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The Red Bricks

Micro-Fork up on The Red Bricks The Red Bricks are an exciting, vibrant indie yet post-punk vibe! The rocking tones have deep rhythms and driving music feels! These rockers should draw music appreciators everywhere, for sure! -Forkster The Red Bricks Certainly Bring A Really Impressively Edgy Sound For Your Rocking […]

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The Bloody Nerve

Micro-Fork up on The Bloody Nerve The Bloody Nerve are as good as an independent rock band out there today, massive sound! Just absolutely am thrilled everytime by the bluesy, rock n’ roll thunderous vibes I am drawn too! Really have a good chance in picking up rock appreciators everywhere, […]

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Rain May Fall

Micro-Fork up on Rain May Fall:  Rain May Fall roars out the rock vibes with explosive music force! Brilliant in diversity blending rock senses of rock, grunge and heavy metal! Should be a great draw to see on any rocking music venue stage! -Forkster   Rain May Fall Bring The […]

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The Lazlo Device

Micro-Fork up on The Lazlo Device: The Lazlo Device are a fantastic alternative rock band! They bring brilliant airs of driving rock grooves with a melodic music touch! This band should thrill the alternative rock appreciator for sure! -Forkster    The Lazlo Device Are Bringing An Impressive Atmosphere And Sound! […]

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Maybe The Welders

Salute To An Unsigned FORKSTER Finest! Tremendous Post-Punk Music Rockers Doing It All The Right Way! Maybe The Welders Making Music Appreciators From Their Stateside Land To Brazil! Music Artist Name: Maybe The Welders Genre: Post-punk/Indie rock/Garage rock Location: New York City, New York U.S.A. Band Members: Greg Campbell – Vocals/ […]

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Winner Is Arcane 39!

FORKSTER’S TOP 15 Most Viewed Band Reviews Poll Is Now Over! Was a Huge Success And We Thank Everyone Who Participated And Voted! Order of Finish 1. Arcane 39 ….4,628 Votes ….30%  (WINNER!) 2. Athena’s Army…..4,153 Votes….27% 3. Ocean Hands….2,243 Votes….15% 4. JOE SYMES & THE LOVING KIND….2,215 Votes….14% 5. Shadow Of […]

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