Joe Strummer 001 superb compilation releases this fall

Joe Strummer ‘001’ Box Set

A masterful 32-track compilation presenting demos & previously unreleased material
from Joe Strummer’s massive music chronicles

Joe Strummer 101 superb compilation releases this fall
The Rocking Man! Joe Strummer (1952 to 2002)

“Joe Strummer 001”

The music works of Joe Strummer outside of the Clash will be placed together throughout a new compilation entitled “Joe Strummer 101”. It will spotlight rare and unreleased recordings by the legendary rock n’ roller. The scheduled arrival for it is on the 28th of September and will be released on Ignition Records. The music packages structure will be in an assortment of formats, including a deluxe edition box set with “quadruple heavyweight vinyl, seven-inch vinyl single, cassette, A4 book, enamel badge, art print, screen print, lyrics and sticker sheet.”

How “001 compilation was created

Thereafter Joe Strummer’s death on the 22nd of December 2002 his music history of writings and tapes were all eventually found safe-kept in barns in his back garden grounds.

The archiving of this music material and the assembling and arranging of “Joe Strummer 001” was orchestrated by Joe’s wife Lucinda Tait (widow) and compilation producer Robert Gordon III.

“001” Formats

As for the formats setup, there is a standard 2CD set that highlights all of the 32 tracks (CD 2 is the album of unreleased material) and a deluxe two-CD set which comes with a hardcover A4 book of 64 pages.

It’s put together as well as a 4LP vinyl box of the same 32-track content and a deluxe collector’s box set that boasts a ‘Wibalin wrap’ and includes the following:

  • 2CDs and 4LPs containing rare and unheard audio 64-page hardback book featuring rarely seen and previously unpublished memorabilia from
  • Joe’s personal collection as well as historical press reviews and technical notes about the albums
  • Additional seven-inch single of previously unreleased demos of “This Is England” (Side A)  – The Clash (previously unreleased, 1984) and “Before We Go Forward” (Side B)  – The Clash (previously unreleased, 1984)
  • A cassette of previously unheard and unreleased “U.S. North Basement Demo” – Joe Strummer & Mick Jones (previously unreleased, 1986) – with artwork replicated from the original cassette recording from Joe’s archive ()
  • Envelope containing a screen print, a high-quality image of Joe, two original art prints, and a sticker sheet
  • Reproduction of a 1989 Earthquake Weather promo badge
  • Replica of Joe’s Californian driving license

‘Joe Strummer 001’ tracklist

01. “Letsagetabitarockin” – The 101ers (from Elgin Avenue Breakdown, 1975)
02. “Keys To Your Heart” (Version 2) – The 101ers (from Elgin Avenue Breakdown, 1975)
03. “Love Kills” – Joe Strummer (from Sid And Nancy OST, 1986)
04. “Tennesse Rain” – Joe Strummer (from Walker OST, 1987)
05. “Trash City” – Joe Strummer & Latino Rockabilly War (from Permanent Record OST, 1988)
06. “15th Brigade” – Joe Strummer (B-side from Island Hopping, 1989)
07. “Ride Your Donkey” – Joe Strummer (from Earthquake Weather, 1989)
08. “Burning Lights” – (from I Hired A Contract Killer OST, 1990)
09. “Afro-Cuban Be-Bop” – The Astro-Physicians (from I Hired A Contract Killer OST, 1990)
10. “Sand Paper Blues” – Radar (from Sandpaper Blues Exhibition, 1995)
11. “Generations” – Electric Dog House (from Generations 1 (A Punk Look At Human Rights, 1997)
12. “It’s A Rockin’ World” – Joe Strummer (from South Park OST, 1998)
13. “Yalla Yalla” – Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros (from Rock Art & The X-Ray Style, 1999)
14, “X-Ray Style” – Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros (from Rock Art & The X-Ray Style, 1999)
15. “Johnny Appleseed” – Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros (from Global A Go-Go, 2001)
16. “Minstrel Boy” – Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros (from Black Hawk Down OST, 2001)
17. “Redemption Song” – Joe Strummer with Johnny Cash (from Johnny Cash: Unearthed 2000)
18. “Over The Border” – Joe Strummer with Jimmy Cliff )from Fantastic Plastic People, 2002)
19. “Coma Girl” – Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros (from Streetcore, 2003)
20. “Silver & Gold” – Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros (from Streetcore, 2003)

21. “Letsagetabitarockin” – the 101ers (previously unreleased cassette tape demo, 1975)
22. “Czechoslovak Song/Where Is England” – the Clash (early version of “This Is England,” 1983)
23. “Pouring Rain” – the Clash (previously unreleased demo, 1984)
24. “Blues On The River” – Joe Strummer (previously unreleased, 1984)
25. “Crying on 23rd” – Joe Strummer with the Sooth Sayers (previously unreleased outtake from Sid And Nancy, 1985)
26. “2 Bullets” – Joe Strummer with Pearl Harbour (previously unreleased outtake from Sid And Nancy, 1985)
27. “When Pigs Fly” – Joe Strummer (from When Pigs Fly, 1993)
28. “Pouring Rain” – Joe Strummer (from When Pigs Fly, 1993)
29. “Rose Of Erin” – Joe Strummer (previously unreleased from When Pigs Fly, 1993)
30. “The Cool Impossible” – Joe Strummer (previously unreleased demo, 1993)
31. “London Is Burning”  – Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros (previously unreleased early version of Streetcore’s albums song “Burning’ Streets,” 2002)
32. “US North” (12-inch single) – Joe Strummer & Mick Jones (previously unreleased outtake from Candy Mountain OST, 1986)

  • Also, a couple extra songs included in the box set edition of Joe Strummer 001:

33 “This is England” (7″ single) – The Clash (previously unreleased demo version, 1984)
34 “Before We Go Forward” – The Clash (previously unreleased demo, 1984)
35 “U.S. North Basement Demo” – Joe Strummer & Mick Jones (previously unreleased, 1986)

Lyric video for “London Is Burning”.

The blazing “London Is Burning” by Joe Strummer & the Mescaleros, is a tune that was eventually reworked as “Burning Streets” on 2003
posthumous “Streetcore” LP. This song was, unfortunately, one of the last Joe Strummer recordings prior to his tragically ‘way too early’ death back in December of 2002.

In honouring the recent announcement of the September unleashing of Joe Strummer’s 001 is the seen below here lyric video via YouTube for “London Burning”. Enjoy!!

The music influence of ‘rocking legend’ Joe Strummer

Joe Strummer, was an English musician, singer, songwriter and actor. He was the co-founder/songwriter/rhythm guitarist and lead vocalist of “THE CLASH”, an enormously influential punk rock band created in 1976 as being part of the British end of punk rock music originating. Their Clash was and are today still considered by their loyal supporters all around the rocking globe as the greatest rebel rock band of all time. Their feverish commitment to creating a political pop-rock culture was the ‘without a doubt’ the vital stamp of the British punk movement. For millions of us again, if the Clash never marked us all with their grooving music and social awareness lyrical charge punk music could have just ended up as a fashion stigma, basically. Those passionate words and their roaring music bite influenced and inspired enormous amounts of bands from all ponds across the rocking globe to take a stance against the establishment wrongdoers. Joe Strummer was that one who you just considered to be ‘the rocking man’ and there is not a day that goes by where music truly doesn’t miss his magnificent music and striving humanitarian beliefs.

Joe Strummer’s Studio Recordings Music History!

The 101ers

1981 = “Elgin Avenue Breakdown” compilation album, with material recorded from 1974 to 1976.

Solo Music Works

1986 = “Sid and Nancy” Soundtrack, featuring 2 songs by Joe Strummer. “Love Kills” & “Dum Dum Club”.
1987 = “Walker” (soundtrack), musically scored by Joe Strummer.
1987 = “Straight to Hell” Original Soundtrack, for the film Straight to Hell, featuring 2 songs by Joe Strummer.
1993 = “When Pigs Fly” (soundtrack), an unreleased soundtrack for the film When Pigs Fly, scored by Joe Strummer.
1998 = “Chef Aid: The South Park Album”, features “It’s A Rockin’ World”, performed by Joe Strummer, Flea, Nick Hexum, Tom Morello, DJ Bonebrake, and Benmont Tench.
1999 = Michael Hutchence’s solo album, “Let Me Show You”, (guest appearance by Joe Strummer), backing vocals on the first track “Let Me Show You”.
2000 = “Free the West Memphis 3” was compilation album released in October 2000 by Koch Records as a benefit for the legal defence of the West Memphis Three, features a cover of “The Harder They Come”, performed by Joe Strummer and Long Beach Dub Allstars.
2002 = Jools Holland’s Big Band Rhythm & Blues (guest appearance by Joe), features “Return of the Blues Cowboy” performed by Joe Strummer and the Jools Holland Big Band.
2003 = “Unearthed” (guest appearance by Joe), a duet of “Redemption Song” with Johnny Cash.
2004 = “Black Magic” (guest appearance by Joe), performed the song “Over the Border” with Jimmy Cliff.

The Latino Rockabilly War

1988 = “Permanent Record” Original Soundtrack, featuring songs by Joe Strummer and The Latino Rockabilly War.
1989 = “Earthquake Weather”, Joe Strummer’s only studio album with The Latino Rockabilly War.

The Mescaleros

1999 = “Rock Art and the X-Ray Style”, Joe Strummer’s 1st album with the Mescaleros.
2001 = “Global a Go-Go”, reached number #23 on Billboard’s Top Independent Albums chart in the US.
2002 = “Black Hawk Down Soundtrack” for the film, features a much shorter version of “Minstrel Boy”. The longer version appeared on “Global a Go-Go”.
2003 = “Streetcore”, Joe Strummer’s last album, released posthumously.
2012 = “Joe Strummer & the Mescaleros: The Hellcat Years”, digital download only 57 song set featuring three Hellcat albums, various b-sides and Joe Strummer’s 15th of November 2002 concert.
2012 = “Live at Acton Town Hall”, “Record Store Day” exclusive 2-LP vinyl album limited to 2200 copies featuring Strummer’s 15 November 2002 concert

The Clash

1977 “The Clash” album
Release date: 8 April 1977, 26 July 1979 (US)
Label: Sony Music/Columbia; Epic
Notes: Two versions: UK and US

1978 “Give ‘Em Enough Rope” album
Release date: 10 November 1978
Label: Sony Music/Columbia; Epic

1979 “London Calling” album
Release date: 14 December 1979
Label: Sony Music/Columbia; Epic
Notes: Released as a double album

1980 “Sandinista!” album
Release date: 12 December 1980
Label: Sony Music/Columbia; Epic
Notes: Released as a triple album

1982 “Combat Rock” album
Release date: 14 May 1982
Label: Sony Music (SME)/Columbia; Epic

1985 “Cut the Crap” album
Release date: 4 November 1985
Label: Sony Music/Columbia; Epic


Written by: Timothy John Forker 
Music Promotions CEO/Director at: FORKSTER
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