Atmospheric Noise Rock Magnificence from Colour Of Spring


Atmospheric Noise Rock Magnificence from Colour Of Spring

 Released via Plastic Fish Records

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Atmospheric Noise Rock Magnificence from Colour Of Spring
The ‘fantastically atmospheric’ UK rock band, Colour Of Spring.

Music Artist Name: Colour Of Spring
Genre: Dream Pop/Shoegaze/Lo-fi/Neo-Psychedelia
Location: Leeds, England, UK
Record Label: Plastic Fish Records
Latest Music Works:
HONEY & SKIN – 02/02/2015
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Bryce Gibson – Drums
Shane Hunter – Guitar/Vocals
Robin Chamberlain – Guitar/Vocals
Tom Gregory – Bass


FORKSTER SAYS on: Colour Of Spring
Colour Of Spring are a radiating “Distortion On” – ‘loud & proud’ atmospheric rock sound that rocket out roaring noise brigades of extraordinary genre elements gels of dream pop, shoegaze, lo-fi and psychedelic rock charm. The band’s overall music direction is heard nothing less than driving superbly with a thrusting edge, a biting rock attitude and a magnificent atmosphere defined. This was ‘absolutely’ a music that I could really sink my ear rock module teeths for and I ‘unquestionably’ could foresee the same for atmospheric rock enthusiasts all around our ‘moving & grooving’ music globe getting their own vibe going with these rockers, ‘class band’ all the way!

Musicianship Breakdowns:
Bass – Low-end boom maestro was throwing down the bounce vibes with a ‘stomping & romping’ pace, exceptional display of bass excellence here!
Drums – ‘Steady and Ready’ stick actions that had that crisp and warm beat movement, brilliant groove brought here by this very talented drummer!
Guitars – Huge supporters of the band likes of Ride, MBV and Slowdive will love these riff roaring skies, superb soaring efforts here, truly couldn’t get enough of their shining jolts!
Vocals – Vocal champions had a ‘glowing and growing’ sensational haunt definition with a fantastic resemblence to past tone greats from the shoegaze/madchester glory days, ace work here!


Tracklistings of Colour Of Spring’s ‘HONEY & SKIN’ 2015



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Written by: Timothy John Forker

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