Descendents, Iconic Punk Band Touring America Homeland Mighty in 2018

The U.S. Legendary Punk Rock/Hardcore Punk Band,
Extensive America Tour Throughout This Year

Such An Important and Influential Hardcore Punk/Punk Band
Over Their Years

Descendents ‘left to right’ here are: Karl Alvarez, Bill Stephenson, Milo Aukerman, and Stephen Egerton.


The Descendents are a punk rock band forming on the scene in 1977. They were co-founded in Manhattan Beach, California by guitarist Frank Navetta (deceased since 2008), bassist Tony Lombardo and drummer Bill Stevenson. 1980 recruited into the band Stevenson’s good school mate Milo Aukerman as a singer. They immediately tore it up as a predominantly immense American punk rock band, as well as becoming a pivotal band in the hardcore punk scene that was materializing huge in Los Angeles at the direct time.

They have discharged out 7 studio album, 3 live albums, 3 compilation albums, and 3 EPs over their incredibly nearing 4 decades as a punk band. Since 1986 the group’s lineup has remained consistent in musicianship stature with impressive vocalist Milo Aukerman, riff master Stephen Egerton, low-end bass maestro Karl Alverez and ferociously stick flighting drummer Bill Stevenson.

Descendents very recent years:

  • In April 2017, the band released a by itself single “Who We Are”. It was exceptionally politically driven. It musically and lyrically speaks out basically about their views on how messed up their homeland status is currently.
  • 2016 The Descendents released their 7th studio album, “Hypercaffium Spazzinate”. It registered as the band’s first release in twelve years and was the band’s highest-charting record on the Billboard 200 chart with a peak position at number 20.

2018 massive Descendents American Tour coming has been revealed:

The legendary U.S. punk band the Descendents have proclaimed a 2018 North American headlining tour in support of their recent 2016 comeback album on Epitaph Records, “Hypercaffium Spazzinate”. You can find the entire list of U.S. cities and dates below here.

Descendents 2018 U.S. tour dates:

Two March Showcases
03/16 – Costa Mesa, CA @ Musink Tattoo Convention & Music Festival
03/23 – Atlantic City, NJ @ Atlantic City Beer & Music Festival

April U.S. Shows
4/12 – St. Petersburg, FL @ Jannus Live
4/13 – Fort Lauderdale, FL @ Revolution Live
4/14 – Gainesville, FL @ 8 Seconds
4/15 – Jacksonville, FL @ Mavericks Live

May U.S. Shows
5/03 – Ventura, CA @ Majestic Ventura Theatre
5/04 – Chico, CA @ Senator Theatre
5/05 – Sacramento, CA @ Ace of Spades
5/06 – Berkeley, CA @ UC Theatre
5/24 – Asheville, NC @ The Orange Peel
5/25 – Nashville, TN @ Marathon Music Works
5/26 – Raleigh, NC @ The Ritz
5/27 – Richmond, VA @ The National

July U.S. Shows
6/07 – Colorado Springs, CO @ The Black Sheep
6/08 – Boulder, CO  @ Boulder Theater
6/09 – Bellevue, CO @ Mishawaka Amphitheater

August U.S. Shows
8/03 – Buffalo, NY @ Riverworks
8/04 – Portland, ME @ State Theatre
8/05 – Burlington, VT @ Higher Ground Ballroom
8/24 – Cincinnati, OH @ Bogarts
8/26 – Indianapolis, IN @ Old National Centre

September U.S. Shows
9/14 – New Orleans, LA @ Joy Theater
9/15 – Athens, GA @ Georgia Theatre
9/16 – Columbia, SC @ Music Farm

October U.S. Shows
10/04 – Spokane, WA @ Knitting Factory
10/05 – Seattle, WA @ Showbox SoDo
10/06 – Portland, OR @ Crystal Ballroom
10/25 – Silver Spring, MD @ The Fillmore
10/26 – New York, NY @ PlayStation Theater
10/27 – Worcester, MA @ The Palladium
10/28 – New Haven, CT @ Toad’s Place

November U.S. Shows
11/15 – Tucson, AZ @ Rialto Theatre
11/16 – Albuquerque, NM @ Sunshine Theater
11/17 – Tulsa, OK @ Cain’s Ballroom

~Descendents Music History Notes~

Descendents, Iconic Punk Band Touring America Homeland Mighty in 2018

Current members
Bill Stevenson – drums (1978–1983, 1985–1987, 1995–1997, 2002–2004, 2010–present)
Karl Alvarez – bass guitar (1986–1987, 1995–1997, 2002–2004, 2010–present)
Milo Aukerman – vocals (1980–1982, 1985–1987, 1995–1997, 2002–2004, 2010–present)
Stephen Egerton – guitar (1986–1987, 1995–1997, 2002–2004, 2010–present)

Former members
David Nolte – vocals/guitar (1977–1979)
Doug Carrion – bass guitar (1985–1986)
Frank Navetta – guitar (1977–1983; died 2008)
Ray Cooper – vocals/rhythm guitar (1982-1983), guitar (1985–1986)
Tony Lombardo – bass guitar (1978–1983, 1985)

Descendents enormous hardcore punk/ punk music influence over the years

Through the years The Descendents music approach has changed from close to under a minute hardcore edge songs to punk rock songs averaging in 2-3 minutes range. The Descendents lyrical content has made them for being noted at the time as one of the most important punk bands out of the 1980’s hardcore punk platform. The critics have indicated that their earlier music style echoed hardcore punk with being extremely influential in modern day skate punk and pop-punk music with such bands as Blink 182, NOFX, Green Day, Pennywise, Propagandhi, Rise Against, The All-American Rejects, The Bouncing Souls, The Offspring, and The Ataris.

Have a checkout via YouTube here for The Descendents – Full Show
At Riot Fest Chicago on September 16th, 2016


Written by: Timothy John Forker 
Music Promotions CEO/Director at: FORKSTER
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