FORKSTER Releases Their Top Forty Songs of 2017 Countdown

FORKSTER Music Promotions Reveals
Their Top Forty Songs of 2017 Countdown

Starting Countdown at #40 and working our way down to
the Best Five and then our selection for ‘Song of the Year’

FORKSTER Releases Their Top Forty Songs of 2017 Countdown

There has been a rocking wealth of great tunes out in 2017, whether being from band’s/music artists out of the independent ranks as on an upper or middle-ranking indie label, their own record label, or music artists on their own in the catacombs of the unsigned.

We are exceptionally delighted now at FORKSTER Music Promotions to share with you all our top 40 song selections for the rocking 2017 year. Will now start our countdown below on #40 and gradually work our way down to the FORKSTER “2017 Top Tier of Songs of the Year” and then of course, to the FORKSTER “2017 Song of the Year”.

FORKSTER Releases Their Top Forty Songs of 2017 Countdown

40. The Reverent Cavaliers – “Chattanooga Tennessee”

39. Temple of Lies – “Sleep”

38. The Streams – “Dream My Life Away”

37. Trudy and the Romance – “Twist It, Shake It. Rock & Roll”

36. George Glew – “Home Love”

35. Sixty Cycle Burn – “Cant Get It Back”

34. Artful Candid – “I/N/S”

33. Astari Nite – “DIVINATION”

32. The Bats – “No Trace”

31. Spinning Coin – “Raining On Hope Street”

30. Blonde Tongues – “Hey Good Lookin’”

29. The RPMs – “I Think It’s Stupid, but I Think It’s Love”

28. The Relights – “Sail On”

27. Stormy Mondays – “Suitcase Full Of Dreams”

26. Flash Trading – “Acceleration”

25. Sisteray – “Queen’s English”

24. Marsicans – “Throw Ourselves In”

23. Estrons – “Glasgow Kisses”

22. Steady Holiday – “Halloween In November”

21. Flowers in Syrup – “Ten Feet High”

20. Field Manual – “Sky”

19. 93MillionMilesFromTheSun – “Victory Is Ours”

18. RedFaces – “Take It or Leave It”

17. MISFIRES – “Come on Over”

16. Alvvays – “Dreams Tonite”

15. Airiel – “Cloudburst”

14. Jim James – “The World is Falling Down”

13. MOLLY – “Time And Space”

12. The Mysterons – “Sold My Medicine”

11. Sonic Visions – “Lost In Between”

10. SHEAFS – “This Is Not a Protest”

09. Flowers in Syrup – “Codes In The Clouds”

08. BLACK SWAN LANE – “Sleepwalking In Someone Else’s Dreams”

07. Astral Lite – “New World Vultures”

06. CLIFF AND IVY – “Hand of Freedom”


FORKSTER “2017 Top Tier of Songs of the Year”

05. Lowtide – “Alibi”


04. BLACK SWAN LANE – “Stop To Smile”


03. CLUSTERSUN – “Raw Nerve”


02. Sea Girls – “Lost”


FORKSTER “2017 Song of the Year”

#1. BLACK SWAN LANE – “Behind Your Window”


Written by: Timothy John Forker 
Music Promotions CEO/Director at: FORKSTER
© 2017 FORKSTER MUSIC PROMOTIONS by Timothy J. Forker


  1. Tim, please know that The Reverent Cavaliers are very honored to be in the mix with all the talented artists associated with y’all at Forkster!!! Thank you for all you do for the indie community. Peace!

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