Premier Promotional Exposure For Your Band At FORKSTER!


From Premier Promotional Reviewer To PR Company

Promoting The Real Music Goods For Independent Bands & Music Artists All Around The Rocking Globe

FORKSTER’S DAILY BAND REVIEW is ‘unquestionably’ being recognized as a #1 platform of publicity for independent as well as very established music artists from around the rocking world. In only six months FORKSTER has championed his site for the independent band/music artist’s appreciators of the world to where his following has averaged 410 viewers daily, 75,000 total views to the overall music website as well as over 80 countries checking it out for their hunger for independent music artists. This has definitely been a success in band’s finding a site that pays proper homage to their music definition and guarantees that there will be fans to gain from FORKSTER’S loyal followers daily. He now is stepping it up and offering promotional value packages for higher exposure on FDBR as well as moving it into a direction for becoming a music PR company soon too.

You think your music/band got the goods and want the good independent music appreciator’s of the world in taking notice? Well, then FORKSTER’S DAILY BAND REVIEW is definitely a serious avenue you should invest your promotional band’s needs towards!

Premier Promotional Exposure For Your Band At FORKSTER!

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