Mount and Lion

Salute To An Unsigned FORKSTER Finest!

A Brilliant Rock N’ Roll Diversity Coming From These Stateside Rockers!

Mount and Lion Are An Impressive Music Machine!

Music Artist Name: Mount and Lion
Genre: Rock & Roll and Thensome!
From: Nashville, Tennessee U.S.A.

Mount and Lion

Band Members:
Harrison Edwards – Guitar and Vocals
Brandon Pertzborn – Drums
Hunter Hilton- Bass

FORKSTER Few Words On: Mount and Lion
Mount and Lion is an absolutely exhilarating unsigined rock n’ roll band listen experience. These rocking cats took me for fantastic feels of 60’s & 70’s rock voyages with brilliant bright music landscapes of folk rock offerings too! These superb rockband musicians had a ferocious drive and passion for it all. Their overall songs were filled with superb diversity on guitar with roaring riff laydowns that also had kind chords swaying gently, the low-end bassman was serious in talent and groove thunders heard, stick actions were fantastically struck with excellent tempo and rhythm and the vocal boss was throwing down huge tones with glorious vibe and attitude!

Mount and Lion is a band that FORKSTER definitely feels is a ‘Wow’ talent for the unsigned music out there today and I expect great things from these rockers in the upcoming 2014. This was a massive listen and an honour in covering them here!

Musician Breakdowns:
Guitar – Stunning exhibitions that displayed quality riff actions with subtle and roaring guitar sounds, great stuff! This was serious frontline guitar action listens here!
Vocals – Superbly rocking tones that really were outstanding! I really enjoyed these rocking chops all throughout!
Drums – ‘Kicking & sticking’ it out the drum maestro was performing with tremendous tempo flair and fantastic beat drive rhythms, this was a pleasure experiencing during their total duration!
Bass – Really ‘moving & grooving’ low-end booms here, stomping gloriously impressive! Like all other musicianship in this rocking band, this was impeccable talent heard!

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