RODS and FORKS Chat One at FORKSTER Promotions

RODS and FORKS Chat One Inaugural Q & A

Interview Weekly with Roddy Radiation Byers and FORKSTER

This Week’s Focus is On The ‘Youth Years’

And Also A Fun Random FORKSTER 5 Questions for The RODSTER

RODS and FORKS Chat One at FORKSTER Promotions
(From left to right): Roddy Radiation Byers & FORKSTER in Birmingham, England 2012.

This will be a rocking once a week feature with legendary guitarist of THE SPECIALS for over 30 years as well as his own band that he does strictly full-time now with solo stuff and that is our good friend at our website, Mr. Roddy Radiation Byers. Roddy along with the ‘one and only’ renowned promotional reviewer globally FORKSTER will span every week on historic music events/knowledge on Roddy’s illustrious music career. We will also do a weekly “Random FORKSTER 5” which could range in asking just about anything at the Rodster in of course an only respectful and tasteful manner always. This week’s inaugural kickoff “RODS and FORKS” focused on the ‘youth years’ of Roddy Byers. ENJOY….

FORKSTER: Hi Roddy, great having you here now mate for our weekly ‘RODS and FORKS’ segment.
Roddy: Nice one Tim!

FORKSTER: On the 1st Week let’s get into your youth years ok?
Roddy: Yep, long time ago but I’ll go way back in time until back before the War.

FORKSTER: Was your family all music lovers when you were growing up?
Roddy: Well, my father was a trumpet player in British Army Brass bands and soul/pop groups while I was growing up. My mother loved Al Jolson and my dad loved Louie Armstrong.

FORKSTER: What was the first instrument you learned to play?
Roddy: My Dad had me (on trombone) and my brother Chris (on trumpet). We played in the Coventry School of music festival band.  I did that from 11 yrs old until 13 yrs. Then I decided I wanted to be a guitarist.

FORKSTER: How did it come about in you getting your first guitar and what was the make and model for it?
Roddy: My friend at school had an electric Vox guitar and a Selmer acoustic Spanish type guitar, I bought the acoustic off of him for 8 pounds.

FORKSTER: Was it love at first rocking riff and did you know very early on then that this is what you wanted to become, being a professional guitarist?
Roddy: We used to pratice in my friend’s dad’s large chicken house/Shed. I loved the Monkees T.V. Show and later on I got into Jimi Hendrix and blues music from older guitar playing mates, as well as all the 1960’s pop chart music – ‘The Small Faces’, ‘The Who’, ‘Troggs’, ‘Kinks’, etc.

FORKSTER: In those very young stages with picking up the guitar did you constantly practice daily?
Roddy: Most kids would be outside playing football while I would be in my bedroom playing along with old black blues records. I would only put my guitar down to eat or sleep.

FORKSTER: Do you remember the first song you performed at home for the family when first learning the guitar?
Roddy: “On The Road Again” by Canned Heat,  it was a simple blues riff in E major.

FORKSTER: Did you have any music idols as a kid and have any of them gone on to be huge influence personally for you over the years as a musician/performer?
Roddy: Well, as I’ve said here earlier Jimi Hendrix as a guitarist performer was a big early influence, but there were many others, too many to mention here.

FORKSTER: What was that first rock n’ roll album you owned and do you still have it today?
Roddy: Eddie Cochran’s Anniversary Album and I have still got it.

Random FORKSTER 5 with RODSTER….
FORKSTER: As you are a huge James Dean fan what is your top film by this late/great American Actor?
Roddy: My Mother because of my constant moody teenage ways said to me once “who do you think you are James Dean”? So I looked him up and found his screen image was an easy one for me to wear. I like “Giant” best I think and probably because I relate to that one the most.

FORKSTER: What is your favourite meal?
Roddy: I like Greek food and Indian. I do all the cooking, so I could go on forever about my favourite dishes.

FORKSTER: What do you love about when touring these current times in America?
Roddy: America has always fascinated me from rock n’ roll , blues  and jazz that all have originated from there. But it can be a scary place and even thought I love to visit I doubt I could live there – I am far to English.

FORKSTER: If you could play one stage anywhere someday where would that special gig be at?
Roddy: Maybe in a ancient roman theatre over looking the Sea under a starry night.

FORKSTER: Your all-time top 3 music related films?
Roddy: ‘The Girl Can’t Help It’, ‘Way Out West’ and  ‘Jailhouse Rock’.

FORKSTER: Thanks for being here mate and look forward to our week #2 – First Band Years….
Roddy: Thank you! Roddy “Radiation” Byers 06/10/2015

Rods and Forks


Written by: Timothy John Forker 
Music Promotions CEO/Director at: FORKSTER

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