New Music 2018 FORKSTER FAB Singles Chart, PART ONE Up Now

New Music 2018 FORKSTER FAB Singles Chart
With Our 16 Fav Tracks For The First 72 Days
Into The New Year

See where they all place? It will FEATURE the music artists:
ACTORS, Beach Vacation, Blue Painted Flag, Desperate Journalists, False Heads, Flipturn, Geowulf, High Tropics, Holy Motors, Nation of Language, Preoccupations, Postcards, Tiny Fireflies, The Grinns, Verge Collection & WAVED

You Can Have A Listen to FORKSTER SPOTIFY PLAYLIST of The All 20 Rocking Tunes Following The Individual Chart Listings

New Music 2018 FORKSTER FAB Singles Chart, PART ONE Up Now

WELCOME to: New Music 2018 FORKSTER FAB Singles Chart PART ONE

Hi all, ‘welcome to the 1st edition of New Music 2018 FORKSTER FAB Singles Chart PART ONE, “Enjoy” these rocking band’s songs, FORKSTER ‘most certainly’ feels they are right up there as the best released so far this year.

**Means released in 2017 but released on their Spotify in 2018 so we value them as viable single entries for 2018.

New Music 2018 FORKSTER FAB Singles Chart PART ONE

#1 “You Never Made It Easy” by High Tropics

Music Effort:  Their self-single release
Genres Heard:  
Indie rock kick and rock n’ roll might
Song Strengths:  Riff roaring simplicity, is vibrantly punchy and that break is inspirational, nothing short of a ‘top of the charts’ tune! I literally had this on auto-replay for over a week and truly hope good music appreciators throughout the rocking globe get this musically vibing throughout their own ear music modules!


#2 “On Division St” by Nation of Language

Music EffortTheir self-released single
Genres Heard:  Synthpop/post-punk/Obscure new wave 80’s class
Song Strengths:  Radiating and haunting great vocals and wondrous electronic key voltages, great music groove! This superb vibe is very impressively comparable to the early Depeche Mode / YAZOO / OMD synth-pop captivating music electricity era!


#3 “We Don’t Have to Dance” by ACTORS

Music Effort:  Track off of their “It Will Come To You ” 2018 Album release
Genres Heard:  Magnificent post-punk era charm, Darkwave mastery
Song Strengths:  “Soaring and roaring” vocals, sparkling riff actions, swooning synths and pulverising rhythm pumps, electrifying ethereal music purifications! A magnetic post-punk in the ‘now’, yeah man!


#4 “Espionage” by Preoccupations

Music Effort:  Single release off of their new album “New Material”, which will be out on March 23rd, 2018 via Flemish Eye (Canada) and Jagjaguwar (Rest of World)
Genres Heard:  Post-punk/Experimental electronic rock 
Song Strengths A gorgeous post-punk elegance that excitedly resembles their abundant sound to the likes of post-punk pioneers as WIRE and JOY DIVISION. Also, musically for me the overall togetherness heard and chomping tastefully dark vocal comparisons to the late/great Mark E. Smith were absolutely fantastic!


#5 “2040” by Tiny Fireflies

Music EffortTheir new single
Genres Heard:  Ambient/Dream Pop/Electronic
Song Strengths:  Immense atmospheric swaying vocal skies, with sensational twangy electric riff displays and cosmically wonderful piano and electronic keyboard excellences!


#6 “Gossamer Love” by Beach Vacation

Music Effort:  Their recent single release
Genres Heard:  Dream pop/indie pop
Song StrengthsGlowing tune that captures stunning music feels of dream pop radiance and indie pop shimmer, truly loved the ‘gleaming and beaming’ vocals and the overall electronica orchestral brilliance!


#7 “Retina” by False Heads

Music EffortTheir recent single release**
Genres HeardIndie pop rock smarts/punk rock grit/rock n’ roll chaos charge
Song StrengthsAbsolutely driving tune that floors across riveting vocal attitude, snarling and growling riff rocketing kicks, nasty good thumping drum skill command and ‘right on’ stomping low-end boom, indie rock edge is most certainly alive and well, ace tune!


#8 “Sunday” by Geowulf

Music Effort:  Single off their “Great Big Blue” album release
Genres Heard:  Dream pop /indie pop experimental/shoegaze haziness
Song StrengthsDreamy and swirling female vocal sophistication, whirling riff skies goodness and lovely keyboards glittering! An avant-garde indie pop stunner! 


#9 “Churches” by Flipturn

Music EffortTheir new single
Genres Heard:  Indie rock intense
Song Strengths:  A swinging diddy merging phenomenally soulful male vocal standouts, as well as ‘ready & steady’ rocking out rhythm fronts, catchy and jangling riff stamps, plus ringing keyboard airs, ‘unquestionably’ loved the overall music energy in abundance here!


#10 “Don’t Look Back” by The Grinns

Music EffortA track off of their 2018 album release “Golden Hour
Genres Heard:  Poppy Rock n’ roll
Song StrengthsA moving and memorable rock n’ roll strut, which highlights vivid riff jangles alongside shiny/smooth vocal slots and smoothly striding rhythm brigades, class tune!


#11 “Bright Lights” by Postcards

Music EffortA single off their 2018 album “I’ll Be Here In The Morning**
Genres Heard:  Dream pop
Song Strengths:  It carries out a rocking beautiful aura of their consistent dream pop magnificence infrastructure. The vocals are delightful airy and chipper with high-spirited rhythm flights alongside brilliantly crunch infested riff soars!


#12 “She Said” by WAVED

Music Effort:  The 1st single off of their WAVED debut album self-released in February 2018
Genres Heard:  Dazzling dance music groove
Song StrengthsSexy and soulful male/female vocals, exceptionally rocking percussion oomph and electrifying electronic music steam. It most certainly inspires and exhibits tremendous dance music appeal!


#13 “Basically Everything Is Just A Play” by Blue Painted Flag

Music Effort:  New single out which will be part of their upcoming March 23rd EP release, ”Nearly Alive, Almost Home”
Genres Heard:  Post-punk/alternative rock with a splash of ‘Madchester’ charm
Song Strengths:  A ‘warming and swarming’ tune that gravitates out rapturous and astral vocal zeal, swirling and jangling riff flights that are certainly comparable sounding to The Cure. Also, loving the slick stick rhythms and incredible booming bass, ‘right on’!


#14 “Feeling Old” by Verge Collection

Music Effort:  Single off of their highly anticipated upcoming 30th of March “Flaneur” album
Genres Heard Rock n’ roll roots/Southern Pop Rock/Indie rock/College Radio
Song StrengthsIt truly carries a soulfully rooted rock n’ roll swagger, with enormous riff rings, deep and delightful vocal chops and banging on’ rhythm brigades!


#15 “Signs” by Holy Motors

Music Effort:  Track off their 2018 album release “Slow Sundown**
Genres Heard:  Dream pop/Experimental rock
Song Strengths:  Mesmerizing reverb riff ‘twang’ throughout alongside attractively striking female vocal timbres. A brilliant 4ad music vibe I felt here and that is always a plus, for sure!


#16 “It Gets Better” by Desperate Journalists

Music Effort:  It’s a single release from their upcoming “You Get Used To It” EP launching out on the 30the of March 2018.
Genres HeardIndie rock/alternative rock/rock n’ roll
Song StrengthsGreat rock n’ roll overall presence with indie rock snarl and alternative rock attitude, really digging the nasty good riffs and female vocal scintillating control, ace tune!


Below is ‘entire’ New Music 2018 FORKSTER FAB Singles Chart, PART ONE Playlist via Spotify


Written by: Timothy John Forker 
Music Promotions CEO/Director at: FORKSTER
© 2018 FORKSTER MUSIC PROMOTIONS by Timothy J. Forker

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