Spotlight FORKSTER Interview with the brilliant SpoonLicker


Spotlight FORKSTER Interview

Exclusive FORKSTER Interview with Trans-Continental Roaring Alternative Rockers, SpoonLicker

Examining Their Beginnings, Present Rocking Music Works and Future Flights Ahead!


SPOONLICKER Band in Picture (Left To Right) Mad Frog, Adi, Evander and Nate


Adi Khavous – Lead Vocals (Tel Aviv, Israel)
Chris “Mad Frog” Gagnon – Guitars/Backing Vocals (Montreal, Canada)
Evander Greened – Bassist/Backing Vocals (Rotterdam, Netherlands)
Nate Abas – Drummer (Rotterdam, Netherlands)

Genre: Alternative Rock
From: Montreal/Quebec, Canada

Spotlight FORKSTER Interview with the brilliant SpoonLicker
FORKSTER very recently got together with the extremely talented ‘up and coming’ trans-continental alternative rock band “SpoonLicker”. They were my recent contest winners at FORKSTER’S February Interview Giveaway. Hope you ENJOY IT, Cheers – FORKSTER


Interview Entrance:
FORKSTER: Welcome to all in ‘SpoonLicker’, it’s really a rocking pleasure having you all here.
SpoonLicker: Thank you for having us Tim, it’s a pleasure to be here.

Spotlight Question #1
FORKSTER: Being that you all originate from different parts of the rocking globe how did that all workout so magically in your formation of the band and is the everyday transition a hard or easy one now in getting together for the band’s daily business events?
Mad Frog: The initial meeting of this formation could almost be defined as a beautiful accident. When we all got together for the first time, it became very clear that we were now part of something unique and special, almost driven by some kind of spiritual force, and knew from that point on that we had just embarked on a wonderful adventure. As for the day to day business, it’s 2015 and we are lucky to be living in an age of technology that simplifies the communications between us.
Evander: In a way we are very lucky and actually feed from the fact that we come from different parts of the globe. I mean, when we do meet up, we know our time is precious, so we make sure to make the most of it.
Adi: Because we live in different countries, when we are all together we do more in a month than most bands will do in a year.
Nate: It takes a little extra effort compared to the average bands to get aligned, but we manage beautifully.

Spotlight Question #2
FORKSTER: When you all came together as SpoonLicker what was the main focus of the band in the beginnings and are you exceeding your own expectations at the present time?
Nate: There has been many stages in the creation of SpoonLicker. Bottom line : you need to be free from expectations once you start creating and recording. It’s utter trust in what we do, it’s not about exceeding expectations.
Adi: Personally my expectations are far ahead from where we started. Somedays I wonder if it’s all a dream, I cant wait to see how far we can push this thing even further.
Evander: After playing for a while, we all just looked at each other and were stoked and knew we had something special in our hands. In time this only proved to grow stronger. So I guess, yes Tim, for me we have exceeded our expectations.
Mad Frog: Once we all knew what we had in our hands and what we were getting into, my main focus was to get a quality production started and to get a great end result which is now, our debut album release called “UnTitled”.

Spotlight Question #3
FORKSTER: You unleashed your impressive debut album called “Untitled” this past 10th of February 2015, let me first start off by saying congratulations on this massive sounding alternative rock gem, how did you all find the overall ‘beginning to end’ process in creating your electrifying 1st release together?
Adi: Tip of the hat goes off to Mad Frog for his part and implication, we all realized pretty fast that he was an insanely driven producer. He always said that he had a vision and if you get to know him, you will see for yourself that he is a powerhouse of knowledge and experience.
Nate: Massive thanks for the kudos Tim ! The whole production process has been initiated and carefully monitored by MF and in our opinion, his precision work made this album a winner. As scientific as this may appear, it created a very comfortable ride for all of us.
Evander: This hasn’t been a one night stand, I can tell you that much. But I guess all credits on this part have to go to the perseverance of MF. He took it from there and brought it to where it is now.
Mad Frog: Well Tim, from my point of view, I was pretty sure that the final outcome would nonetheless be impressive. We pretty much had all the right ingredients to make a great tasting dish, it just took some patience, compassion and understanding of where we were supposed to go. The sound itself was always the identity of the band and the vision and direction of the production was already written from the start, I just had to cook the ingredients the right way.

Spotlight Question #4
FORKSTER: For me the album itself is filled throughout with lively alternative hardrocking intensities from songs like ‘The Concept’ and ‘Alamo’, but yet you were able to have a subtle, melodic charm for the balladry stunners of ‘Horizon’ & ‘Goodbye My Love’ intertwined, was there a specific sound/tempo mission in the definition of the album?
Adi: Lets face it, we are not teenagers anymore, we’ve been around the block a few times and as the years went by so did our musical influences. We all listen to different things and those influences got mixed into the blend. We wanted a rainbow of emotions, a good story from start to finish, and I do think we nailed it…
Evander: I guess the album is sort of a mix of who we are if you would put all our personalities in a blender. So not really a strategy, but I would speak more in terms of a need to record what we felt that first time we played together.
Nate: No particular mission, I’d have to say… It’s just all part of our identity. The songs represent a certain vibe or flow and when it comes to putting them in the “right” order, things happen naturally.
Mad Frog: There was never a specific mission for the definition of the album, we just wanted to tell a good story and chose the songs that blended well together. The most important thing was the storyline and an honest array of emotions, and all of it had to stand on a solid sounding foundation.

Spotlight Question #5
FORKSTER: Personal influence’s are always an important ingredient in defining your own sound, who are/were some of those bands and music artists that you feel have provided inspiration and creativeness for your band’s own rocking record?
Adi: Oh dear, I hope you have all day because we listen to endless amounts of different styles. As a collective you can clearly see that we are influenced by old school good time rock & roll, funk and progressive rock, each member has his own top favorites and together we found a common ground.
Mad Frog: Well, we could go on and on with this virtual list so I won’t go into details. But of course, coming from different countries, musical backgrounds and origins is what makes the SpoonLicker sound so special, and we all treasure that very much.
Nate: Answering this question is to each and everyone’s individual interpretation. So, since this list will never be complete, we won’t start one. No secrets here, just let your imagination do the job.
Evander: Well Tim, anything sincere, so no name tags there. The mere fact that we come from different continents with different influences gives us all a different take on that same vision.

Spotlight Question #6
FORKSTER: What gives you all the highest gratification, writing and recording the songs, or performing them live?
Evander: I guess for me, these are two different things. Recording is more about perfecting a song, making the right choices and taking the time to do so. Playing live is where it all falls into place and where you share your story with the people.
Nate: There’s satisfaction in all of those, but performing live is what it all comes down to.
Not to make music just for ourselves, but to share. There’s people waiting to absorb this type of energy !
Adi: Writing and recording are truly powerful explorations of turning bits and pieces into something magical and concrete, but once you rock on stage, you are truly making your mark and experiencing a divine connection.
Mad Frog: Being a studio guy and having such a colourful summer “studio tan” year long, I really love the laboratory stages of creation that it brings. But like the rest of the band, playing live is where you finally taste the fruit of your work and connect with the people.

Spotlight Question #7
FORKSTER: When performing live, how does it feel when you’ve made that total connection with your audience?
Adi: I know it must sound a bit “cliché”, but for me it’s truly a spiritual experience. It proves time and time again the real power of music. It crosses and breaks down barriers, it connects and unites people and it gives a sense of meaning in this crazy world.
Evander: Playing live is when all the pieces of the puzzle fall into place. So when you connect, it means they got it, that they share and feel the same emotions. Whenever that happens, I’m telling you, it is nothing short from amazing.
Nate: The sensation of performing live is unprecedented. To get our vibe across is an experience of a lifetime. When it takes place, musical interaction is as organic as toast & jelly. It’s a primitive collective outburst of emotions.
Mad Frog: When it does happen, ‘cause it doesn’t happen every night, you feel very privileged and just ride that wave… A true connection with the audience is almost like a collective meditation state and I never take it for granted.

Spotlight Question #8
FORKSTER: One thing that was extremely evident for me in listening to the tracks and watching the video for ‘The Concept’ is that “Wow, is this a band in checking out live or what”, do you have plans on playing out live soon throughout the year and where?
SpoonLicker: Yes of course. We are now planning a promotional tour that will hopefully take us to 8 different cities in 6 countries, all starting sometime this summer. All the dates have not yet been confirmed but we will keep you posted on our website and social medias pages. Here’s the scenario to give you a ballpark idea : Canada (Montreal, Toronto), France (Paris), Belgium (Brussels), Netherlands (Amsterdam, Rotterdam), Germany (Berlin), Israel (Tel Aviv).

Spotlight Question #9
FORKSTER: What does the immediate future plans/works hold for SpoonLicker throughout 2015?
SpoonLicker: Well, 2015 is looking up to be a big year for us. It’s pretty much going to be, promo, promo, promo… To start with, we will be shooting a video clip for our next single “Way too cool” which will be launched in May or June, preparing and rehearsing for our promotional tour, TV and radio interviews and appearances, live acoustic performances, lots of promotional work to do in the field and just continue to build a fan base around the world. We are also in negotiations for physical distribution with our partners in many countries to make the album available on all formats. Still, more news to come and much work to be done, but we are ready for it !!!

Interview Closing:
FORKSTER: Best wishes and successes ahead for your brilliant new LP ‘Untitled’ and with all your future musical adventures around the corner. Thanks so much for being here ‘SpoonLicker’, I really appreciate it.
SpoonLicker: Again, thank you for having us Tim, it was great talking to you. Glad you enjoyed our album and decided to share it with your network. Keep a close eye on us as we go forward on this adventure and who knows, you might even see us in a town near by in the near future… Rocking it out loud and proud.

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Written by: Timothy John Forker

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