Welcoming In on Bands of The Day to Satellite Jockey

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Welcoming In on FORKSTER’S ‘Bands of The Day’ 2015

Satellite Jockey


FORKSTER’S DAILY BAND REVIEW covers in this everyday segment his ‘best bands of the day’ from the independent rock n’ roll genres from all
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Welcoming In on Bands of The Day on 30th of March 2015

Satellite Jockey


Satellite Jockey are an exquisite atmospheric rock that hails out of Lyon, France. These mesmirizing sound musician talents of ‘7’ immediately placed captivating flights throughout my ear rock module orbits with providing diverse pop bounce vibes of alternative, dream, psychedelic, indie and shoegaze charms. The overall/entire musicianship quarters are nothing less than outstanding from gorgeously glowing/haunting vocal gems, vibrant keyboard/synth skies, delightful string orchestrations, riff rocketing guitar masterings alongside enormously ‘stomping and romping’ rhythm packs. They are for sure a band in being discovered and on that note, I ‘truly’ and ‘unquestionably’ feel that their atmospheric and electronic definitions will certainly excite and jolt rock music appreciators from all over the globe, ‘top band’!

Satellite Jockey will be very admirable listening to fans of: Art of Noise, Bananarama, Bjork, Propaganda and genres of: alternative, dream pop, psychedelic, indie pop rock, shoegaze, ambient rock, 4AD recording artists.

Genre: Alternative Pop/Dream Pop/Psychedelic Pop/Indie Pop Rock/Shoegaze
From: Lyon, France
Main Link: http://www.satellitejockey.fr/
Labels: AB Records / Another Record  / Montagne Sacrée / Kidderminster Records

Welcoming In on Bands of The Day to Satellite Jockey
Welcoming In on FORKSTER’S  ‘Bands of The Day’ to exceptional French atmospheric pop rockers,  Satellite Jockey.

‘Satellite Jockey’ Music Availabe At:
DIGITAL: http://satellitejockey.bandcamp.com/album/falling
VINYL: http://www.satellitejockey.fr/merch
CD: http://www.another-record.com/shop/index.php



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