“CLOSER” by IAMWARFACE | Epic Tune by Rocktronica Music Warriors

"CLOSER" by IAMWARFACE | Epic Tune by Rocktronica Music Warriors

FORKSTER New Music Promo = “CLOSER” Single by IAMWARFACE

They’re Back and Better Than Ever!

Massive Music Potential by Rocktronica Gems, IAMWARFACE

"CLOSER" by IAMWARFACE | Epic Tune by Rocktronica Music Warriors


Created by musical mastermind Matt Warneford (Frontman = Vocals/Songwriter & Producer) back around in 2016 IAMWARFACE are a sensational electronic rock unit stationed out of London/Brighton, England. They bring an artistically unique music platform with elements of electronica, rock, pop rock and industrial. It totally fits their music perspective by calling it ‘rocktronica’.

The Intro

Rocktronica music warriors IAMWARFACE have been on the FORKSTER music radar’s since their inaugural 2016 single “Say My Name” and I have always gone forth in taking my ear rock modules to their music platform ‘front and centred’. On that note, they’re back with a brand new single “Closer” and well, we had to get our promo review thoughts out on this gripping tune, enjoy!

FORKSTER promo spot on IAMWARFACE new single “CLOSER”

FORKSTER feels that “Closer” is another ‘captivating & gravitating’ track that is ‘without a doubt’ helping stamp IAMWARFACE presently as a global electronic rock budding dynamo. It brilliantly released yesterday on ‘Friday the 13th’ and is their 2nd new tune of 2018, following February’s critically acclaimed stunner “You Don’t Love Me Anymore”.

It musically stands out entirely with an enormously eerie melancholic pop-rock charm. The musicianship huge efforts provide 80’s synth-wave era keyboard masterings, ‘swarming and warming’ riff roars, exploding low-end bass blarings, exhilarating and smashing drum rhythms along with deliciously haunting vocals that masterfully give an electrifying gloomful atmosphere that resonates among intense lyrics stating a dreadful depressive past state, where the thinking then was about life and “what’s the point in it all” approach.

I ‘most certainly’ feel that it is their ‘best music work’ to date and that is truly exciting with the rising maturity they are making in only around 2 years after establishing. And upper echelon bands do have that ‘we stand alone’ greatness quality, IAMWARFACE are extremely to be welcomed into that rocking ace music goodness formula. FORKSTER rating of “Closer” single = 10 out of 10.

Official “Closer” Music Video by IAMWARFACE

(Have a Listen for yourselves here!)

Starring: Simona Martini
Director: Yohan Forbes
Producers: Tom Howe, Matt Warneford & Hannah Clive


MATT WARNEFORD – Vocals/Songwriter & Producer
TOM HOWE – Dj synth

From: London and Brighton
Music Direction: Rock and electronically infused, cleverly labelling it as “Rocktronica”.
Influences: Massive Attack/Stone Temple Pilots/Hans Zimmer/Soulwax/Queens of the Stone Age & loads more!
Management by: Hannah Clive
Band’s Publishing Company: Wardlaw Music
Band’s Website: http://www.iamwarface.com/

Hook-UP through Social Media with IAMWARFACE at:


To Stream Their Music:

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2018 Upcoming UK IAMWARFACE Shows and September Tour:

(IAMWARFACE are quickly being recognised throughout the UK with taking their rocking tunes to an electrifying live spectrum. Below is a list of dates around England in catching their riveting gigs throughout 2018.)

July 21st – Cricketers, Kingston
July 29th – Crown’s, Brighton
July 31st – Live Acoustic Session
August 27th – Fiddler’s Elbow, London
October 27th – London Stone, Staines

IAMWARFACE UK September Tour
September 7th – Verve Bar, Leeds
September 12th – Aatma, Manchester
September 13th – Santiago Bar, Leeds
September 14th – Scruffy Murphys, Birmingham
September 15th – Maguires Pizzabar, Liverpool
September 16th – Fiddlers Elbow, London


Written by: Timothy John Forker 
Music Promotions CEO/Director at FORKSTER
© 2018 FORKSTER MUSIC PROMOTIONS by Timothy J. Forker

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