The Actions

Micro-Fork up on The Actions

The Actions are a dynamic alternative rock sound/band that hail out of London, England!
These rockers are definitely radiating out trip-hop grooves with darkwave atmosphere charms as well as psychedelic moods, they are a unique mixture that brilliant paint a glowing sound movement sculpture. This band are an impressive talent, got all the music tools, for sure!
With great balance, solidified music vibe and constant/consistent bounce, I certainly can’t see why not groove rocker appreciators from around the globe don’t sink their ear music module teeths into these bonafied music moving warriors!

The Actions

Independent UK Band Are Certainly ‘Thrilling & Chilling’ Out The Real Alternative Rock Groove Goods


Music Artist Name: The Actions
Genre: Alternative Rock
Location: London, England

The Actions’ new single “The Echo” out on December 8 via Niteo Records

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