FAMOUS FOR A DAY, Fantastic Pop Rock Class on their Epilogue LP


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Impressive Release from Superb U.S. diverse pop-rock duo

FAMOUS FOR A DAY, A Fantastic Pop Punk Class on Epilogue LP
FFAD Front Album Artwork by Kevin Ploth

The intro on FAMOUS FOR A DAY:

Famous For A Day is a local pop-rock duo in Kansas City, Missouri. The recently new duo group is the sensational creative music unleashing of Kevin Ploth & Nick Newcomer. They are both out of the “Five To Midnight” established pop-punk band on the KC music scene from 2010 to 2015.

When Five To Midnight went on hiatus in 2016, Kevin & Nick got ‘at it’ with the intent of creating an acoustic project that would allow them to push their artistic abilities into a sound of their own. It certainly did just that with ‘rocking out’ a diverse and intense ‘stomping & romping’ pop-punk/hard rock drive, however, it musically surfaces and backbones as well with a wonderfully sweeping and floating pop rock melancholy.

Famous for A Day is gaining pivotal momentum in the Metro KC area, with already performing and thrilling many at numerous venues throughout the city.

Kevin and Nick are not beginners to the music stage. They have been teaming up for years, whether it was being in a cover band back in their high school days, to forming their own bands, being The B Team and again Five To Midnight.

Social Media Links for FAMOUS FOR A DAY

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Their Now Debut “Epilogue” LP Info:

Mid-September 2017 discharged the debut FAMOUS FOR A DAY’S LP Epilogue. It follows their 2016 August release of their inaugural EP, The Pre-Sides, which was prepared to be a prelude to their 1st full-length album.

Kevin Ploth: Vocals/Guitar/Bass
Nick Newcomer: Vocals/Piano/Drums
Produced and Mixed by: Robert Rebeck


I recently at FORKSTER Music Promotions caught up with FFAD and got a quote from them on their brilliant debut release:

For your brilliant FAMOUS FOR A DAY Debut duo Album, how did you ‘both’ find the overall experience with the creative and recording processes for “Epilogue”? 

“The most difficult part about starting Famous For A Day and recording “Epilogue” was creating our own unique sound that wasn’t Five To Midnight. We also wanted to push ourselves further creatively than we had ever done before. Since there were only two of us writing instead of a full band, we had to be very critical during the writing process and open to polishing each song. We spent hundreds of hours tweaking and experimenting.

As we wrote each song, the album came to us in the form of a concept album. We didn’t really plan it; we just noticed that certain themes recurred throughout the songs and they seemed to tell our story.”

They continued….

“During the transition to Famous For A Day, Nick and I were feeling melancholy about starting over again and lamented what was essentially the end of Five To Midnight. This coincided with tough transitions in life for both of us regarding our careers, education, and relationships. It just felt like the end of an era and left us somewhat disheartened. You can feel that uncertainty and angst in the record’s earlier songs. We asked ourselves, how do we reconcile leaving the past behind and moving forward with our lives when we owe everything we are to it? Where should we go from here? What’s the next step for us?

By the end of this two-year writing process we came to understand that although we will continue to face challenges and get knocked down, we are not alone. The bonds we’ve made over the years and the people we love will always be there to support us. “Epilogue,” then, came to reflect our development as musicians and people over the last several years. We put our blood, sweat, and tears into this album, and can’t wait to share it with the world.”

FORKSTER ‘Track by Track” thoughts on FAMOUS FOR A DAY’S “Epilogue” Album

Links “Epilogue” can be purchased at:


An extremely satisfying opening track.  It quickly sets an immediate mellow tonal beautification which brilliantly, later on, goes wildly wicked into a power pop rock/punk music universe. They very much so prove ‘straightaway’ that they can combine and conquer with the ‘slow and fast’ pace exchanges. It more than does its business here, absolutely want more! On that note, ‘onwards & upwards’ to listening further now on  “Epilogue”.

Memento Mori

An enormously vibrant rock diversity, that challenges them and wins at storming through tempos and genres in a ‘flick of a switch’ coolness. The impact of approval is much complimentary for me here of hearing the ability to adjoint a hard rock musicianship voltage with a pop-rock charming. This so works, ace track!

Hold My Beer, I’m Goin’ In

First of two back to back pop-punk driven to the core ignitions. The emotional and ferocious rock depth is applauded entirely here. There was no holding back and ‘balls to the walls’ come and getcha selves some punk rock with a pop giddy. Big standout in the song for me was a ‘moving and grooving’ screamo hardcore music control. This is a vivid rock n’ roll ride!

Who the Hell Do You Think I Am?

This is the pop-rock/punk tune on the album that will relate to music supporters from Green Day to Blink 182. It wallops out a fun music bite, however, it brings lyrically challenging sentiments of questioning their integrity to past experience and well, they champion this, big time! The music might proves the emotional feeling they want to enlighten here, that is specifically that I am going to defend myself for your ignorant assumptions, just truly loved this songs whole vibe here!

Part of Me

The gentle and exquisite ballad on the album. It shines and cries out basically a ‘goodbye’ defined by a musical backing of gloriously sparkling piano platforms with heartfelt lead vocals and harmoniously radiating dual/backing vocal airs. This like all heard before it is mainstream radio friendly. This should probably bring a glowing sway from ongoing supporters at their live shows.


A ‘no doubt about it’ pop-rock ear orbiting. The tune displays infectious rhythm bounce, witty and jumpy vocal chops alongside guitar actions that are growling with a snappy riff edge. This one will sure to get the fans bopping about, music misson accomplished!


The longest song on the album in being a wee bit over 5 minutes. It certainly doesn’t disappoint as the musicianship fronts ring out elite rhythm rainbows that are ‘smashing & bashing’ with clever low-end bassist boom floors and massive stickman sailings. The riff man is jamming out the guitar juice, while the vocal pumps are ‘willing and chilling’ alongside piano draws that truly help loads in the intact music colouring process.

Just like “Alinea” got the job done in wanting you to explore further through the album, the self-titled track without question, needs you still wanting more, can’t ask for anything more than that, yeah man!

FORKSTER Overall Musicianship Breakdowns for FAMOUS FOR A DAY “Epilogue” LP:

Vocal Performances:

Well, let’s start off by saying that they tick all the boxes for appealing to a pop-rock enthusiast. They bring a crisp and vivacious fronting that captivates with a radiating character, along with a melodically graceful charm. And then, ‘bam’ there are excitedly more than a few motoring inclusions of power pop punk (very relating to GREEN DAY fans) and even a crunching hard rock chanting during “Hold My Beer, I’m Going’ In”, that brings your ear rock modules to an explosive and fun frenzy. They are ‘most definitely’ in the upper echelon of up and coming pop rock vocal prospects globally that I have heard in 2017, for sure!


These are going to be totally relatable to most who take them in. They inspire and are ‘unquestionably’ spoken from their hearts about very hard life choices/lessons, loss, and a rocking voyage ahead to find their place in the world, extraordinarily gifted songwriters.


Riff presences throughout were electrifying in pop-rock/pop-punk and hard rock statuses. This wailing guitarist was magnificently ‘slamming and jamming’ mighty power chord madness. His feel for powering it out at any moment was incredible, yet the fantastic steadiness and flow drove forth the skill in easing down to slow measure jolts too, wicked music works here!


These low-end thunders were deliciously escorting a riveting bass pulse that is vibrant in beat flow, energetic in rhythm bop and top-notch in know-how.  This boom maestro was certainly not at the forefront, but ‘without question’ was not waiting in the wings’ either. He was a vital part of their rhythm brigade!


Exceptionally gravitating to every note that you feel in watching every blink to a star above in our awesome solar system. They were placed outstandingly in their songs and completely draws in with defining their sought-after pop rock definition, great sound!


Enthusiastic and energizing stick man voltages that were literally blowing the music roof off in ability, volume approval and rhythmic rock tempo. I just loved the equal rock drive strut.  Whether they were cranking out pop-rock rhythm force, pop-punk thrust or furious metal thundering, it is absolute diverse drum command here!

** Very worthy to add here: The trio of riff, bass and drum rock n’ roll marks on the entire album are nothing short of supreme rock clout!

Song Production Details:

Songwriting Efforts for “Epilogue”: Kevin Ploth & Nick Newcomer

Kevin & Nick lead vocals and backup vocals for “Alinea”
Nick & Kevin lead vocals and backup vocals for “Momento Mori”
Kevin & Nick lead vocals, Nick backup vocals for “Hold My Beer, I’m Going In”
Kevin & Nick lead vocals and backup vocals for “Who The Hell Do You Think I Am?”
Nick lead vocals and backup vocals for “Part of Me”
Kevin & Nick lead vocals and backup vocals for “Foreward”
Kevin & Nick lead vocals and backup vocals for “Epilogue”


This pop-rock duo of FAMOUS FOR A DAY amazed and professionally backed up their total ‘blood and sweat’ efforts for their impressive debut LP release of “Epilogue.” It is truly spoken and felt from the heart. It is a favourably ‘passionate and energetic’ music movement. The drive, diversity and overall phenomenal musicianship abilities have this very ‘high up’ on FORKSTER’S 2017 categories of ‘best independent debut releases’ and ‘best independent pop-rock releases’.

Top quality band FFAD is and their 2017 album discharge is too. And for that, I give “Epilogue” a “GRADE A” salute….


Have a listen: FAMOUS FOR A DAY’S
“Foreword” Lyric Video
via YouTube:

Upcoming FAMOUS FOR A DAY Live Event

More shows to follow = https://ffadkc.com/shows


Written by: Timothy John Forker 
Music Promotions CEO/Director at: FORKSTER
© 2017 FORKSTER MUSIC PROMOTIONS by Timothy J. Forker

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