FORKSTER Five Favorite New Music Releases throughout 2017

Five Favorite New Music Releases throughout 2017

FORKSTER Five Favorite New Music Releases throughout 2017

A Rocking 5 Chosen from The Independent Music Globe, hail from the genres of shoegaze/indie rock/psychedelic rock/gothic rock &

(They will be listed below in ‘alphabetical ordering’)

After thousands of listens and considerations to sensational music achievements throughout 2017 well, we feel we have hit it ‘spot on’. FORKSTER Music Promotions are very proud in announcing here now our FORKSTER Five Favorite New Music Releases throughout 2017. If you already treasure these magnificent works in your ear rock catalogues, well done. And if you are just discovering them here, get a music listen move on to them and spread their ‘great new music works’. On that note, welcome now below to FORKSTER’S Five Favourite New Music Releases in 2017, enjoy, we truly do with every single listen.

FORKSTER Five Favorite New Music Releases throughout 2017

Astral Lite

Astral Lite, out of Florida, stateside, immediately grabbed our rock module attentions throughout 2017 with their single releases of “New World Vultures (Jan.), “Amanita Christ” (May) and “Visage” (July). Further, they are all going to be off of their “New World Vultures” upcoming debut album releasing sometime in early 2018.  For sure, all indications from these smashing tunes have us at FORKSTER eagerly waiting for the LP’s release. If you thirst for a hypnotic and mesmerizing psychedelia thrust along with beautifully woven in genre sprockets of post-punk era goodness, indie-rock might, space rock lift, shoegaze sparkling alongside other music colourings of art-rock, Krautrock, noise rock and experimental, this band will excite your future rock volume adventures.

FORKSTER Five Favorite New Music Releases throughout 2017


BLACK SWAN LANE aka BSL has already won our ‘2017 album of the year’ honour with their dazzling special “under my fallen sky”. It released out on the Wanderland Music Publishing & the Eden Records Group on the 21st of November, 2017Fourteen scintillating tracks, which took overall around 2 years of creating this atmospheric rock album gem. Overall, the album’s music was written & recorded by co-founders of BSL, Jack Richard Sobel and John Kolbeck.

So far, their dedicated global music following is rating “under my fallen sky” as quite possibly their best effort yet. Furthermore, that musically speaks volumes considering their previous 6 album releases are consistently mighty in sound and radiating in musical presence. Therefore, it truly has brilliantly come across that these ‘roaring and soaring’ music veterans are in their zone and I can honestly say that each track has a fantastic story and musical journey.

From music critics to their loyal fans worldwide BLACK SWAN LANE will be showcased (rightfully so) as an atmospheric rock dynamo to get into your sonic ear voltages, ‘what a record’ from an iconic indie rock band!

FORKSTER Five Favorite New Music Releases throughout 2017


Bluntly here, I  didn’t go into 2017 even considering that a gothic music effort could really floor my ear rocking caverns. “Wow”, I proudly say here one honestly did just that and then some!

CLIFF AND IVY, gothic / deathrock vets out of Anchorage, Alaska unleashed their latest monumental album “SPIRIT ROOM” on the 3rd of October at HOUSE OF EXTREME DARKNESS. The overall recording setup took flight between their Anchorage music home base and also out of Los Angeles, California at Kitten Robot Studio. They worked/collaborated on their new LP frontier with some of the legendary U.S.A. gothic/deathrock originators: Rikk Agnew (Christian Death, 45 Grave, Adolescents, DI, Gitane Demone Quartet), Gitane Demone (Christian Death, GDQ), Paul Roessler (45 Grave, Screamers, GDQ), Deb Venom (GDQ, Spirit Before a Fall) and Sky Lee Vague (SBAF) on 5 songs.

As a result, this outstanding music sailing defines a consistently eerie music stance that revolves around amazingly grooving vocal haunts. It blazes out with riff charm. Sensationally you can hear stomping bass and rhythm guitar strutting. Coupled with an entire vibe that graces us with massive genre joys of goth rock, deathrock, darkwave, post-punk and punk rock era excellence. Finally, we are so honoured in getting our ears to this rocking LP and advise all others to do the same if you consider yourselves appreciators to the gothic music brigade!

FORKSTER Five Favorite New Music Releases throughout 2017


CLUSTERSUN is a cosmically rocking music unit that hails out of Catania, Italy. They musically always draw out an enormously charismatic sounding podium. It really connects with their devoted avant-garde rock appreciators. Their 2017 new album is an exceptionally radiating example of their massive music altitude always applauded.

“Surfacing To Breathe” released in May out of their trustworthy Seahorse Recordings Label. The sophomore album can be a very scary place to be especially in their case with coming off a spectacular album debut back in 2014 with “Out Of Your Ego”. Well, the new fab music product ended up being a very natural progression for these atmospheric music specialists. As a result, the gravitating 8 tracks brought them into a sonic bar deliverance mode. In addition, it’s a much more elaborately scaling blend of shoegaze reverberation brilliance, masterfully music fulfilling.

FORKSTER Five Favorite New Music Releases throughout 2017

FLOWERS in Syrup

Germany’s Flowers in Syrup are another band in 2017 that remarkably raised their music roof notches up for their sophomore EP, “SkyDivers”.

 Indeed, the EP superbly soars out a masterfully set rock grandeur with an exceptionally accomplished / experimental swirling music frenzy. This gem flighted out marvelously with how the trio from Stuttgart, Germany, Costantino Campello Squeo (vocalist/guitarist), Nico Mania (drummer) and Tobias Sippel (bassist), let us all worry about what we categorized it as and they magnificently went on to make an EP that kept to their standard alternative rock platform, but for the more diverse alt-rock fans you’ll hear and absolutely ‘rock out’ for their post-rock brightness, hard rock crunch, and their atmospheric noise rock charm. “SkyDivers” is a fantastic EP!


Written by: Timothy John Forker 
Music Promotions CEO/Director at: FORKSTER
© 2017 FORKSTER MUSIC PROMOTIONS by Timothy J. Forker

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