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Mohawk Radio

Micro-Fork up on Mohawk Radio

Mohawk Radio are a sensational rock n’ roll sound/band that hail out of Manchester, England!
These talented rockers really bring straightforward power/character/attitude to their rock music forefront. It’s superb overall rock n’ roll musicianship might! This is ‘without a doubt’ a top, independent, global, rock band prospect!
These rockers I will be certainly rooting on and could totally see rock music appreciators throughout the world picking up on this fantastic band’s overall rock persona!

Mohawk Radio II

Unsigned UK Rockers Are Absolutely ‘Rocking Out’ The Real Music Goods

Music Artist Name: Mohawk Radio
Genre: Rock/Pop/Alternative
Location: Manchester, England



  1. Nicola Frankland says:

    Get them to Australia. I NEEEEEED to see them live 🙂

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