BLACK SWAN LANE under my fallen sky Is Our 2017 Album Of The Year

FORKSTER Staff SALUTES our choice for 2017 Album of the Year

BLACK SWAN LANE = under my fallen sky

 Combining Shoegaze/indie rock & dream pop sound roots,
14 tracks of magnificent atmospheric sonic music proportion

BLACK SWAN LANE under our fallen sky Is Our 2017 Album Of The Year


FORKSTER truly felt that album releases that carried an atmospheric rock n’ roll zap was in very good music working hands throughout 2017. After thousands of inquiries/listenings, we without any hesitation put one on the upper echelon. But, we appreciated and thank you for all your rocking contributions in 2017 and can’t wait for what’s ahead in the upcoming 2018.

FORKSTER 2017 Album of the Year, “under my fallen sky” by BLACK SWAN LANE

BLACK SWAN LANE aka BSL released “under my fallen sky” on the Wanderland Music Publishing & the Eden Records Group on the 21st of November, 2017The total bulk of the music was written and recorded by Jack Richard Sobel and co-founder of the band, John Kolbeck. It consists of 14 tracks, with it taking overall around 2 years of making and boy as the saying goes, “It certainly has been worth the wait”.

I mean, you can call them veterans in the indie rock music scene with this being their 7th overall album release. Their musician peers and fan appreciators of their music all the way through has been impressively solid.  And now they have musically invented this absolute massive LP, “under my fallen sky”. It has an electrifying character and quite honestly I still struggle to find a sub-par track for it out of 14 selections, that is really a mighty task in itself.

The music itself just hypnotizes your ear rock sockets that incorporates spellbinding post-punk era exquisiteness/riff soaring mounts of shoegaze/post-punk genius & striking dream pop perfection. Jack Richard Sobel wondrously presents and maintains constantly a deep tone vocal force that is simply charming and haunting at the same time, just brilliant! Also, John and Jack’s together riff sparks wholly on the album are nothing short of exceptionally aerial and vibrantly zooming.

If you have this masterfully made music effort then you know what I am saying here, but if not PLEASE BUY THIS RECORD, you will indeed pat yourself on your back with doing so, for sure!

The Musician’s That Made The Magic for BSL’S “under my fallen sky”

BSL Band Member = Jack Richard SobelVocals, guitars, drums, percussion and keyboards
BSL Band Member = John KolbeckGuitars, bass, piano, keyboards and backing vocals

Additional Ace Musician Cast on the new BSL 7th Album:

Jason MonseurDrums
John HammKeyboards
Jerry TewBass
Lauren Fay – Backing vocals
Gretchen CopelandBacking vocals

Recorded at: Wanderland Studios in Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.A.
Produced and Engineered by: Jack Richard Sobel & John Kolbeck
Edited by: John Kolbeck & Jack Richard Sobel
Mixed by: Jack Richard Sobel/John Kolbeck & Jeff Tomei
Mastered by: Donn Aaron at Mixon Studios in Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.A.

Album’s Imagery Credits

Cover Photography by Paul Bodsworth at =
Additional Photography by Tom Dausner at / and also by Anna Miranda
Graphic Design by Ruskin Yeargain

Track Listings for “under my fallen sky”, our 2017 Album of the Year


Please click on the following 2 locations (below) if you would like to purchase the BSL “under my fallen sky”, our 2017 Album of the Year:

Their website store
Their iTunes


Written by: Timothy John Forker 
Music Promotions CEO/Director at: FORKSTER
© 2017 FORKSTER MUSIC PROMOTIONS by Timothy J. Forker

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