Rock Thunder from superb British talents Brave The North

Rock Thunder from UK’s ~Brave The North~

Magnificent Manchester Rock Thunder from superb British talents Brave The Northand Lift Out ‘Stomping & Romping’ Rock Flights

Micro-Fork Review up on Brave The North

Rock Thunder from superb British talents Brave The North
Brave The North are a fantastic ‘romp and stomp’ rock n’ roll thunder that hail out of Manchester, England, UK. These ‘loud and proud’ British rockers ‘without question’ from lift-off flights at my ear module storms out ‘absolute rock n’ roll brilliance for their explosively vivid sounding new ‘today release’ (13th of June 2015) of “Fifteen”. Their overall ‘striving & thriving’ rock ignitions entirely throughout the EP takes these bandmates of four in my highest opinion in rolling onwards with the tremendous music tag of truly ‘up and coming’ storming rock and roll talents. The fantastic intensified musicianship whole soars out riveting ‘rock out’ riff skies, enthusiastic vocal splendour alongside ‘pouncing & bouncing’ rhythm stamps that carries a prolific funk rock groove.  These ‘music moving cats’ are mighty with tremendous edge, flooring feel and sizzling rock character and on that note, expect excited rock purists around our lively music globe to certainly ‘captivate & gravitate’ their own ear rock catalogs to these impressive UK talents music salutes, ‘class rock n’ roll’ with a ‘huge upside potential’!

To Purchase ‘Brave The North’ rocking release of “Fifteen” please click here.


Rock Thunder from superb British talents Brave The North

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Music Artist Name: Brave The North
Genre: Rock N’ Roll
Location:  Manchester, England, UK



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