New Music “Let Go” by WAVED | FORKSTER Video Review

FORKSTER Video Review of “Let Go” by WAVED

Impressive Video for the 2nd single off the band’s
highly praised self-titled 2018 February album debut

(L to R) WAVED: Elliot Reynolds & Max Such.


The central part of England’s magnificent dance music duo WAVED Elliot Reynolds & Max Such ‘without question’ have truly championed out one of the best dance music debut album’s globally in 2018.

They today have just released their video for the 2nd single off their self-titled album gem. FORKSTER is absolutely thrilled to premiere the video here. So on that note, ENJOY ‘the world premiere’ showing of “LET GO” by WAVED.

Video Premiere of “LET GO” by WAVED


WAVED Members
Elliot Reynolds >> Synth Music Boards/Acoustic Guitar
Max Such >> Madman on Drums

Tash Crump >> Vocals

Daan Hoexum >> The master behind the WAVED video music camera


The FORKSTER Review for “Let Go” by WAVED

The Setting

A beautiful English countryside estate surrounding that delivers wonderfully flowered walkways, lush green grass pastures, beaming bright sunshine rays and gorgeous blue skies. The Scenery beyond too is just stunning, where you can just see for miles and miles.


Music starts up and ‘the man behind the video camera’ swiftly & skillfully goes on throughout to brilliantly ‘captivate & gravitate’ to the remarkable music chemistry between WAVED members Elliot Reynolds (exceptionally displayed synth keyboards, acoustic guitar efforts) and madman Max Such (drumming phenom thunder). The vocals feature the invigorating Tash Crump. She and the WAVED duo exhibit a vibrant music togetherness around the genre airs of driving dance groove, electronic/industrial rock mightiness and a pop-rock sparkle. The rocking outside environment with adjoining music bounce with earth’s beautiful natures really works!

Additional video coolness features worth noting:
** An effective opening showcasing a trippy, strobe light design of the WAVED 3 there, professionally classy opening!
** The ending shot focusing in on Max with his symbolic trademark salute, the ace ending!

The Biggest Appeal

The defining moment at FORKSTER for WAVED’S “Let Go” video is it clearly shows the exciting direction Elliot and Max want to set forth with the band’s future musical projects. They come from two impressive musicianship backgrounds and as much as their passion for dance music is important well, it is just as important for them both in getting the instruments rocking out live and their “Let Go” video 100 per cent ‘vibrantly’ convinces that.

In Closing

FORKSTER you can imagine listens to constant music and video efforts and again WAVED stays on the top 2 handfuls of promising independent music artists. A sensationally grooving music video effort for “Let Go” from the band’s top music aura to the entire music video production, nothing short of tremendous! FORKSTER rating: 10 out of 10.

You Can Checkout (click on below) all WAVED Music & Social Media Sites at:



Written by: Timothy John Forker 
Music Promotions CEO/Director at: FORKSTER
© 2018 FORKSTER MUSIC PROMOTIONS by Timothy J. Forker

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