Electronic Darkwave Rock Excellence from THEY CALLED HIM ZONE


THEY CALLED HIM ZONE are a Massive Listen
for the Diverse Electronic Rock Supporter

In a now day music world where I am always excitedly game for an underground ‘blast from the past’ era sound dominance in present ear rock modules comes the brilliantly diversified groove from THEY CALLED HIM ZONE. The genius music mastermind behind TCHZ is Mik Davis. It ranges from dynamic genre ranges of; darkwave/electro synth pop/electronica/experimental music/psychedelic rock and obscure new wave = post-punk era brilliance.

There will absolutely be a musical respect for THEY CALLED HIM ZONE’s amazing self-signature electronic/darkwave/post-punk era sound. Also, if you are fans of influences heard throughout their rocking vibe like: Joy Division, Jesus and Mary Chain, The Chameleons, The CURE, Gary Numan, Red Lory Yello Lory and Love and Rockets, this will most certainly be up your electronic/darkwave ear rock alleys.

The one man experimental music maestros recent quality works blended fully out of  the ‘Basement Studio’, Bradford, UK, and unleashed on the 6th of May 2016, a 3-track EP gem entitled “Miami”. A melodically piercing vocal substance with an amazing dark, grooving ensemble of synths/drum machines and riff roaring magics, nothing short of musically marvellous. TCHZ who puts together himself all music duties of recording/mixing and mastering is a most noteworthy independent music artist on the rise. On that note, gloomy music glitter coming from TCHZ with new single ‘Just Fall’ out on the 18th of July 2016.

Musicianship Breakdowns:
Bass Guitar: ‘Throbbing & Sobbing’ low-end thrilling stomp pulsations, gravitating music bounce!
Drums: Grooving drum machines beats that have an incredible edge and bounce for the alternative rock underground environment, enormously appreciated here!
Electronic Keys/Synths: These are exceptionally driving intensely swarming darkwave/post-post-punk/gothic gulps of avante garde music fullness!
Guitar:  Phenomenal rock riffs that bring ‘gleaming & beaming’ atmospheric music skies, absolute roaring post-punk emphatic charm!
Vocals: A tremendous display of singing tones that exceptionally belt out haunting exhuberance and a fantastic darkwave rhythmic stand!

FORKSTER 1-10 ‘Thumbs Up’ Ratings:
TCHZ Overall Music Ability and Promise: 10 ‘Thumbs Up’
TCHZ ‘Miami’ EP Effort: 10 ‘Thumbs Up’

Mr. Mik Davis: Vocals/Electronic Sounds/Guitar Riffs/Drum Machines & all sorts of other electrifying ethereal ear music groove creations.
Steve Maloney: Co-Writer and recent New Permanent Contributor/Collaborator in TCHZ. The new music works in progress now will have him in 50/50 writing capacity of the songs and he is super multi-talented too like Mik, where he will be rocking out guitar, bass and keyboard parts for it as well as backing vocal flights.

Electronic Darkwave Rock Excellence from THEY CALLED HIM ZONE
Genres: Darkwave, electro synth pop, electronica, experimental music, new wave. post-punk and psychedelic rock
FROM: Bradford, England, UK
TCHZ FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/theycalledhimzone/

Have a very enjoyable listen BELOW to the 3-tracks and even download TCHZ’s ‘Miami’ EP for free, entirely, via SoundCloud at: https://soundcloud.com/they-called-him-zone/sets/miami-ep as well as checking out other TCHZ music work up on their Soundcloud  now, as well.

Written, recorded and produced by Mik Davis and Steve Maloney
Additional Musician Efforts: ‘Rain Comes Down’ – backing vocals are by Neil Short

BELOW is TCHZ’s recent video release for ‘Sunset Beach’, song that is part of their 2016 3-track “Miami” EP. It features a superbly captivating & creepy music dance by the fantastic poet/novelist/artist/illustrator and professional tattooist, Joolz Denby.


Written by: Timothy John Forker
Music Promotions CEO/Director at: FORKSTER Promotions

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