BLACK SWAN LANE huge return with fourteen track LP Gem

2 years in the making, “under my fallen sky”,
immense 7th album out now by BLACK SWAN LANE

Magnificent atmospheric rock elegance at its paramount peak

Wanderland Music Publishing & Eden Records Group
has released it’s seventh album by Black Swan Lane
entitled “Under My Fallen Sky”

BLACK SWAN LANE huge return with fourteen track LP Gem

BSL has released “under my fallen sky” LP

The Wanderland Music Publishing & the Eden Records Group has released its seventh album by Black Swan Lane entitled “under my fallen sky”. It took around 2 years to make. It includes 14 tracks. The overall majority of the music was written and recorded by Jack Richard Sobel and co-founder of the band, John Kolbeck.

FORKSTER review on brand new BSL music result

Well, FORKSTER  Music Promotions has been quoted very recently (see below) on the new music works arrival from BLACK SWAN LANE:

“Fans of the likes of The J & M ChainKitchens of DistinctionAnd Also The TreesClan of XymoxlowlifeThe ChurchModern English and The Sound should absolutely go bonkers for this brilliant 2017 release.

Black Swan Lane’s “under my fallen sky” new album is an atmospheric rock charm with a British post-punk classic era nucleus, ‘without any doubt’ our fav album of 2017″!

The more I personally listen to this album, the more it gracefully swoons my ear rock modules and truly takes me on my personal favourite LP voyage in about 3 years.  It will not only electrify their loyal global fans ear units, but I think it will absolutely thrill them with the direction Jack and John have musically taken here with a fantastic lineup (listed below) of support musicians on the album as well.

This 14-track music masterpiece significantly establishes a total presence throughout for their sound signature that includes captivating post-punk era elegance/riff flighting shoegaze/post-punk mastery & exquisite dream pop radiance. Jack’s deliciously in deep tone depth vocals are just magically haunting and John & Jack’s duel riff roars entirely are nothing short of mesmerizing.

I mean, the whole album has a very appealing music sway and it just has the ‘real deal music goods’, totally hit me brilliantly with a ‘gravitational’ music thrust altogether. Again, “Without question” it is my album of the year and I expect that choice to be a very popular one with BSL fans/music appreciators all around our rocking globe…..Rating = 11 out of 10!

Please click on the following 2 locations (below) if you would like to purchase the BSL “under my fallen sky” album:

Their website store
Their iTunes

Musicianship efforts on “under my fallen sky”

Jack Richard SobelVocals, guitars, drums, percussion and keyboards
John KolbeckGuitars, bass, piano, keyboards and backing vocals
Jason MonseurDrums
John HammKeyboards
Jerry TewBass
Lauren Fay – Backing vocals
Gretchen CopelandBacking vocals

Recorded at: Wanderland Studios in Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.A.
Produced and Engineered by: Jack Richard Sobel & John Kolbeck
Edited by: John Kolbeck & Jack Richard Sobel
Mixed by: Jack Richard Sobel/John Kolbeck & Jeff Tomei
Mastered by: Donn Aaron at Mixon Studios in Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.A.

Album’s Imagery Credits

Cover Photography by Paul Bodsworth at =
Additional Photography by Tom Dausner at / and also by Anna Miranda
Graphic Design by Ruskin Yeargain

Track Listings for “under my fallen sky”


Tour plans have been put on hold, but don’t you worry!

Due to a very severe knee injury recently to Jack, plans for touring in support of the new album out now are not an option currently, but you can all be rest assured when he is fully rehabbed they will have the band rehearsing and then out gigging!


Black Swan Lane dedicate the new album to 3 (gone, but never forgotten) very special people….

Black Swan Lane dedicate the new album to iconic drummer John Lever (from the legendary Manchester, England post-punk band The Chameleons), who played with them on tour and truly became a great friend. Also, to Kelvin Knight (a massive fan and former drummer of Delta 5) and John’s deceased mom, Donna.


Written by: Timothy John Forker 
Music Promotions CEO/Director at: FORKSTER
© 2017 FORKSTER MUSIC PROMOTIONS by Timothy J. Forker


  1. Amazing stuff, Forskster! Loving the article!

  2. Que legal! Parabéns pelo trabalho! Amei a página, vou acompanhar!
    Saudações brasileiras!

    That’s Cool! Congratulations on the work! I loved the page, I will follow!
    Greetings from Brazil!

    • Hi Eliane….

      I truly appreciate your FORKSTER support and know that BLACK SWAN LANE Band will too, for sure….Welcome aboard matey.

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