Black Rebel Motorcycle Club reveal new album and tour for early 2018

New Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
“Wrong Creatures” Album
Due Out January 12, 2018

Listen below to new track “Little Thing Gone Wild”

Upcoming North American Tour in Support of Their New Record
in January/February of 2018

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club reveal new album and tour for early 2018

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

The band was established in 1998, originally called The Elements. After discovering that another band had the same name, the members changed the name to Black Rebel Motorcycle Club (also known as BMRC), after Marlon Brando’s motorcycle gang in the 1953 film “The Wild One”.

Over their illustrious 15 years / 7 ace album orbits these rockers have to be credited heavily in contributing ‘roaring & soaring’ out the true rock n’ roll music spirit.

 BRMC Reveal their new album…. Have A Listen to 1st single “Little Thing Gone Wild”

Get the track “Little Thing Gone Wild” as a download free when you pre-order.

The Black Rebel Motorcycle Club have very recently announced that their new forthcoming 8th studio album “Wrong Creatures” will be out 12th January 2018. It’s the follow-up to 2013’s ‘Specter At The Feast’,

“Wrong Creatures” Tracks: “DFF”,“Spook”,“King of Bones”,“Haunt”,“Echo”,“Ninth Configuration”,“Question of Faith”, “Calling Them All Away”,“Little Thing Gone Wild”,  “Circus Bazooko“, “Carried From The Start” and “All Rise”.

Putting a music stamp for the new album announcement, the band has released the first track from the album in the shape of “Little Thing Gone Wild”, where you can listen to it below now

The rocking music goods for “Wrong Creature” album….

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club new album “Wrong Creatures” was produced by Nick Launay (impressive prior work with Nick Cave, Arcade Fire, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs). It was recorded in Los Angeles, California at Sunset Sound.

To summarize, the band has taken many unlikely twists and turns, yet always staying centered on the music. returning again to edge of the stage. “It’s a crazy making machine, it can chew you up as fast as it spits you out. A few years back we literally toured till the wheels came off and Leah’s brain literally started leaking out of her head” say’s Been. “It catches up with you, I know I’ve battled on and off with my own depression, and Pete’s head never came with any proper instructions. So you just gotta keep pushing buttons to see what happens.”

“Wrong Creatures” returns to the core of BRMC’s music magic, yet it plunges the knife in even further. From the Nick Cave-esque murder balladry of “Haunt” to the garage punk mastery of “Little Thing Gone Wild,” it runs the spectrum with letting the band tighten every muscle in their armor. They truly stay gloomy about the songs’ greater meanings, fearful of past misunderstandings. “I find myself writing about death a lot,” says Hayes. “I find myself having a discussion with death, which sounds dark. For me, it’s dark humor.” Speaking about deadliness grants Peter Hayes to voyage life’s great lapses and dissatisfactions. Channeling them through rolling riffs and dirge-laden rhythms that stir the pot before reaching boiling point.

“Robert Levon Been” Adds:

We are truly an island – come hell or high water, so it’s usually best to dress accordingly. Though I’m not sure what the proper attire is when drowning in fire. But leather usually goes with everything.”

Availability & Album Formats for “Wrong Creature” by BRMC

“Wrong Creatures” is now available for pre-sale purchases at all digital music stores. If you prefer you can go and order it directly from the BRMC online store.

The new single “Little Thing Gone Wild” is available for purchase as an individual track. Everyone who pre-orders the album will receive the song immediately.  A greasy, sexy, ‘stomping & romping’ music ride with big riff licks and heavy low-end bass – and the 1st taste of the album. It’s also the inspiration for the LP’s title, drawing on a lyrical passage. “Lord you hear me loud into my soul speaker, why won’t you let me out, you’ve got the wrong creature’.

In addition to the CD & Digital album version, a defined edition vinyl deluxe box set will also become available in the coming weeks for pre-orderings on the official BRMC website.

The Nearing Tour Dates

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club have also revealed now their North American tour which will be kicking off on January 15, 2018. They will be in support of their upcoming January 2018 album release, “Wrong Creature”.

There will be dates in Washington DC, Boston, Toronto/Montreal/Vancouver, Brooklyn, Los Angeles, and 23 more (check out banner image below that lists them all there. The trio will also be hitting Europe and the UK for select tour dates this fall beginning October 23rd. Pre-sale for the North American tour dates have begun and general on-sale begins on September 15 – CLICK HERE to purchase.

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club are:

Peter Hayes – Vocals/Guitar/Bass/Harmonica/Synthesizer (1998–Present)
Robert Levon Been aka. Robert Turner – Vocals/Bass/Guitar/Piano (1998–Present)
Leah Shapiro – Drums/Percussion/Backing Vocals (2008–present)

Former members
Nick Jago – Drums/Percussion (1998–2004, 2005–2008)


Written by: Timothy John Forker 
Music Promotions CEO/Director at FORKSTER

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