“Lust for Life” album by Iggy Pop is 40 years old now

IGGY POP 2nd solo album released
on the 29th of August, 1977

“Lust for Life” is the second collaboration with David Bowie, following “The Idiot” earlier that year

2nd most commercially successful IGGY POP album release to date

"Lust for Life" album by Iggy Pop is 40 years old today

Iggy Pop (born April 21st, 1947), is titled by many as the “Godfather of Punk”. His career spans for just under an incredible 6 decades. He is recognized as an American singer, songwriter, musician, producer, and actor. He was the vocalist of the extremely important proto-punk band ‘The Stooges’. The outrageous and spontaneous stage antics have donned him as an all-time legendary live rock n’ roll act.

Iggy Pop has diversified a number of genres into his music over the course of his legendary career, including garage rock, punk rock, hard rock, art rock, new wave, jazz and blues.

We celebrate at FORKSTER Music Promotions  with it being the 40th Anniversary of Iggy’s fantastic 2nd solo album (29th Aug. 1977), “Lust for Life”. It was his 2nd collaboration/partnership with the great David Bowie, following “The Idiot” earlier in the year. As well as accomplishing critical success, it was Iggy’s most commercially popular album to date and remains his only Gold-certified release in the UK.

The Production Process for “Lust for Life”:

Iggy Pop, David Bowie and engineer Colin Thurston produced “Lust for Life”. They did it under the pseudonym of the “Bewlay Bros. The name via being the final track on David Bowie’s “Hunky Dory” album. The recordings were done at Hans Studio by the Wall in Berlin, Germany. It featured Carlos Alomar and Ricky Gardiner on Guitars, with Tony and Hunt Sales on bass and drums, respectively. Bowie himself went on to perform on the album with keyboard and backing vocals contributions.

After the completion of a concert tour in support of Iggy’s “The Idiot” album, the “Lust for Life” sessions took shape soon after.  Iggy has stated the following about the making of his “Lust for Life” record with David Bowie:

“David and I had determined that we would record that album very quickly, which we wrote, recorded, and mixed in eight days, and because we had done it so quickly, we had a lot of money left over from the advance, which we split.” The singer slept little during its making, commenting “See, Bowie’s a hell of a fast guy … I realized I had to be quicker than him, otherwise whose album was it gonna be?”

Iggy’s ‘break loose’ lyrical manner motivated Bowie to improvise his own words on his next album, “Heroes”.

Reception for “Lust for Life” Release:

“Lust for Life” was an album that you could say faired pretty good in the music charts at the time. To his music loyalists over the years though it has had iconic staying power with the likes of the album stunners, self-titled track “Lust for Life” as well as the rocking successful song “The Passenger”.

Below you can see how his fans absolutely ‘rock out’ and long to hear these epic tracks live recently off his latest “Post Punk Depression” Album 2016 tour of the UK.

Iggy Pop – “Lust For Life” – Royal Albert Hall, London – May 2016

Iggy Pop – “The Passenger” – Royal Albert Hall, London – May 2016

Details for “Lust for Life”

Musicianship Performances
Iggy Pop
– Vocals
David Bowie – Keyboards / Piano / Organ / Backing Vocals
Carlos Alomar – Rhythm Guitar / (Lead Guitar on “Lust for Life” & “Turn Blue”) / Backing Vocals
Ricky Gardiner – Lead Guitar / Backing Vocals / (Drums on “Fall in Love with Me”)
Warren Peace – Keyboards / Backing Vocals on “Turn Blue”
Tony Sales – Bass / Backing Vocals / (Guitar on “Fall in Love with Me”)
Hunt Sales – Drums / Backing Vocals / (Bass on “Fall in Love with Me”)

Side One
 “Lust for Life”
 “Some Weird Sin”
 “The Passenger”

Side Two
 “Turn Blue”
 “Neighborhood Threat”
 “Fall in Love with Me”

Released on August 29, 1977
Recorded between April – June 1977
Recorded at Hansa Studio by the Wall (West Berlin, Germany)
Genres were Hard Rock / Punk Rock
Album’s Length was 41:53
Was released on RCA RECORDS
Producers were Mr. David Bowie / Mr. Iggy Pop / Mr. Colin Thurston


Written by: Timothy John Forker 
Music Promotions CEO/Director at: FORKSTER
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