Part One, our 2017 SONGS OF THE YEAR Nominees Announced


We Now Reveal Our PART ONE Candidates
for best 2017 Songs of the Year Notoriety

Our Order of placement for the FORKSTER 2017 Songs of the Year
40 contenders will be revealed at FORKSTER on BOXING DAY

Part One, our 2017 SONGS OF THE YEAR Nominees Announced

Incredibly, that time of year again….

There has been a rocking abundance of good music out in 2017.  Whether from band’s/music artists out of the independent ranks as on an upper or middle tier indie label, their own record label, or music artists on their own in the depths of the unsigned.

It is incredible that it is that time of the year already where ones are starting to structure and place their year’s best candidates up for 2017. Well, on that note, FORKSTER is revealing now his first of 2 parts for best Part One, our 2017 SONGS OF THE YEAR Nominees Announced song’s of the year in today. We will display 20 songs now and on the 2nd day of the upcoming last month of the year will then disclose our 2nd 20 songs of the year contenders, 40 songs in total will be ranked starting at #40 and working our way down to the ultimate choice, being FORKSTER Music Promotions Best = #1 “2017 Song of the Year” elite winner.

FORKSTER 1st 20 Best 2017 Songs of the Year Recipients,

(Listed BELOW in Alphabetical Ordering)

Congratulations and Welcome:

93MillionMilesFromTheSun – “Victory Is Ours”
Airiel – “Cloudburst”
Artful Candid – “I/N/S”
Astari Nite – “DIVINATION”
ASTRAL LITE – “New World Vultures”
BLACK SWAN LANE – “Behind Your Window”
CLIFF AND IVY – “Hand of Freedom”
CLUSTERSUN – “Raw Nerve”
Field Manual – “Sky”
Flash Trading – “Acceleration”
Flowers in Syrup – “Ten Feet High”
Lowtide – “Alibi”
Sixty Cycle Burn – “Cant Get It Back”
The Relights – “Sail On”
The Reverent Cavaliers – “Chattanooga Tennessee”
The RPMs – “I Think It’s Stupid, but I Think It’s Love”
Sisteray – “Queen’s English”
Sonic Visions – “Lost In Between”
Temple of Lies – “Sleep”
The Streams – “Dream My Life Away”

The FORKSTER 2017 TOP 40 Songs of the Year released:

On the 26th of December, “Boxing Day”, 2017….

Time: Will be put up on a post at FORKSTER at around 12 noon GMT (British timezone).


Written by: Timothy John Forker 
Music Promotions CEO/Director at: FORKSTER
© 2017 FORKSTER MUSIC PROMOTIONS by Timothy J. Forker

One Comment

    Had to write out your 2017 Top Songs of the Year by hand. (printer down)
    BUT, I prevailed, & now have a nice compact list of these great Songs!
    Early December I’ll write down the 2nd group of 20 Songs to complete the list.
    I also look forward to “Boxing Day” (Dec. 26th, GB), when you’ll announce not
    only the Winner of “FORKSTER” Song of the Year, but the complete list of Songs
    in order of their placement.
    Thank you FORKSTER,
    SteveThompson (@SteveGjesdal) 11/21/17

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