Chris Frantz Endorses The FORKSTER Independent Music Podium

Chris Frantz Endorses The FORKSTER Independent Music Podium

 Chris Frantz

“Check it out, Tim at FORKSTER creates an effective promotional service platform for independent music artists globally.”

ENDORSED BY: – Chris Frantz

 Chris Frantz History:
American Musician and Record Producer (1976 – present)

Chris’s Impressive Music Works:

Founding Member and drummer in THE TALKING HEADS  (President · Jan 1, 1975 to present)


Left to Right: David, Tina, Jerry and Chris

David Byrne — lead vocals, guitar (1975–91)
Chris Frantz — drums (1975–91)
Tina Weymouth — bass (1975–91)
Jerry Harrison — keyboards, guitar (1977–91)

Additional TALKING HEADS Members (The Touring Band):


Adrian Belew – Lead Guitar/Vocals (1980-1981)
Alex Weir – Guitar/Vocals (1983-1984)
Bernie Worrell – Keyboards (1980-1984)
Busta Jones – Bass (1980-1981)
Dollette McDonald – Vocals/Cowbell (1980-1981)
Ednah Holt – Vocals (1983-1984)
Lynn Mabry – Vocals (1983-1984)
Steve Scales – Percussion (1980-1984)


Co-Founder and Drummer in The TOM TOM CLUB With His Wife Tina Weymouth  
Chris Frantz — Drums/Vocals (since 1981)
Tina Weymouth — Bass/Vocals (since 1981)
and lots of extended musicians involved in TOM TOM CLUB past & currently


Chris with Tina’s Producing Efforts:

Happy Mondays “Yes Please!” Album (1992)

Angelfish (featuring Garbage singer fame, Shirley Manson) “Self-Titled” Album (1994)

Also, they ‘both’ contributed backing vocals and percussion for Damon Albarn’s alternative rock virtual band, Gorillaz.


Video for >> ‘Take Me To The River’ – TALKING HEADS Live “Stop Making Sense”


Written up by: Timothy John Forker 
Music Promotions CEO/Director at: FORKSTER
© 2016 FORKSTER MUSIC PROMOTIONS by Timothy J. Forker

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