Significant band Slowdive unfold teaser on first album coming in 22 years!

Significant Band to Unleash
Their Atmospheric Rock Charm
4th Full-Length Upcoming 2017 Album Discharge

Slowdive Have Been Working on The Long-Awaited Follow-Up of “Pygmalion”
from 1995

Significant band Slowdive unfold teaser on first album coming in 22 years

Slowdive Members:
Christian Savill — Guitarist
Neil Halstead — Vocalist/Guitarist/Keyboardist
Nick Chaplin — Bassist
Rachel Goswell — Vocalist/Guitarist/Tambourinist
Simon Scott — Drummer

From: Reading, England, UK
Genres Considered: Ambient, Dream pop, Indie Rock, Shoegaze
Music Years of Operation: 1989–1995, 2014–present
Labels On: Creation Records, SBK Records
Their Current Website:

Slowdive Studio Album Music Works:
“Just for a Day” (1991)
“Souvlaki” (1993)
“Pygmalion” (1995)


Significant band out of the atmospheric rock vibe , Slowdive brilliantly gelled in completely with the early-’90s British shoegaze music scene. Their debut career spanned from 1989 to 1995 with 3 impressive albums: ‘Just for a Day’ (1991), ‘Souvlaki’ (1993) and ‘Pygmalion’ (1995). 

They magically all got back together in 2014 for a stretch of hometown shows in London, England, and a Primavera festival slot before voyaging on a world tour. Then, a year later in 2015, they arranged and put out a brand new recording of “Avalyn”, which they prior were performing on the 2014 gigs globally. When they discharged the track they went on to say that they were working on a live album. Last August 2016, drummer Mr. Simon Scott validated that the band had finished up recording a comeback record, but said he was unsure when it will be released. In May, vocalist & guitarist Rachel Goswell told Stereogum that the band have “a lot of songs” and that a new album is “being recorded right now as we speak”.

It’s now 2017 and through the rocking social media terminals it is becoming a glorious reality that a ‘gleaming & beaming’ new album will be hitting the ear rock modules for their fans worldwide very soon, FORKSTER certainly being one of them. We will definitely keep you posted on further details on the release details as well as a feature review on the album after launching.

Below are some of the social media stirs arising in support that this is truly and delightfully happening, yeah man!


Slowdive have posted a mysterious new video on their Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. The 22-second clip features a white line on a black screen that slowly forms a box; there is no audio.
(see it on their Twitter below).


Very currently, they wrote on Facebook, “Happy New Year from all of us.. It’s going to be busy,” and shared an article that named a Slowdive record as one to anticipate in 2017.
(found Below)



Written by: Timothy John Forker 
Music Promotions CEO/Director at: FORKSTER
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