Exclusive Interview with Dutch, on his superb recent debut solo album

with Dutch

We Chat Up with “Dutch” About His Very Promising Recent Solo Album Release, his band Raw Like Fish new album coming prospects and a lot more music stuff!

Exclusive Interview with Dutch, on his superb recent debut solo album

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FORKSTER have been the utmost interested and have followed very keenly in recent years music ongoings of the extremely talented German hard rock band RAW LIKE FISH. The last two years the group have focused on other projects and one of them is a two-year in the makings solo album debut from RLF’S ace guitarist “Dutch”. We caught up with him recently and discussed around his brilliant self-titled solo album recent debut, delightful news on a new RAW LIKE FISH music effort coming and a few more juicy music morsels. I  hope you enjoy FORKSTER interview below with Dutch, cheers all.


Interview Entrance:
FORKSTER: Great having you here Dutch, thanks so much for doing this.

Dutch: Hello to everyone and you´re welcome, mate. For those who have no idea who I am (so pretty much anyone who reads this): I´m from Hanover, Germany and I play the guitar in the rock band RawLikeFish since `2011. Before that, I played in several other bands in different functions and was active as a simple singer/songwriter. During the last 12 months, I finally found the time and inspiration to create this record, simply called “Dutch“.



FORKSTER: Wow, what a music effort mate, “Congrats”, for sure. It is your debut self-titled/self-released solo album. How long was the entire process for writing the songs, creating the music for them and getting it all recorded?

Dutch: I started the whole process around the end of may last year by turning my flat into a home studio during a week of no work and shitty weather. Until the end of ´17, I wrote and recorded around 15 tracks and then needed until the end of April this year to make a selection, mix & produce the songs and come up with some artwork for it.


FORKSTER: During the songwriting processes for your ‘self-titled’ album, did the ideas and thought processes with the written words come quite naturally for you?

Dutch: Yes, very much. One part of my so-called concept was just that. I wanted to keep everything very intuitional and capture the things as they flow to me, some come to stay, some go and leave.


FORKSTER: The music development for the album, did it happen right away while the song is formed, like there are sound trails in your heads to the words or does that not come till the recordings physically take place mostly?

Dutch: Of course often there´s some melody, guitar riff or such in one´s head for a few days and then you really HAVE to record it, just to get it out. The process for each song was quite similar each time. First step: work out something I like on the guitar and record that. Then add some bass and cut everything into proper pieces. Second step: somehow manage to make the drum computer do something that works for the song and add it to the mix. Third step: add some (many) more guitars or maybe even a little pinch of synths to the song. Number four: listen to the parts over and over again and come up with a melody for the vocals and lyrics, then record some different voices and try out what works. Step five: adjust the volumes and pannings of the tracks until it sounds alright. Six: Enjoy your omelette…uhh song.

By the time I had around 8 songs or so I started to go back to the ones I had, to polish them, redo tracks etc. or, if I felt so, just recorded something new by following the recipe above.


FORKSTER: Love the growling, trippy, ‘off tempo, on tempo’ and funk vibes on it. Dutch, was there a music drive direction beforehand? And, when you listen back to it now did you set out you think to accomplish what you were musically striving for?

Dutch: I really had no plan that was more complex than: „ make a record!“. The further into the process, the more it got a direction by itself and at the end of it there´s a record which to me is a big look back to where I came from, where I am now and the trip in between. There´s really no bigger meaning or, political or such, statement, it´s rather just me saying: “Hi, I´m Dutch, this is what I do“.

I like what it has become in the end and I´m happy I achieved what I wanted, but now I´m also glad it´s out, so I can start with new projects.


FORKSTER: How many instruments are heard on your debut solo album in total? And, I reckon you did all the playing and vocal involvements as well for the nine tracks?

Dutch: Yes, I´m ego trippin´ on this one…that aside, the basic instruments are guitars, bass and the beat. In some songs I added digital-instruments like strings, piano or synths. For the guitars and vocals, I would always record two or three different ones here and there and some others later on.


FORKSTER: Personal music influences for you, did they go on in anyway in being a contributing factor for how your album sound defines?

Dutch: I listen to all kinds of music through almost all genres and I think that reflects a certain degree in the record. However, there´s some music, of course, that is more meaningful to me. I learned to play the guitar and much more about music by sitting around with a pipe and a guitar in my teenage-room listening to Kyuss, Queens of the Stone Age, Desert Sessions, Brant Bjork etc. and then trying to figure out how to play that stuff. I feel very connected to that kind of music still.


FORKSTER: What do you hope listeners come away with after hearing the songs off of “Dutch”?

Dutch: To be honest it´s pretty much like with the band, a thought that never really comes up. DIY is the law and the focus is mostly on creating something and the process of it. What people do with it when it´s out, how they understand it and such is really up to them.


FORKSTER: Any chance that music appreciators can catch these rocking tunes live somewhere around your homeland area of Hanover, Germany area?

Dutch: I have no plans at the moment. For now, it´s full focus on the band again.


FORKSTER: Are there any plans for a 2nd album and have you personally already written any songs for one?

Dutch: There will be a 2nd album. First thing will be to look through all the material I didn´t use for the record. It is about as much as the record itself. I also want to start writing new stuff as well soon.


FORKSTER: I wouldn’t be honest with you if I didn’t admit that I am curious about where your rocking band “Raw Like Fish” are these days, will you all record an album by year’s end or possibly in 2019?

Dutch: This year probably not. End of 2019? maybe? hard to say. We´re at the beginning of something new and I don´t want to reveal anything more than it will be very different, very surprising and very epic.


FORKSTER: And the last one from me mate, any music artists you are listening to these days that you would suggest us all to check out?

Dutch: Check out and support your local bands and music artists.


Interview Exit:
FORKSTER: Again, I truly appreciate some of your precious time here with me and my viewers mate, all the best Dutch and hope we can do it again sometime aye?

Dutch: Mate, I have to thank you for your support of the band and me personally as well! I will let you know whenever there´s fresh material. To everyone else who´s reading this: Kudos if you actually read the whole thing! If you like what I/we do, don´t be shy to contact me/us over the RawLikeFish social media sites. Cheers!

Follow ~Dutch~ on Social Media: (at his band Raw Like Fish media outlets)



Written by: Timothy John Forker 
Music Promotions CEO/Director at: FORKSTER
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