WAVED, 2018 dance music geniuses, bursting array of electrifying groove

on dance music mastery,

Promo Scope of Their Epic ‘Self-Titled Debut Album,
which releases TODAY!

Scintillating Musicianship throughout by
These So Gifted Dance Music Maestros

WAVED, 2018 dance music geniuses, bursting array of electrifying groove

The FORKSTER intro on WAVED:

ELLIOT REYNOLDS – (Dual Songwriting/Mixing/Co-Production/Guitar)
MAX SUCH – (Dual Songwriting/Mixing/Co-Production/Percussion)

From: Birmingham, England, United Kingdom
Genres: Dance Music/Groove/Electronica 

WAVED is a musically solidified and reliable  ‘global groove momentum’, which passionately measures out walloping jams that orbit ahead with expressively dynamic dance merit, whilst entertaining you into a substantial bass igniting frenzy.

The Vocal contributions? Well, let’s put it to you all like this, a bunch of talented friends lend a hand ‘song to song’. You can expect this brilliant rotational approach to continue with the ever so diversity that the band essentially always looks to establish.

In closing, WAVED has uniquely ‘intrigued and captured’ the musical imagination at FORKSTER. And, whether anyone after listening is wondering is it a band or a project, well, as far as I am concerned, that is the overall beauty of it all, music limitations non-exist and the prospects are endless. You better 100 percent believe it that FORKSTER will always be prepared and eager to hear the present and future songs by WAVED!

‘Here & Now’ comes the “WAVED” debut album:

Releasing on Sunday, the 25th February 2018, comes the highly anticipated ‘self-titled’ dance music album debut by WAVED. It will include 8-tracks of sensationally scintillating groove rhythms. The LP will set loose to all music outlets (iTunes, SPOTIFY, etc.).

FORKSTER ‘Track by Track” Outlook for WAVED Debut Album

(To Purchase WAVED” Album or each of their individual tracks: please click here on their personal>> Amazon Music & iTunes)

TRACK #1  = “She Said

First of all, this opening number ‘straightaway’ belts out musical magnetism, with exuberant drumming gusto, bass stomp and hearty synth-keys soar. It also shines out with evident vocal expertise and charm mainstay. “Most importantly”, it musically delivers out a dance radio appeal spark and gets your dance confidences on, just brilliant.

For me, ‘far and away’, “She Said” triggers out the energetic hookup/objective here, can’t wait to be “WAVED” much more musically on the other tracks coming now! A ‘no-brainer’ for the inaugural album track, “Outstanding”!

Written by Elliot Reynolds & Max Such
Vocalists – Shaun Hill (Male) & Tash Crump (Female)
Instruments – Keys, Drums, Bass, Guitar
All instruments in this song were performed by Elliot & Max.
Overview – Focusing on the ‘summertime & having fun’, revolving around two people loving each precious moment.


 TRACK #2  = “Comedown

A bouncing and spirited track that directly had my ear music modules dancing about entirely. It exhibits quality music substance with dynamic vocal liveliness, fantastic and explosive beat pace, booming low-end bass thrust, riff roaring jolts with exquisite choir heard harmonies. “Comedown” was phenomenally at a ‘get it going’ dance music rising. It’s another, for sure, radio-friendly contender, ace tune!

Written by Elliot Reynolds & Max Such
Vocalists – Tash Crump (Female) & Elliot Reynolds (Male)
Instruments – Keys, Drums, Bass, Guitar, Choir
All instruments in this song were performed by Elliot & Max.
Overview – Trying to get away from everything around you and escape you a peaceful haven you only know of.


TRACK #3  = “Just for You

It’s a sweeping balladry music essence that swallows your orbits continuously over the sensational ambience and striking music heartfelt nature. The song speaks out with colossal melancholy vocal tone, brilliantly eerie and haunting keyboard ships, captivating drum pulsations and driving bass tides. In closing, it shows for sure that WAVED can musically cook up the gloomy, tear-jerker song, ace effort!

Written by Elliot Reynolds & Max Such
Vocalist – Anthony Vacher
Instruments – Keys, Drums, Bass
All instruments in this song were done by Elliot & Max.
Overview – Late night driving, snow and mountains about throughout the journey, imagine being on the motorway with just headlights blinding you from the other cars travelling. Your feeling so far away from everyone and you are looking to connect with that one, but they’re not anywhere to be seen.


TRACK #4  = “Let Go

To start, a soothing pop music stunner. It lyrically rains out despair and on that note, goes out to where the charismatic female vocals cry out emotional sadness that has you remembering and relating to that sickening feeling of trying to get over someone in your life at that very stressful time.  They are sincere and very convincing with an enormous singing presentation. As for the music inclusions, sparkling keyboard deliciousness, ‘driving and thriving’ rhythm works and gorgeous orchestral involvements heard, quite a lovely song!

Written by Elliot Reynolds & Max Such
Vocalist – Tash Crump
Instruments – Keys, Drums, Bass, Orchestral, Choir
All instruments in this song were done by Elliot & Max.
Overview – Trying to get over someone, being stuck in a badly lit room and having no way of getting away from the emotion your feeling, but always trying to depart.


TRACK #5  = “Forgotten

A really ‘cool’ music flow throughout. The musicianship outfits come flying forth with the exceptional drum, bass, keyboard & rhythm guitar platforms. The song broadcasts out with music flavourings heard of techno pump, pop power from masterfully smooth male vocals, hard-hitting tribal drumming thunders and synth-pop funk Insanity. This all musically gels perfectly, nice one!

Written by Elliot Reynolds & Max Such
Vocalist – Shaun Hill
Instruments – Keys, Drums, Bass, Guitar
All instruments in this song were done by Elliot & Max.
Overview – Reminiscing about your life and thinking about the best times. Feeling like you can still have all those feelings.


TRACK #6  = “Lanterns

A pleasantly chipper club music purity. First-off, musicianship notice is for soulful and distinguished vocal commitment fully. It then gets my rousing approvals for snappy riff airs, earth-quaking drum and bass rhythm prance, alongside attractively crisp, bright and zesty synth-keyboard razzle-dazzles. Furthermore, the tune is outrageously ‘beaming & gleaming’ in your must have ‘volume up all the way’ ear voltage vaults, gargantuan groove depth wholly.

Written by Elliot Reynolds & Max Such
Vocalist – Shaun Hill
Instruments – Keys, Drums, Bass, Guitar
All instruments in this song were done by Elliot & Max.
Overview – Getting something off your back, basically, letting all the stressful emotions loose full-tilt on the issue at the moment.


TRACK #7  = “Rush

To begin, the club music track champ for me on the album. It is ‘perfectly pulsating’ with magnificent club music elegance. I personally loved the incredible and comparable vocal vibes to early Madonna excellence. The music efforts are hammering out top overall rhythms with distinguished orchestral blooms, gigantic percussion briskness and synth keyboard elations. This should be a dance music ‘without question’ world-wide club fav, invigorating tune!

Written by Elliot Reynolds & Max Such
Vocalist – Kari Roberts
Instruments – Keys, Drums, Bass, Steel Pans, Percussion, Orchestral
All instruments in this song were done by Elliot & Max.
Overview – The build-up to something you’ve been waiting for and that moment finally arrives, so happy then and ‘let the party celebration begin’.


TRACK #8  = “Talk Is Cheap

“Look the ‘bleep’ out, wowza”, didn’t see this one coming at all, but so taken in!

The immediate beginnings ooze out an awe-inspiring trance music signature sound into a blazing hard rock/thrash thundering beatdown. It then goes into a grooving industrial dance force and next throws out heroic vocals that rocking compares to the Beastie Boys to Cypress Hill and even the mellow ones have body and soul to the late/great Chester Bennington’s from the Linkin Park band. This is a monumental kick-arse alt/hard rock scorcher, epic way to end the album, ‘yeah man’!

Written by Elliot Reynolds & Max Such
Vocalist – Griffin Dickinson
Instruments – Keys, Drums, Bass, Guitar
All instruments in this song were done by Elliot & Max.
Overview – Just being a little bit crazy. The song is about talking shit basically and not to do it, aha.

FORKSTER Musicianship Breakdowns for “WAVED” Debut LP:

Synth Sonic Sounds:

The amazing and talented diverse synth sonic infused music sensations throughout each song captured a beautiful atmospheric groove calling. Piloted by the music geniuses of Elliot Reynolds & Max Such, their dual duo genius work involvements here are the makings truly of massive dance music “Quality” product!


They were phenomenally performed on every song. Radiating stick action elements of ‘swiftness and proficiency’ jumps out especially, ‘oh yeah’, epic pumping drive heard continuously too, ridiculously amazing drum talent, for sure!

Vocals :

Great performances by all guest vocalists who happen to be all personal friends to WAVED, how cool is that! They truly all did bring top professional singing dimensions. The cohesiveness among the vocal deliveries and the overall music productions are nothing short of remarkable. I feel it is extremely worthy of print again (below) to note their awesome vocal contributions for the album.

Shaun Hill and Tash Crump (“She Said”), Tash Crump (“Comedown”), Anthony Vacher (“Just for You”), Tash Crump (“Let Go”), Shaun Hill (“Forgotten”), Shaun Hill (“Lanterns”), Kari Roberts (“Rush”) and Griffin Dickinson (“Talk Is Cheap”).

Guitars :

Spectacular riff rocketing expertise inclusions on five of the tracks from the album. They were perfectly placed, adding rock rhythm magnitude with funk towering music roofs, vast craft here!


You Can Checkout (click on below) all WAVED Music & Social Media Sites at:



Written by: Timothy John Forker 
Music Promotions CEO/Director: FORKSTER
© 2018 FORKSTER MUSIC PROMOTIONS by Timothy J. Forker

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