2018 Rocking Bands Part One, Music Artists You Need to Listen Out For

2018 Rocking Bands Part One, Music Artists You Need to Listen Out For

FORKSTER Reveals Their 2018 Rocking Bands
You Need to All Listen Out for This Year!

Broad Range of Grooving Genres, These Bands are “Soaring Mighty” with Music Talent

(Listed All in Alphabetical Ordering)

Welcome, below is our PART ONE listings and our expertise promotional push of 2018 rocking bands that we here at FORKSTER Music Promotions for sure feel are bands/music artists that are some of the best up and comers to most definitely check out this new year!

Astral Lite


Astral Lite, these Floridian stateside rockers fantastically caught our attention in 2017 with their 3 stunning single releases of “New World Vultures (Jan.), “Amanita Christ” (May) and “Visage” (July). Those songs will all take part in the highly anticipated Astral Lite debut album release “New World Vultures” on this upcoming year’s 15th of March (by digital release format, physical release format is TBA at a further date).

This band brings an atmospheric music voltage captivated by heaping volumes of hypnotic psychedelic rock thrust, post-punk era stunning resemblance presently, indie rock crunch and experimental rock brilliance. These rockers are going to create a smashing music buzz this year, ear jump aboard their mesmerizing music vibe!




Including us at FORKSTER, BLACK SWAN LANE thrilled their many global music loyalists with their sensational 2017 album release of “under my fallen sky“. It was their first new album release in 2 years and has gone on to be recognised quite possibly as their best music works out of their 7 album releases dating back to 2007.

After a band injury (recent surgery) is healed hopefully in a few months we should be seeing BSL touring in support of their latest album. We will have to wait and see for its course. But, one thing I know for sure is that “under my fallen sky” release buzz late last year will continue throughout 2018 and ‘without question’ you will be hearing their music in some capacity new, for sure!


False Heads


From Iggy Pop to the one-time manager of The RAMONES, Danny Fields are fantastic supporters of False Heads rock n’ roll music statement.

It’s an ‘in your music face’ energetic and potent rock n’ roll punch. A punk rock era snarling dominance and a ferocious indie rock might. The music voltage purity out of this ‘thrilling and chilling’ outskirts of east London, England trio is great to hear. And we expect their music engines to be on full throttle in 2018. On that note, they are starting off the new year with a rocking bang, with releasing their new single stunner, “Retina” in March, as well as hitting the tour roads in support of it. It will take them through the months of February and most of March with more dates to be added. During it, they will be supporting Northwest British rockers Strange Bones for 7 gigs and also take their rock n’ roll live mojo over to Europe for the first time.

False Heads are definitely creating a huge interest industry mark from alike major and small independent record labels and I suspect they will get it right in signing with their right label for them sometime this year. They’re completely in professionally in charge of their music path directions with not just signing with a label for the hell of it, this is their music career they are connecting together as precisely perfect as they can, all the best indeed, to these ‘loud and proud’ rockers!

“They are young and talented and going places… if they came to my town I’d show up for that, if they come to your town, you might wanna show up” – Iggy Pop

“They are one of the best live bands in the world.” – Danny Fields, Former Manager of The Ramones




Static is a 3-piece rock n’ roll outfit out of London, England. A few music ventures before, the brilliant frontman and founder Jake Kotschy (lead vocalist/riff man/co-songwriter) got Static underway around three years ago.

They excitedly bring an alternative/hard rock power frenzy. It ‘captivates and gravitates’ with sounding proof of brilliantly fuzzy/noisy riff cavities, Bruce Hollowell-Geddes enormously thumping dirty low-end stomp, current stickman Steven Marjoram’s ‘stunning & gunning’ drum thundering and vibrantly flighting vocal pumps. This has vividly displayed live that these rocking cats bring the ‘real rock n’ roll goods’!

2018 is going to be a thrilling music year for Static. Their magnificently diverse self-titled 4-song EP “Disguise” will be self-released on 21st of July, this year. You will be able to find it on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Music, etc. There will hopefully also be a scheduled mini-tour around England in support of their new music with a few dates in their home city of London, with others in Essex and England’s up north regions.

Also, after that, there will be plans to release another new single around the end of 2018/early 2019, too. These rockers are superbly ‘music tight’, whether roaring live or getting the songs championed in the studio. They are so determinedly driven and hugely talented. FORKSTER, for sure, will be all over keeping up with their impressive independent rock n’ roll voyage ahead!




If I go off of an early listen to their new single “The Lift”  releasing everywhere publicly on the upcoming 11th of January, well, they are right on the music track in making it a rocking special music year.

SWIRL is a hard rock stateside band that FORKSTER truly respects. Their passion and work ethic to get their music word out there is ‘2nd to none’. So if they are bringing new music your way this year you better believe it that they will 100 percent only deliver the ‘rock n’ roll music goods’!

We for certain, feel that they are one of the ‘pass the music torch’ onto for hard rock doing it right in the ‘now’. An absolutely gigantic rocking potential!

To conclude, also, keep your eyes out for SWIRL pursuing tour voyages for the year in Germany, UK, Australia and their US homeland.


The Skapones


FORKSTER personally wouldn’t go as far to call me an aficionado, but rather an absolute radiating fan of the entire ‘beginnings to present’ SKA music catalogue.

“Without question”, on FORKSTER’S good music radar checkout for ska bands for 2018 are The SKAPONES. An outstanding 9-piece music crew stationed out of the Tees Valley (North East) region in England. Since founding in 2014, they are truly quickly being proclaimed by the UK grooving ska music community as a rising party music craze band. Their first-rate live show will have you wholeheartedly ‘moving & grooving’ to their merging medleys of 2Tone Classic covers as well as their own wholesome original ska tunes. This impressive group have respected and amazed thousands, whether it is supporting and/or sharing the stage simultaneously with many ska legends and we have them ‘most definitely’ as one of our top 5 bands to catch live this year.

All you fellow global ska music crazys will be ecstatic to know that The SKAPONES will be releasing their highly anticipated debut album “(From) Cradle To Grave” sometime in 2018. It will release on Cosa Nostra Records. But, don’t you worry with having to wait till then,  you will be getting a nice tasty ska music treat from the upcoming LP, with this coming Monday (15th January) The Skapones will be releasing their inaugural single off the new album on iTunes. Also, throughout the year you will find them on tours throughout England. And other country regions of the UK will be travelled in support of their new album coming. They will also do festivals, special appearances, charity shows, etc. The SKAPONES are great music fun and highly advise all to jump onboard to their energetic music madness!


Written by: Timothy John Forker 
Music Promotions CEO/Director at: FORKSTER
© 2018 FORKSTER MUSIC PROMOTIONS by Timothy J. Forker

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