Truly Privileged Interview With Emerging Aerial Rockers CLUSTERSUN

Truly Privileged Interview With Emerging Aerial Rockers CLUSTERSUN

FORKSTER Exclusive Interview with

Recently Got Together with Italian Atmospheric Rock Phenoms CLUSTERSUN

Got to it At Discussing In Length About Their Massive
New Album Release
“Surfacing To Breathe”

Truly Privileged Interview With Emerging Aerial Rockers CLUSTERSUN
CLUSTERSUN = back left – Andrea, center back – Piergiorgio, right back – Mario, center floor – Marco

Marco Chisari – Vocals/Bass
Mario Lo Faro – Guitars
Piergiorgio Campione – Synthesizers/Keyboards/Backing Vocals
Andrea Conti – Drums

From: Catania, Italy
Genres: \\\ Shoegaze,  Psych,  Post-punk,  Space Rock ///
Record Label: Seahorse Recordings
Purchase their brand new “Surfacing To Breathe” Album at:


Anyone who has had an association with us at FORKSTER Music Promotions for over the last few years will know what we think about the fantastic Italian rockers CLUSTERSUN. Since their stunning April 2014 inaugural LP release of “Out of Your Ego“, it was very apparent to us that this band had the enormous potential to take it up a few notches. Well, extremely proud to say with their very recent June 2017 album release effort of “Surfacing To Breathe” they have ‘most certainly’ done that and then some.

FORKSTER immediately/personally knew he had to get the word out on this remarkable music work. On that note, below is a very recent interview I did with my good mates at CLUSTERSUN. We go on to talk about the making, progression and success of “Surfacing To Breathe” out on their mainstay label of Seahorse Recordings.

If you are already a fan you should truly dig the music maturity here, truly and if you are just checking them out for the first time you are really in for a rocking music treat…..Enjoy all = #FORKSTER

Interview Entrance:
FORKSTER: Truly awesome having the brilliant CLUSTERSUN here, welcome mates.

CLUSTERSUNIt’s an absolute honour and a pleasure being an interview feature on the brilliant FORKSTER website, thanks so much for having us mate!


FORKSTER: First off, “CONGRATULATIONS to you all’ on your magnificent 19th of May 2017 sophomore album release of “Surfacing to Breathe” on Seahorse Recordings. Let’s please put the deservingly so ‘plug push’ out from you to my ace music viewers here on where and how they can go about purchasing your brand new LP?

CLUSTERSUNGlad you enjoyed it! Our new album “Surfacing To Breathe” is out via Seahorse Recordings and is available on vinyl, Cd and digital formats through our Bandcamp = and also on Amazon, Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Deezer and Google Play.

Truly Privileged Interview With Emerging Aerial Rockers CLUSTERSUN


FORKSTER: Since your fantastic debut album release “Out Of Your Ego” (April 28th 2014) is it fair to say that the new songs for your latest masterpiece of “Surfacing to Breathe” started to be sketched/drafted out shortly after the 1st release, like before, during and after the 9-date support tour in the U.S.A. for it back in 2014?

CLUSTERSUNYes, indeed. The new songs started popping out around that time, in a very spontaneous way, rehearsing between one gig and another, and 4-5 of them were yet performed during our US tour, in early and raw versions. That also explains the more “on steroid” attitude of the new stuff.


FORKSTER: I absolutely always love your diverse sound of psych rock/sparkling shoegaze/post-punk era similarity and space rock glow, but I am thrilled with your latest music efforts, even more, when you’ve set a higher atmospheric music thrust button emphasis on full blast. It seems on this record you really went for that shoegaze full backbone definition and like the greats from that platform such as Slowdive, MVB, RIDE, Chapterhouse, SWERVEDRIVER, Pale Saints,  SPIRITUALIZED, The Jesus And Mary Chain, The Brian Jonestown Massacre, you 100% ‘spot on’ musically nailed it!

How was the total process experience this time around for the “Surfacing To Breathe” album and did your influences of your fav noise/shoegaze bands have a major play in the overall album’s direction/vibe?

CLUSTERSUNIt’s amazing reading our name alongside those legends, thank you very much! Sure all these bands are a permanent source of inspiration for us, and starting from their lesson we try to develop our own artistic approach in the most original and genuine way.

With “Surfacing To Breathe” we tried to raise the sonic bar delivering a more complex and layered mixture of shoegazey reverberations, massive walls of sound and psychedelic soundscapes. There’s a cosmic/spacey dark vibe that surrounds all the 8 songs, matched with a dreamlike sense of melancholy and emotional fragility coming from the lyrics. While the debut album “Out Of Your Ego” had a focus on ethereal and cold atmospheres this one but shows a more muscular sound, emphasising at max the dynamic range. The great goal for us was having Alessio Pindinelli (also guitar and vocals in La Casa Al Mare) and Fabio Galeone mixing “Surfacing To Breathe” at Wax Recording Studio in Rome: their work there was in giving shape to our sonic ideas and was simply outstanding (Alessio also co-produced the album with us). We’re also very proud because the recording session was directed by our synth man Piergiorgio Campione at his own Studio12 in Catania: so we had a total control over the tracks and great room for experimentation. The mastering provided by Carl Saff in Chicago was just the icing on the cake: he finalized the album with a super loud, full and deep sound.


FORKSTER: Mario, especially from your band, knows my music tastes pretty good, well, I got to say your album for me was truly a personal satisfaction with hearing a remarkable comparison to the orbital grace of “Kitchens of Distinction” on especially your tracks for “Lonely Moon”/”Emotional Painkiller” and “Raw Nerve”, is this a fair assessment made here and did they have a role at all in being a big influence in shaping your galaxy moving groove on these particular songs and throughout the record?

CLUSTERSUNWe definitely love “Kitchens Of Distinction” and totally agree that in those three songs there are many musical elements that let them come to mind. As for the other bands cited before we could say that these sounds and atmospheres are something that lives inside us and jumps out in a spontaneous and almost unconscious way, always.


FORKSTER: Tracks ‘1 through 8’ on the new LP are nothing short of sensational and ‘easily’ makes it a front contender for FORKSTER’S ‘album of the year’ in 2017, looking back listening to them all now are their personal standouts from it or you are proud of them all equally?

CLUSTERSUNWe see our songs as little sons, so we absolutely love them all at the same level, all of them are also so much fun to play live.


FORKSTER: The massive 1st single off the album “Raw Nerve” brings a stunning post-punk era gleam with a hair-raising shoegaze jangle, what had you all decide for it in being chosen for the leading track and first single off of “Surfacing To Breathe”?

CLUSTERSUN: When the album was finished we all agreed that there couldn’t be a better first single than “Raw Nerve”: it has all the elements to be the lead single and manifesto of the new LP. A pure wall of sound with a menacing bass line, thunderous drums, hyper-dense synths, stormy guitars and washed out dreamy vocals: the perfect introduction to the new CLUSTERSUN sonic chapter. Also, the reactions to its stunning video clip by Samir Kharrat and Adriano Spadaro of “Visualazer”, has been simply overwhelming: actually almost 40.000 views on YouTube from its release in April!

Check out Video for “Raw Nerve” below:


FORKSTER: I am sure as exciting it has been in making and releasing “Surfacing To Breathe” you are all chomping at the music bit in doing gigs and getting the songs out live to your music appreciators, so is an upcoming tour or bunch of dates here and there in the works in support of your new album soon?

CLUSTERSUNAfter the first dates of this month we’ll keep on touring to support the album with gigs in Italy and Europe, and we hope to make some festivals too. Also, we should be back to play a bunch of gigs in the US in spring 2018.


FORKSTER: “Surfacing To Breathe” in another classic example from your homeland of Italy magnificently shows that the atmospheric rock scene is alive and well and has been for awhile now, could you please tell me what that means for you all in being considered as one of the upper echelons of great bands and music artists coming out of your homeland now?

CLUSTERSUNIt’s an honour and a great responsibility being cited as one of the bands that are contributing to the growth of the Italian shoegaze/psych/dream pop/wave scene. So many great bands from our country are conquering international acclaim, both by critics and audience, like La Casa al Mare, Rev Rev Rev, Stella Diana, Novanta, Electric Floor, In Her Eye, My Invisible Friend, Be Forest, Soviet Soviet, Brothers In Law, Sonic Jesus, The Gluts, Arirang, Klam, Bialogard, Kimono Lights, Good Morning Finch, Weird., Leave The Planet, Jambox, The Yellow Traffic Light, 86Sandals, Purple Got Me Slow Mo, The Mystic Morning, Huge Molasses Tank Explodes, Human Colonies, Tiger! Shit! Tiger! Tiger!, Pipe’s Not Dead… we could go on for days! Despite that, Italian press and music fans seem not to pay the deserved attention to artists delivering unconventional sounds, and that’s a big disappointment.


FORKSTER: Lastly, but certainly not least here, going to enjoy this one for awhile I reckon, but are their already underway concepts/discussions of new songs for a third album in the CLUSTERSUN future music horizons?

CLUSTERSUN: We yet started to write new material, and we also have almost 40-50 song drafts archived from the past month’s jams: lots of things to work on for sure for a third album!


Interview Closing:
FORKSTER: Thanks so much for spending some valuable time with FORKSTER personally and my ace viewers here. I truly appreciate it & all the best with the new album, again, exceptional music work mates!

CLUSTERSUN: Thanks so much Tim, keep on being the brilliant promo you, and also a big thanks’ to the FORKSTER followers for all your amazing support for our band. We truly all’ appreciate it immensely, on that note, please find out about us daily on our following social sites:



Credits for CLUSTERSUN’S “Surfacing To Breathe”

Recorded by Piergiorgio Campione at Studio12 in Catania
Mixed by Alessio Pindinelli and Fabio Galeone at Wax Recording Studio in Rome
Mastered by Carl Saff in Chicago
Artwork by Ilaria Facci in London
‘Raw Nerve’ video directed and edited by Visualazer
Actress: Mariaurelia Viscuso

Tracklistings for “Surfacing To Breathe”

1. Raw Nerve
2. Antagonize Me
3. Lonely Moon
4. The Whirling Dervish
5. Don’t Let The Weigh of Your Soul Drag You Down
6. Surfacing To Breathe
7. Emotional Painkiller
8. Event Horizon


Written by: Timothy John Forker 
Music Promotions CEO/Director at FORKSTER
© 2017 FORKSTER MUSIC PROMOTIONS by Timothy J. Forker

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