Astral Lite Interview up now on these fab atmospheric rockers, debut album out soon


The Focus is heavily on their “New World Vultures” Debut Album release with their founding member, Johnny Palmer

We also will see what he says about what else ASTRAL LITE
musically has in store for the rest of 2018
and beyond in 2019.

 Astral Lite Interview up now on these fab atmospheric rockers, debut album out soon

FORKSTER ASTRAL LITE Interview Introduction

ASTRAL LITE is a brilliant stateside (Florida, U.S.A.) diversified/atmospheric rock band that personally “Wowed” my music module ear attentions throughout 2017. They released 3 massive singles being  “New World Vultures” (January 2017), “Amanita Christ” (May 2017) and “Visage” (July 2017). Those 3 songs will now be taking part of 3 tracks off their highly anticipated 2018 ASTRAL LITE debut album release entitled “New World Vultures”. It will officially flight out on the approaching 15th of March. It will be on digital release format initially, but will eventually have a physical release format ‘to be announced’ at a further date.

So on that note, FORKSTER personally wanted to give all my ‘good music viewers’ the scoop on this ‘thrilling and chilling’ diverse, atmospheric rock dynamo. Furthermore, we have gone on to deliver an ASTRAL LITE interview now with their band founder/frontman, lead vocalist, main songwriter and lead guitarist, Johnny Palmer. It was ‘absolutely’ a great pleasure speaking to this rocking cat’ and I hope it gives you all a good outlook on the upcoming ASTRAL LITE debut album and their other roaring music endeavours for 2018 and beyond. Enjoy!

(FORKSTER personally chats ‘one on one’ now
with ASTRAL LITE’S = Johnny Palmer)

ASTRAL LITE Interview Entrance:
FORKSTER: Just a complete honour having you here representing your dazzling ASTRAL LITE band.

ASTRAL LITE: Thank you, Forkster, for having us! It is great to be here, for sure!


FORKSTER: Your debut LP “New World Vultures” releases on drawing near 15th of March, your excitement for its outing must be intense aye?

ASTRAL LITE: Undoubtedly. We are ecstatic to finally put these frequencies out there.


FORKSTER: From ‘beginning to end’ in making the album, how long did it take to create all the songs and get it recorded and were there any frustrations along the way or basically it was a pretty smooth transition?

ASTRAL LITE: It took over an entire year to make this sonic enigma our servant. The transition was certainly not smooth. When you’re making songs that take on lives of their own they can certainly exhibit a lot of resistance. This album alone even caused some conflict within the band and such led to a few lineup changes during the albums recording span, adding to delays in recording and releasing. But Hailey is one resilient producer and at the end of the day (or year) everything finally comes together.

Primary line-up during time of recording: (left to right) Johnny Palmer, Ricky Stanfield, Kaelin Boone & Hailey Smith


FORKSTER: During the songwriting process, does the idea with the written words come easily for you?

ASTRAL LITE: Yes. I think so. Whenever you open yourself as a vessel to otherworldly frequencies the words to express what little can be expressed in language come easy. However, there are a couple of songs where I sort of sing/chant in my own language… one throughout the whole song. Sometimes existing languages are not enough. The Cocteau Twins knew this and I do too.


FORKSTER: As for the music shaping for your album, does it follow straightaway while the song is formed, like there are sound visions in your heads to the words or does that part not come till the recordings physically take place mostly?

ASTRAL LITE: A little bit of both. Some songs I (Johnny) wrote alone and brought to the table, and each musician involved brought their own sonic flavour to it, others we wrote ourselves. Some songs we didn’t have words for until the instrumental parts were recorded.


FORKSTER: In 2017, you released 3 songs off the upcoming album as single releases, being the self-titled “New World Vultures” (Jan. 2017), “Amanita Christ” (May 2017) and “Visage” (July 2017), have you been very pleased with the global music response for them?

ASTRAL LITE: Relatively pleased! I know there are some bands that haven’t got as much attention as us so we can only be grateful for what we receive. Even though it’s not as much as others, we are floored with New World Vultures having over 1K views on YouTube. It’s only uphill from here.


FORKSTER: As you know, your “New World Vultures” song made my FORKSTER 2017 Top 40 Songs Of The Year (#7), it’s such a ‘magnificent track’. I am a huge Love And Rockets fan and was ecstatic to hear a massive resemblance to their enormously hypnotic psych-post punk vibe, would you say that is a fair influence heard assessment and was there at all a particular music draw you were trying to accomplish for when you were recording this grooving rock track?

ASTRAL LITE: I am very much into Love And Rockets and Daniel Ash is one of my all-time guitarists. A fair assessment indeed.


FORKSTER: How enjoyable was it for all of you in recording the songs and listening back now as a band, are you truly looking forward to playing them out live for your loyal supporters and new fans along the way?

ASTRAL LITE: Well, even though our current drummer isn’t the same drummer who recorded the songs, I’m sure us all and everyone who’s been involved with the Astral family will enjoy hearing it.


FORKSTER: What do you hope listeners come away with after hearing your “New World Vultures” album?

ASTRAL LITE: My intended message is that culture is a game that we as individuals can work magic within and simultaneously without. But really, I’m more about how the individual interprets it.


FORKSTER: Are there any plans for upcoming shows/touring in support for the new album?

ASTRAL LITE: On March 14th, the night before the album’s release, we will be opening up for the legendary Dead Meadow in Pensacola! We are especially excited for that.


FORKSTER: A lot of music artists feel there is too much made about with what genre they sound like, do you feel it is important to have a commitment to what your sound should be defined as and if so do you feel your volumes are more psychedelic rock, post-punk era, a bit of both, some experimental charm or there is much more involved there than just mentioned?

ASTRAL LITE: I say just express yourself how you want to express yourself. I may seem like I’m genre-specific but I really intend to be quite eclectic with Astral Lite. On this upcoming record alone there are influences from world music, tribal and New Age, even some moments of jazz. What I want to express in music is mysticism. And there are many vessels for that. These vessels are genres. And you can mix them up like a magic potion to create your own expression.


FORKSTER: Last one from me, what can we tell your loyal supporters as well as new appreciators on upcoming music ventures for “ASTRAL LITE” for the remainder of 2018 as well as for 2019?

ASTRAL LITE: I’m wanting to immediately begin work on a new EP… potentially for release in the second half of the year if we can work fast enough. And I can’t say if it’ll come out in 2019 or not but the songs for the concept of the second full-length are already in my head and within our live set. This second album will be called “Pseudoscientist”.


ASTRAL LITE Interview Exit:
FORKSTER: So appreciate you again spending some of your precious time with FORKSTER personally & my enthusiastic music viewers here. We all truly appreciate it and wish you rocking FAB music roads ahead in 2018.

ASTRAL LITE: Likewise, Forkster! And thank you for all your hard work in independent music. You really do deliver us all with the promotional social media goods we strive for!

ASTRAL LITE Social Media Sites : (click on them below)



Written by: Timothy John Forker 
Music Promotions CEO/Director at FORKSTER
© 2018 FORKSTER MUSIC PROMOTIONS by Timothy J. Forker

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