ Daglish – Rhythm Guitarist/Keyboards/Backing vocals
Dan Stimpson – Bass Guitarist
Pete King – Drummer
Pete Moore – Songwriter

FORKSTER Few Words On: Lucks Lane
Lucks Lane immediately came across to FORKSTER’S rocking ear listens of them recently in having an all-together rocking ‘compact & complete’  rock n’ roll sound! From ‘start to finish’ these bonafied rockers impressed immensely in overall superb music talent heard throughout! They bring great electric feels of rock energys combined with melodic music structures added so cleverly and they bring it strikingly packaged to sound nothing short then “The real music goods”! Another thing that really ‘stood out’ as well was the whole lyric platform heard, these were exquisitely written and FORKSTER really loved how they relate to everyday issues and daily events for people in general and I certainly related and respected them immensely and on that note, lyrically and musically Lucks Lane are truly one of the best developed unsigned bands I have heard, great effort rockers and all the best to this extremely talented band!

Musicianship Breakdown:
Lead Vocals – Vocal tones are crisp, vibrant and confidently laid down! This is excellent talent heard here!
Bass – The boom maestro is slapping down the low-ends with brilliant style and groove!
Guitars – These were massive riffs heard that had stunning rock vibe attitude and grand music presences. The total rhythm airs were ‘rocking it out’ and the lead man was exceptional in overall and solo music manners.
Drums – The stick man was fantastically steady with tempo and had excellent bounce beats going on throughout!
Keyboards – Shinging brightly music colours that added a real good added dimension to the overall impressive sound!
Lyrically – Solid songwriting efforts here where I felt they were about subjects and particular everyday matters that listeners could more than relate too!

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