Exclusive Interview with ACTORS, dark post punk music dynamos


I chat up with the band’s fantastic frontman/guitarist Jason Corbett, on
their debut album “It Will Come To You”, the importance of their fans
and the massive influence of BOWIE

These current Canadian post-punk gems are keeping that magical music era spirit vibrant

Exclusive Interview with ACTORS, dark post punk music dynamos
ACTORS (Left to right) are: Adam Fink – drums, Shannon Hemmett – synth/vocals, Jason Corbett – vocals/guitar, Jahmeel Russell – bass/vocals


My ‘past & present’ post-punk music passion:

Anyone who knows FORKSTER personally can tell you that the music that still goes into my own rocking ear modules more than any other genres (besides new music I also love and listen to and cover daily from loads of genres) are those glorious British post-punk and obscure new wave/synth-pop music airs.

Personally, I don’t call current music resemblances from past era brilliance ‘revivals’, but I can wholeheartedly say that the current music artists that have been influenced big time by that iconic post-punk music era are ‘blazing & amazing’ out the deliciously darker now post-punk charm.


At the very top of that list is Vancouver, Canada’s ACTORS. They have personally been on the ‘FORKSTER top band’s of today’ radars for the past 10 months. In March of this year, they released a magnificent debut album entitled “It Will Come To You” which ‘without a doubt’ will be in my top 3 albums of 2018. Their own music marks and creative juices have ‘most certainly’ done the post-punk era huge justices.

Introduction to the FORKSTER Interview with Jason Corbett from ACTORS:

I excitedly caught up recently with their amazing founder/frontman/lyricist – music writer and guitarist Jason Corbett. We go on to venture about their sensational 2018 debut album release “It Will Come To You”, the relationship importance to him with their fans, the influence of BOWIE with ACTORS own music, as well as informative chat on other tremendous band involvements.

This was truly a big honour and privilege for me personally. Jason and ACTORS are nothing short of ‘class’ all the way and when you combine that with already in being one of the top 5 bands today in FORKSTER’S highest opinion well, that truly thrills me with knowing their ace band and great music will be around for many years to come.  I now give you below FORKSTER interview with Jason Corbett from ACTORS, enjoy!

Interview Entrance:
FORKSTER:  Welcome mate, just amazing having you here and chatting up with you a bit about your brilliant band ACTORS.

Jason Corbett from ACTORS:  “Thanks for having me. I love what FORKSTER does and I’m happy to a part of it in my small way.”


FORKSTER:  First off, a huge “Congratulations” on your massive debut LP “It Will Come To You” released on Artoffact Records, March 9th of this year. It truly is an iconic music effort in keeping the post-punk era mastery alive in current music times. The album showcases mesmerizing atmospheric riff soars, ‘beaming and gleaming’ synth/keyboard elegances, ‘grooving and moving’ rhythm voltages alongside vocals that magnificently excite with haunting and deliciously charming post-punk/obscure new wave and darkwave music radiance. On that note, FORKSTER feels very few do it better than ACTORS currently.

FORKSTER:  Jason, how long did the total development take to establish all the songs and get it recorded? Also, was the actual recording process all done at your own studio, Jacknife Sound?

Jason Corbett from ACTORS:  I’m a full-time producer and mixer so I’m always working with different artists and I also score for tv and film. Sometimes this leaves me with little time to work on ACTORS music. The songs on the album came together over the course of the last two years with the last few songs happening right before the masters went to pressing.


FORKSTER:  During the songwriting processes for ‘It Will Come To You’, did the ideas with the written words come easily for you?

Jason Corbett from ACTORS:  Some songs write themselves while others take more time and attention. Over the years I’ve come to trust my intuition and what I like to write about. I think the trick is to come with lyrics that are relatable but still fresh and exciting. The themes on the album come naturally. The actual words are a mix of stream of consciousness and found words or phrases that hit me.


FORKSTER:  As for the music shaping for your album, does it follow straightaway while the song is formed, like there are sound visions in your heads to the words or does that does not come till the recordings physically take place mostly?

Jason Corbett from ACTORS:  I like to get excited by a beat and a progression. That will inspire the melody and cadence of the lyric. I didn’t set out to be “post-punk”, it’s just the vibe I’m attracted to is best explained as that. I like dark and I like propulsive beats. My guitar parts are minimal. I like the economy of 80’s song arrangements.


FORKSTER:  There is a sincerely remarkable ingenious post-punk era purity and 1980’s new wave/synthpop electrification throughout this ace album. Rightfully so with you being the driving force for igniting this ‘class’ record, is it fair to say that you most definitely wanted to put your music mark down for making an album from the genres of music that have always been so personally pleasurable for you?

Jason Corbett from ACTORS:  I wanted to make music that I would want to listen to. I didn’t overthink any of it. Songs like Slaves and Face Meets Glass just happened. I actually have to practice them to remember the lyrics. I don’t even remember writing them. Of course, my influences creep in. Joy Division, Modern English, Bowie, Gary Numan, and many others have made lasting impressions on me. Whether it’s a gang vocal, a bass line, a synth sound, it’s all cumulative.


FORKSTER:  What do you hope listeners come away with after hearing the songs off of “It Will Come To You?

Jason from ACTORS:  That the connection is real. We are in this together.


FORKSTER:  As an added juicy tidbit question, with being a life-long fan of his incredible music, I was very excited to find out recently that you are a huge David Bowie lifer too, and that he is a massive music influence for you. Did he fit into the equation at all in having some kind of an influence on your “It Will Come To You” record?

Jason Corbett from ACTORS:  Absolutely. He wasn’t afraid to take chances. He could shift styles without losing himself. I guess it boils down to being comfortable with who you are as a person and as an artist.


FORKSTER:  Earlier this month (April), ended the 1st leg of ACTORS U.S. shows, with it supporting the release of your debut full-length album, ‘It Will Come to You’ on Artoffact Records. Jason, what is your overall reaction to the experience of that recent U.S. tour and were you personally satisfied with how all the new songs from the record went over with your nightly audiences?

Jason Corbett from ACTORS:  That tour was a blast. We got to meet fans of the band that we had only ever met online. It was nice to see people singing along in cities we’ve never been to before. We love playing live so we really try to bring the songs to life every show.


FORKSTER:  It is great to see that you personally really take the time after shows to personally meet and great fans of your band, that is very important to you?

Jason Corbett from ACTORS:  This is very important to me. Music connects us. Everywhere we went people commented on how nice we were. It got me thinking about how some musicians may have forgotten how lucky they are to play music on stage for a crowd that came to see you. Life is unpredictable. I want to savour it.


FORKSTER:  You have more tours scheduled throughout the 2018 coming months too, right?

Jason Corbett from ACTORS:  Yes! Lots of shows planned for 2018. France, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, England, and a cross US tour from NY to LA playing all three Cold Waves festivals along the way.

Exclusive Interview with ACTORS, dark post punk music dynamos


FORKSTER:  I reckon there are plans for a 2nd album and have you personally written any songs for it already?

Jason Corbett from ACTORS:  There will for sure be a second album. I’ve been letting the well fill. There’s so much more on the way.


FORKSTER:  Final one, share with us please some of your fav current post-punk bands out there today, as well as bands from any genres?

Jason Corbett from ACTORS:  I’ve been enjoying Beliefs, Odonis Odonis, ultraviolence, Boy Harsher, The Soft Moon, Cold Cave, Wire Spine, Bootblacks, and a ton more.


Interview Exit:
FORKSTER:  Jason, so brilliant again getting you to spend some of your precious time with FORKSTER personally & my loyal music viewers here. We all truly appreciate it and wish you nothing short of great music roads ahead with ACTORS.

Jason Corbett from ACTORS:  Thanks so much. It’s been a pleasure.

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Written by: Timothy John Forker 
Music Promotions CEO/Director at: FORKSTER
© 2018 FORKSTER MUSIC PROMOTIONS by Timothy J. Forker

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