WAVED Live, review on their mesmerizing May debut gig

FORKSTER Review Feature on ~WAVED Live~ 24th of May Performance at The Flapper

WAVED Debuts With A Radiating & Rocking
Hour Plus DJ Set

WAVED Live, review on their mesmerizing May debut gig in Birmingham
WAVED (L to R): Max & Elliot

WAVED are:

ELLIOT REYNOLDS – (Dual Songwriting/Mixing/Co-Production/Guitar)
MAX SUCH – (Dual Songwriting/Mixing/Co-Production/Percussion)

From: Birmingham, England, United Kingdom
Genres: Dance Music/Groove/Electronica /Drum & Bass

The “Build Up” for WAVED Live Debut Performance

Just over a month now FORKSTER personally ventured out on the Birmingham City nightlife. The occasion was to capture the debut live performance for dance music sensations WAVED. Their fabulous self-released February debut 8-track album release is most definitely a favourite of mine in 2018. I was really excited and curious as well how it would all play out live in a DJ set. These extremely talented music maestros were about to put the WAVED music spell on the jam-packed party house.


Since the 1980’s in Birmingham City, one of the main hubs for checking out ace live independent local acts as well as touring bands is The Flapper. In association with Surprise You’re Dead Music = alternative independent promotions company out of Birmingham, WAVED live event at The Flapper was being billed as ‘The Final Big Dance Party’ there, with the unfortunate recent announcement that the iconic live music venue was shutting down their doors for good at the end of June 2018. We are delighted to report now since the WAVED Live gig that ‘happy days are here again’ at The Flapper, which has now gotten an extension of 12-months to continue providing great live music acts!

~WAVED Live~ Stage Set Up

  • 5-6 connecting panel backdrop that vibrantly lit up and was beaming out light patterns interacted with the WAVED vibrant music exhibition
  • Equipment present was a Numark Mixtrack 3 using DJ pro tools
  • A few Shure SM58 microphones
  • An actual bicycle horn used throughout the opening song


WAVED hit the stage to a rousing cheerful welcome before any music, quite impressive. Then, Elliot and Max on the mics vibrantly asked “Are you ready” to the very responsive and eager faithful. All of a sudden the dynamic music duo got masterfully moving their DJ set with an amazing drum and bass rhythm groove platform, that went into a smashing remake version of the iconic 80’s classic “Money For Nothing” by Dire Straits. Only like his unique showmanship could Max splendidly pulled off the brilliance of soaring out bike horn effects during the tune and Elliot was sensationally grooving around the music controls. Immediately you could feel that they had a tremendous presence and command.


Throughout their 1 hour and 15 minutes set (approximately), the music mix remarkably displayed big character and electrifying charm. It was a colossal combo of some of their inspirationally favourite songs, including “Summer” by Calvin Harris and “The Vengabus (We Like To Party)” by The Vengaboys, to ‘gleaming & beaming’ dance music masterpieces from their February debut self-titled album release. On that very note, my excitement and curiosity for their live show was going to be judged basically on how equal/in unison can they get their groove voltage charges from the pulsating album flair to the live music stage? In an emphatically quick reply back here “Very much so”! These songs were ‘swarming and warming’ with seductive dance music sparkle and sexiness. It was very apparent that they were born to the nightlife music circuit. Tunes like “Comedown” and “Let Go” sung by the captivating Kari brought a magnetizing club music elegance as well as the closing music number “Talk Is Cheap” sung by Birmingham’s promising metal/rock act SHVPES lead vocalist/frontman Griffin Dickinson teaming up with Elliot (WAVED). This track had a rousing hard rock dance aura. Everyone was feeling the high rising music heat. And, since we are recognising tracks here, “It’s Never Come Down”, which was a brand-spanking new music creation since their record’s release was the music highlight of the night for FORKSTER. It was sung by Ryan Hamilton (SHVPES) and ‘without question’ gave the growing WAVED music nation reassurance that the music will always be rising in groove calibre, and quality stature!

Wrapping it up!

In closing, their music motto is “Let’s musically party together till we can’t feel our faces no more!!” Well, I can honestly say that my face had feeling afterwards, but as I was walking back homewards the trembling sensation throughout my body was just reminding me that I had been WAVED and bloody loved every moment of it, that must ‘too right’ stand for something aye!
FORKSTER WAVED overall performance rating: 9.8 out of 10!

*** Also, it would be unjustly for me not to mention here that the undercard of OG Catlow, James Solo and Brad O’Neill were praiseworthy music support. The entire music lineup all were jamming out the good music dance airs, for sure!

***Below, you can check out via video to WAVED segments of their thrilling show for the songs “Comedown” (video PART ONE) and “Talk Is Cheap”. (video PART TWO)

WAVED LIVE Video Footage at The Flapper on 24th May 2018 (Part #1)

LIVE WAVED Video Footage at The Flapper on 24th May 2018 (Part #2)

Please, Checkout (click on below) all WAVED Music & Social Media Sites:


Next WAVED LIVE: Venture Festival Headliner DJ Set in August

WAVED are ecstatic about playing the 1st year event for the Venture Festival in Nottingham this coming August. The two-day event runs from Saturday the 11th to Sunday the 12th. It will feature an immense range of up and coming music artists with alternating genres for bands, singer/songwriters & DJs at night. WAVED are extremely honoured to be the DJ headliner for the 2nd night.

You can check out all the details for this rocking event by clicking on the following links below:


Written by: Timothy John Forker 
Music Promotions CEO/Director at: FORKSTER
© 2018 FORKSTER MUSIC PROMOTIONS by Timothy J. Forker

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